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RNC/DNC Know Your Rights workshop

JustUs Legal Collective | Monday, July 14 - 7pm at Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street
Sunday, July 20 - 12pm at 123 Space, 123 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn
Monday, August 11 - 7pm at Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street more...  1 Comments

Obama and the "Far-left"

Counterhegemonic | One can safely assume that Mr. Yardley has never been accosted by a bleary-eyed partisan of the Spartacist League intent on either selling you the latest copy of "Worker's Vampire" or publicly denouncing you as a "reformist." more...  1 Comments

BTL:Colombia Hostage Rescue Weakens Rebel Group, Could Initiate Peace Talks

Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions http | BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary more...  0 Comments

McCain's Nomination - A Possible September Surprise?

Stephen Lendman | potential September fireworks more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Burlesque Show July 18-20, NYC

Jonny Porkpie | On July 18-20, Pinchbottom Burlesque, which has been presenting themed theatrical burlesque shows under the umbrella of non-profit theater company Collective:Unconscious, will bring back "Pinchbottom Declares War! (or, full frontal jacket)" as part of the undergroundzero festival. Examining the results of ill-advised attacks based on flimsy evidence through the medium of burlesque , the show begins when a (not fictional enough) U.S. President orders a full-scale invasion of New York City based on his belief that a burlesque show is harboring "Weapons of Ass Destruction".
more...  0 Comments

High Gas Prices: Political or Economic Issue?

Peter Stern | Apparently, nothing will stop Democrats from pointing their fingers at the GOP and vice-versa, to blame each other for all our woes regarding gasoline usage and high costs. more...  0 Comments

Rosa Clemente accepts Vice Pres. invitation from Green candidate Cynthia McKinney

press release | VOTE FOR THE PEOPLES' TICKET - MCKINNEY/CLEMENTE! more...  1 Comments


Pesante-USA | Kasuka-suka at kasuklam-suklam ang ipinakitang sukdulang pagpapakatuta ni Gloria Arroyo sa kanyang imperyalistang amo nang bumisita siya sa US nitong huling linggo ng Hunyo. Sa kasagsagan ng pananalasa ng bagyong "Frank" sa Pilipinas, nilustay ni Arroyo ang kabang-yaman ng bayan sa walang kapararakan, magastos at magarbong pagbyahe. Malawakang galit at kaliwa't kanang batikos ang inudyok ng labis niyang pagwawalambahala sa kapakanan ng nagdurusang mamamayang Pilipino. more...  0 Comments

Supreme Court, Inc.: Supremely Pro-Business

Stephen Lendman | the pro-business Roberts court more...  0 Comments

Barack Obama Lies About His Rezko Scandal

Jacob Simpson | I wonder if anybody at the New York Times newspaper wiil ever investigate Barack Obama and his Rezko scandal? more...  0 Comments

Fight song for the G8

J-Red | A fight song for all who raise their voices in dissent
more...  0 Comments

Compare provisions in “Hitler’s Laws” with FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008

Ross Wolf | Compare provisions in “Hitler’s Laws” with THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 the U.S. Senate is about to Pass. Note similar manner the U.S. Act HR 6304 suspends Constitutional 4th Amendment Protections and Telecommunication Privacy for U.S. Citizens: more...  3 Comments

SDS Call to Action: Disrupt the DNC

forwarded by Skinny John | Disrupting the RNC is useful, but don't forget the democrats. more...  48 Comments

Direct Action for Direct Democracy: Shut Down the Republication National Convention

Pittsburgh Organizing Group | POG adopts Sector 1 and will blockade 7th and Wall Streets more...  3 Comments

The Odds of Change: A Statistical Look at Our Democrat’s Voting Records

Debbie Morgan | Obama says he will deliver change, as did the Democrats in '06. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Even the statistics prove the Democrats have failed us. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #58

Michael Fox | Venezuela Removed from ILO List of Labor Union Freedom Violators - Venezuela Responds to U.S. Accusations of Venezuelan Support for Hezbollah - Venezuela and OAS Reject EU Anti-Immigrant “Law of Shame” - Chavez Candidate Leads Caracas Mayor Race, Poll Says - Venezuela's National Assembly Rejects Petition to Impeach Two Supreme Court Judges - Venezuela Halts Mining in Forest Preserve, but Renews Permit Discussions - Regional Integration Moves Between Venezuela, Paraguay & Brazil more...  0 Comments

Surveillance in South Crown Heights

no_absolutes | Shortly after midnight, a police helicopter began circling the Jackie Robinson apartment complex on Empire Boulevard in the Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn. We're now used to police standing on corners throughout our summer and fall, lest something undecorous happen in an otherwise quiet residential community that is, for the most part, entirely peaceful. But are we supposed to get used to helicopters with searchlights circling our homes every night? more...  1 Comments

Represores y Asesinos que Regresan de la mano del Clero

Luis Agüero Wagner | Es bien conocido que la prensa de derechas dominada por cortesanos del embajador norteamericano James Cason fue uno de los puntales fundamentales del clérigo-presidente Fernando Lugo. more...  0 Comments


flyer from Mermaid Parade | Phone calls and written comments accepted through 5:00pm on Friday, July 11, 2008...that's in less than 2 weeks! more...  0 Comments


Jack A. Smith | During June Congress funded the Iraq war deep into next year, approved a version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that endangers civil liberties, and, in effect, eliminated the possibility of impeaching President Bush. Why are progressives and the left not particularly surprised? more...  0 Comments

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