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The Troops Don't Support the Constitution

daver | Every U.S. soldier takes an express and solemn oath to "support and defend the Constitution." That oath, however, is a sham because the troops do not support or defend the Constitution. Instead, when it comes to war the troops follow another oath they take - to obey the orders of the president, and they do this without regard to whether such orders violate the Constitution.

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Dairy Salesman, Alleged Mob Member Feared “Whacked”

Bennett Baumer | Ricci, on trial for corruption and fraud with top International Longshoremen's Association officials, went missing this week. His lawyer fears he may have been murdered. more...  2 Comments

Bloomberg's 3 sexual harassment lawsuits

DR | "After her doctor told Sekiko Garrison she was pregnant, in 1995, the top sales executive with a major finance company went to inform her boss of the good news. 'Kill it,' he reportedly said. Ms Garrison, aghast, asked him to repeat himself. 'Kill it,' he repeated. These words, as readers of New York's press now know only too well, were alleged to be those of Michael Bloomberg... more...  6 Comments

La Marcha Los Temas del Movimiento de Millones (Décimo Aniversario): National Mall Wahington DC, Sábado Octubre 15 2005

Movimiento de Millones, Millions More | Los Temas del Movimiento de Millones: Declaración del Décimo Aniversario de la Marcha del Millón de Hombres
National Mall in Washington, DC
En La Alameda Nacional en Washington, DC more...  0 Comments

Breaking the grip of Big Oil

Susan Webb/People's Weekly World | The day after President Bush advised Americans to deal with skyrocketing gas prices by avoiding unnecessary driving, he flew to New Orleans for a photo-op, burning up about 11,437 gallons of jet fuel, worth over $24,000. Apparently, it all depends on what you consider “necessary.” more...  0 Comments

Labor and civil rights groups: We demand jobs, justice in Gulf

Tim Wheeler/People's Weekly World | Gulf Coast union leaders hailed an action campaign launched by the AFL-CIO Sept. 30 to defend workers’ wages and rebuild their hurricane-torn states while turning the nation in a new direction that puts “people before profits.” more...  0 Comments

Books Through Bars Beer & Nite !!

btb | Books Through Bars Beer & Nite !! more...  0 Comments

10/17/05 - Two Activists Charged With "Domestic Terrorism" Tell Their Stories (8pm at LIU-CW POST)

What the government does not want you to know.
w/ Kevin Kjonas & Josh Harper (of the SHAC-7)
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FBI Issues Arrest Warrant for Former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negron

PRO-LIBERTAD | Former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negron, arrested for
being a part of the MACHETEROS in the late 1980s, and recently released from prison, communicated this evening
that an arrest warrant has been issued for him and that the FBI is searching
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From Ecuador/Colombia, brutality...

AE | eran las 12:45 cuando veia las noticias informando acerca de todas las marchas que se llevaban a cabo en todo el pais en protesta de los acuerdos que quiere firmar el presidente de colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez al que el pais no quiere que sea reelegido aclaró y somos la gran mayoria .de repente pasa por el frente de el restaurante en donde me encontrava la manifestacion llevada  a cabo por los indigenas.... more...  0 Comments

Bad UFT Contract to be Sent to Membership for a Vote

Guan Yu | At a delegate assembly held Tuesday 10/11/05 40% of the delegates voted against the sending bad contract proposal to the members despite leadership's attempt at vote manipulation. The contract proposal will now go to the rank and file for a vote. [Also See NYC Teacher Blog] more...  7 Comments

Homeless Still Frustrated

Scott Sowle |
Homeless people throughout the nation are still frustrated about how Katrina evacuees
were able to get services more...  0 Comments

Put people before cronies: Black Caucus demands jobs, housing, health care for storm survivors

Tim Wheeler/People's Weekly World | WASHINGTON — A month after hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf Coast, anger is surging that President George W. Bush is doling out “no bid” contracts for crony corporations like Halliburton while those who lost everything are homeless and unemployed. more...  0 Comments

Vallone Jr's Vendetta

Visual Resistance | Vallone Jr. — who inherited his council seat from his father — was one of the main hot-air opponents of Marc Ecko’s street party and made a big stink about Cope2’s Time Magazine billboard. He constantly bleats to whatever reporters will listen about the menace of graffiti-writing hoodlums run amok. Now he’s playing the white-collar Dirty Harry at press conferences, claiming Kiko caused $100,000 in damage. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Taser puts out more spin

TASER IMHO | Yet another advertisement designed to look like an impartial magazine article more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Then and Now: Clinton, Bush and the Polls

Dave Lindorff | Impeaching Bush may seem far-fetched but among the public, it’s a lot more popular an idea than the impeachment of Clinton was only days before the House impeached him. more...  0 Comments

Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, "White People Find, Black People Loot"

Peace Guru | On either of these websites or you will find two versions of this online printable zine: "The Open Source Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, The Blogosphere And Corporate Media... "White People Find, Black People Loot." more...  0 Comments

The Christian Right's Key Role in Bush's Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Policies

John Riley | Out-FM, a progressive public affairs program on WBAI will feature an extended interview with author and activist Esther Kaplan about the Christian Right's key role in Bush's anti-Gay, anti-choice policies. Kaplan is the author of "With God on Their Side" which exposes the inner political workings of the Bush administration and its assault on the integrity of science, dismantlement of effective HIV/AIDS education, ongoing attack against abortion rights and promotion of pseudoscience to service their ideological aims. The 2 hour special airs Monday, Oct 17th from 11am-1pm. more...  0 Comments

Behind the veil and beyond the hijab

populist | By simplistic Western standards, Muslim women come with two labels: "subjugated" and "quasi-subjugated" more...  0 Comments

CUNY workers talk strike

Special to Workers World | The overwhelming majority of the students in CUNY are the daughters, sons or members of the working class of New York, predominantly people of color. This city’s establishment, run by bankers and business owners like the billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, doesn’t consider it a political priority to provide them with a quality higher education. The PSC sees its struggle for a decent contract as part of the students’ struggle for a decent education. more...  4 Comments

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