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Slavery: Apology Not Accepted

forwarded by Skinny John | "I believe that this apology is way over due and it was just done strategically at a time when Congress is at an incredibly low approval rating. I think its a step in the right direction, but since slavery without a doubt built up the capital for capitalism [in America], there needs to be a discussion in Congress about some sort of reparations. That and the social, religious and educational mechanisms that facilitated the justification for slavery and the modern form of racism, that was born from it." -Immortal Technique to more...  0 Comments


forwarded by Skinny John | Props to whomever caught it on video & hope the cops didn't attack you for recording it. more...  1 Comments

CRASH THE RNC: Stand with the Bay Area and Join the Resistance in St. Paul

UA in the Bay |

Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and other Northern California radicals have banded together as "Unconventional Action (UA) in the Bay" and collectively chosen to adopt SECTOR 4 in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota — in alliance with thousands of others nationwide who are collaborating to swarm the Republican National Convention on day one, September 1st.

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Shoes Create Reminder of Iraqi Dead

Alex Nathanson | On Thursday, July 31, Code Pink, The Granny Peace Brigade, and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) came together at Foley Square to create a memorial for Iraqi children killed as a direct result of the war, which included 150 shoes labeled with the names of Iraqi civilian casualties. more...  1 Comments

Free Speech Radio News Credibility Takes Dive

Hymie | Free Speech News' Plans to reform itself with content paralleling mainstream Public Radio and commercial news, shown by its July 30, 2008 "Taliban War Propaganda Tools in Pakistan," mystifies listeners
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Urgent Call for More St. Paul Sector Adoptions

enthusiast | New York, where you be? Other major metro areas, where you at? Sectors 2, 3, and 7 still need to be claimed by an adopting organization or umbrella group. Sectors 2 and 3 seem most critical to a successful blockade which prevents as many delegates as possible from reaching the Republican National Convention. With over a month to go, you've still got a lot of time to make plans. The RNC Welcoming Committee has tons of info to get you going. more...  9 Comments

Exposing Bush's historic abuse of power

Tim Shorrock | Salon has uncovered new evidence of post 9/11 spying on Americans. Obtained documents point to a potential investigation of the White House that could rival Watergate. more...  0 Comments

2008 Presidential Campaign: voters brainwashed by media hype and gossip?

Peter Stern | Apparently American voters haven't learned much.

We're still listening to the media hype and gossip being pushed at us. more...  0 Comments

Interview With Cindy Sheehan – The Peace Mom vs. Congressional Madam (Speaker)

Cathy Garger | Cindy Sheehan gives a candid interview in which she explains exactly why she is running for Congress in order to oppose Rep. Nancy Pelosi and remove her from her throne. more...  0 Comments

UA in the Bay to Join the Resistance Against the RNC in St. Paul

UA in the Bay | With a strong history of resisting oppression at home and abroad, Bay Area anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other radicals are banding together as "Unconventional Action (UA) in the Bay" in solidarity with those committed to shutting down the corrupt spectacle that is the RNC on September 1st. more...  0 Comments

Parents and Politicians Battle NYC ACS Abuse

Amadi Ajamu | Human rights advocates attribute these findings to a substantial increase in children being seized by ACS from families on false or flimsy evidence of “abuse” and then being put into a traumatic and abusive foster care system. Parents of these children have taken a proactive stance in their fight to regain custody of their children and have begun to expose the systemic failure of ACS.
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Mukasey to Congress: Defy the Rule of Law

Stephen Lendman | More attempted administration lawlessness. more...  0 Comments

Advocates raise concern about fairness of state universal health care study

Mark Dunlea | Health care advocates, doctors groups and state legislators are raising concerns about the objectivity of universal health care studies that the New York State Health and Insurance Departments are about to initiate. One concern that Hunger Action Network has raised has been the opposition of state health and insurance officials towards a single payer approach. The group claims that the proposed modeling instructions will result in undervaluing the various benefits, including cost savings, from a single payer plan. more...  0 Comments

Cambio en el país de la piratería y la falsificación

Luis Agüero Wagner | Paraguay fue siempre el país de peor fama, una caja de Pandora a la que se le achacaban los peores vicios, el narcotráfico, la piratería y la falsificación. more...  0 Comments

Green Party Launches New York Ballot Drive

Jonathan Shannon | Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney spoke in New York to launch the drive to get the Green Party on the ballot, July 18. The Green Party needs 30,000 signatures by August 19. more...  7 Comments

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Gregg Mosson | Former L.A. County District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi has written a book outlining how to bring murder charges against President George W. Bush after the president leaves office. This article reviews Bugliosi's arguments.

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Venezuela Headlines #59 (July 4- July 16)

Michael Fox | Most Candidate Disqualifications For Upcoming Elections Are Not Opposition - Venezuela Increases Oil Financing for Petrocaribe Nations - Anti-Chávez Student Group Creates Chaos in Mérida - Venezuelan and Colombian Presidents Mend Fences - Venezuela Celebrates Liberation of 15 FARC Hostages - Murder Rate Down, Drug Confiscations Up - Venezuelan Consumption Increases & Inflation Remains High - Chávez Calls for Renewal of U.S.-Venezuela Dialogue - Venezuela Reduces Malnutrition in Children more...  0 Comments

Call For Anarchist Solidarity Actions With Immigrants July 21

a |
Take Nationally-Coordinated Action To Show Solidarity And Fight ICE on July 21st!
We have begun the attack by spraypainting an ICE van with many anti-Migra(ICE) slogans. May our spark spread into a wildfire. more...  1 Comments

Naomi Klein Speaks in New York City

NYC IMC | Naomi Klein is speaking at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square.

Check below for more information! more...  0 Comments

Sami Al-Arian: From Exoneration to Criminal Indictment

Stephen Lendman | His long ordeal continues more...  0 Comments

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