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Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Committed by the Bush Administration - October 21 - 22, New York, NY

Not In Our Name - Statement of Conscience | When the possibility of far-reaching war crimes and crimes against humanityexists, people of conscience have a solemn responsibility to inquire into the nature and scope of these acts and to determine if they do in fact rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity. From the Charter of the 2005 International Commission of Inquiry more...  0 Comments

Their lies sold the war

Workers World | Little of political significance has emerged so far from the prosecutor. But there have been important indirect revelations in the capitalist media about the way the conspiracy to go to war was executed. more...  0 Comments

small WORLD interview with Bobbie Pires, George Bush voodoo dolls

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with artist, Bobbie Pires. more...  0 Comments

NO RETURN: New Orleans' Poor Not Welcome (Indy)

When those in power close the public schools, close public housing, fire people from their jobs, refuse to provide access to affordable public health care, and close off all avenues for justice, it is not necessary to erect a sign outside of New Orleans saying “Poor People Not Allowed To Return.” People cannot come back in these circumstances and that is exactly what is happening. more...  0 Comments


STEVEN WISHNIA | The mayor and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly pluck a rumor out of the chatter and go public with a “terrorist threat.” They flooded the city with warnings that “up to 19 terrorists” were planning to attack the subways with bombs in strollers or baby carriages. The result: Instead of the big story of the day being Freddy Ferrer debating an empty chair, it was al-Qaeda’s fiendish stroller-bomb plot. more...  2 Comments

FEMA FLUBS INDIAN POINT PLAN: Fed's Nuked Disaster Plan: More Toll Booth Operators on I-87 (Indy)

ALEX MATTHIESSEN | Before 9/11, the agency identified a terrorist attack on New York and a hurricane in New Orleans as two of the most likely disasters that could befall our nation. Any credible list of possible terrorist targets in New York would include Indian Point, which, as the 9/11 Commission Report revealed, may have been on the original hit list for the 2001 attacks. Moreover, casual observation of the power plant, buttressed by various government and company reports, reveals that Indian Point is virtually undefended against an attack by water or air. more...  0 Comments

Friday Oct 21 Books Thru Bars Beer & Movie Nite!!

btb | Watch movies, drink beer AND support a books to prisoners organization. more...  0 Comments

Halliburton's New Low in Treachery

by Dave Zweifel | George Bush and Cheney company Halliburton subsidiary KBR has tricked workers into working in the Iraq war zone. Halliburton subsidiary KBR has illegally employed workers from countries who ban their citizens from working in Iraq, and its agents have forged documents. Workers tricked into working for Halliburton KBR who want to leave are forced to stay because of fees charged by broker agents, these people are bonded labor slaves. more...  0 Comments

October 19 MEDIA RELEASE: Prosecution of George W. Bush for Torture & More

by Gail Davidson/CCNWON | I Won't Take The Torture Any Longer more...  0 Comments

Atlantic Yards Hearing Underscores Community Challenges

OnNYturf | The union-community divide was on full display again at last nights Atlantic Yards hearing. Commuinty activists bellowed about the intrusiveness of Ratner's project while construction union members bellowed "Jobs Jobs Jobs." [Read More] more...  4 Comments

Stay on top of this, Senator!

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | …from the Office of Senator Charles Schumer:

“Today, Sen. Chuck Schumer sent the attached letter to President Bush asking him to detail his conversations with his top political adviser, Karl Rove, about the White House's leak of the identity of covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame.

Schumer, who led the call for an independent investigator / prosecutor to look into this severe national security breach, was deeply disturbed by reports in today's news that President Bush was ‘furious’ about Rove talking to the press about the leak, even after saying that any White House officials caught would be fired.” more...  0 Comments

Statement by former political prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón | The FBI has issued an arrest warrant for former Puerto Rican Political
Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón, arrested for being a part of the
MACHETEROS in the late 1980s.

Following is a statement that Antonio Camacho Negrón wrote and asked that
ProLibertad read at the Oct. 14th picket in New York City: more...  0 Comments

Breaking: Senior White House official has flipped in leak case

RS/Numerous | The case of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame is set to explode.

And likely to break tommorrow a major international story naming the person before Supreme Court alleged to have comiitted WAR CRIMES! more...  0 Comments

Legislation in Washington Attacks Public Access TV

Lyell Davies | Manhattan’s public access TV station – Manhattan Neighborhood Network – supports diverse and many-voiced media making activities including; The Youth Channel – where youth make programs about issues that matter to them; Picture the Homeless’ Video Workshop – where homeless New Yorkers advocate on their own behalf; and the Chinese Staff and Worker’s Video Workshop - where disenfranchised immigrant workers can have a voice. These programs, and the many like them at access centers around the country, are an essential part of the public discourse and of advocacy for a more just and equitable society. Without access TV these voices will not be heard. more...  0 Comments

Is New York City's Crumbling Infrastructure Another New Orleans in the Making?

Nellie Bailey | Black Workers call on Mayor Bloomberg and mayoral candidate Ferrer to address the City's crumbling physical infrastructure by creating a massive job program that would provide jobs and stimulate the economy. Group charges the City will face potential disasters on the scale of New Orleans if repair to the City's aging and deteriorating physical infrastructure is ignored. more...  1 Comments

Grandmothers Arrested in Times Sq

fred askew | Anti-War grandmothers arrested at Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station more...  33 Comments

Wednesday Could Mark Turning Point Over Future of the Charas Building

August Leppelmeyer | A ruling on October 19 by New York City’s Board of Standards and Appeals may provide a turning point in the almost decade-long struggle over the fate of the CHARAS building site. Located near Tompkins Square Park, the former Public School 64 had been used as a community center for many years, until developer Gregg Singer purchased it at a 1998 city auction for $3.15 million.
more...  7 Comments

Bloomberg Disses Harlem's Apollo

Stephen Millies | That didn't stop New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg from trying to scare the daylights out of people. New Yorkers are asking whether the billionaire mayor was just looking for favorable headlines while diverting attention away from criticism over his ducking out of a debate with his election opponents at Harlem's worldfamous Apollo Theater. more...  4 Comments

Ohio Nazi march sparks violence

che | Rioters in Toledo, Ohio have attacked police and set fire to property and overturned cars, apparently in protest at a planned neo-Nazi march. more...  0 Comments

Double His Trouble! (Karl Rove)

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | It is widely believed that an indictment is imminent in the Valerie Plame leak scandal.
more...  0 Comments

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