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Barack Obama, new mouthpiece of ruling class

PCInt | In renewing its great traditions of struggle, the American proletariat will have to fight the coming blood and tears policy of the Obama presidency! more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | The campaign to elect the president is over. The campaign to make the president DO what he was elected FOR is underway. more...  0 Comments

Targeting Hugo Chavez

Stephen Lendman | The dominant media assault continues. more...  2 Comments

Obama supporters: Don't Let Bush Pardon Himself‏!

forwarded by Skinny John | As you celebrate your new President-elect and all the changes you want him to bring to your nation, you must not turn a blind eye to the final actions of George Bush. Barack Obama is opposed to even impeaching, let alone prosecuting, the bush regime for its numerous crimes. We have to make congress do so!

more...  0 Comments

Obama supporters: Help elect Malik Rahim to Congress (that's right, Congress!)

forwarded by Skinny John | After [Hurricane] Gustav, the [State of Louisiana's] Secretary of State pushed back the [State of Louisiana's] election dates. There [was] a second closed primary [in Louisiana] on November 4th for Democrats. Following that, Dec. 6th is the general election [in Louisiana] for District 2 Congress. more...  0 Comments

Obama supporters: Joel Klein Should NOT Become Education Secretary!

forwarded by Skinny John | This petition is directed at members of the New York City congressional delegation (who will be asked to weigh in) and specific members of Obama's transition team. more...  0 Comments

10,000 people protest against Prop 8 and the Mormon Church

Alex Nathanson | 10,000 protest Prop 8 more...  16 Comments

Obama supporters: 11/15 SAT: Protest Prop. 8 - NYC City Hall

forwarded by Skinny John | Obama supporters are especially encouraged to participate. Your incoming president has publicly stated his opposition to gay marriage. We ALL must make sure he does what YOU elected him to do! more...  22 Comments

11/17 MON: Protest violent Zionists`banquet

forwarded by Skinny John | Obama supporters are encouraged to participate! Your incoming president has publicly supported the illegal, brutal, racist Israeli military occupation of Palestine and you certainly know by now that his selection for his Chief of Staff is the rabid, warmongering, ex- Israel "Defense" Force (Israeli military) volunteer Rahm Emmanuel. We ALL need to make YOUR incoming president does what YOU elected him to do! more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio: Obama's Big Win

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
presents this 27:28 minute radio program.


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | We believe that veterans and active-duty GIs are in a key position to stop illegal and unjust war, and we are inspired by the resistance of troops who stood against the war in Vietnam. more...  0 Comments

Anarchist arrest sweep in France

Tommy | French Anti-Terrorism Police arrested around twenty people across France today (Nov. 11th) in connection with five incidents since October 26th (most this past weekend) in which metal bars shorted out electric train lines around France. The Minster of Justice (sic) Rachida Dati has been on a longstanding crusade against what she and the mainstream press have dubbed the "Extreme-Left" "mouvance anarcho-autonome" (Anarcho-Autonomous Movement). more...  15 Comments

Governor Patterson's Budget Cutting Machine

Counterhegemonic | Left to his own devices, Paterson will continue to trumpet a message of cutbacks and the privatization of essential services such as the non-profit health insurers GHI & HIP. Though he asks for public input on the cuts, New Yorkers can see this as a blighty wound scenario. more...  4 Comments

El Imperio muerde el polvo en la patria de Sandino

Luis Agüero Wagner | Tras una larga campaña intervencionista de los medios, que se inició en Paraguay durante la asunción del obispo Fernando Lugo, la contundente victoria sandinista marca una resonante derrota del imperialismo intervencionista y su prensa adicta. more...  0 Comments

What is bank robbery...

Fight against the New World Order. | What is bank robbery compared with establishing a bank.
Nowadays you know the answer ofcourse.
Banks are more treasonous to your country and to your life
than all the bank robbers put together.
more...  1 Comments

Obama Mania

Stephen Lendman | A reality check. more...  0 Comments

Not "Fascism or Obama": Fascism and Obama

DG | It is all too obvious that anti-fascism renounces revolution. But anti-fascism fails exactly where its realism claims to be effective: in preventing a possible dictatorial mutation of society. The fight for a democratic state is inevitably a fight to consolidate the state, and far from crippling totalitarianism, such a fight increases totalitarianism's stranglehold on society. more...  0 Comments

Indict Bush/Cheney for war crimes!

forwarded by Skinny John | We ask people from all around the country to join us in solidarity through local actions on November 10 and beyond as we call for the restoration of justice.
more...  3 Comments

Statement for Mumia Abu-Jamal from San Romero de Las Américas Church, NYC | Check out this new statement from Pastor Claudia De la Cruz of the San Romero de Las Américas Church –UCC in New York City. If you're in NYC, go to for more information about taking a bus to Philly for the Dec. 6 protest. more...  0 Comments

Paraguay. Humillaciones y exilio económico en aumento

Luis Agüero Wagner | Paraguay sigue sometido al sub-imperialismo brasileño con el obispo Fernando Lugo, y sus promesas de firmeza nacionalista demuestran ser grandes falacias, con las humillaciones sufridas por Paraguay por parte de potencias extranjeras que aumentan tanto como el exilio económico. more...  0 Comments

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