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Joseph A. Bello | Throughout his presidential campaign, President-elect Barack Obama stated that veterans’ issues would be a priority for his administration. With his selection on Sunday of retired General Eric K. Shinseki to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, the President-elect appears to have lived up to his promise of change and hope. more...  0 Comments

Obama Changing Course In Iraq

Todd A. Davis | A short article about Obama's implementation of the phased troop reductions in Iraq. more...  0 Comments



How the CIA Steals Money From Taxpayers

© Michael E. Salla, PhD | In 1989 Catherine Austin Fitts became Assistant Secretary for Housing in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She began to notice money was not properly tracked as it moved between different HUD departments and there was a lack of proper accounting mechanisms to deal with discrepancies in revenue indicated fraud at an alarming level. [28] She attempted to put in place some credible financial tracking mechanisms to identify where the money was going and to identify the responsible individuals and HUD departments, but after 18 months on the job she was suddenly fired by the Bush administration. Fitts was told the day after she left that her financial reforms through ‘place-based financial accounting and statements’ would also be terminated. [29] more...  0 Comments

Swimming Up Stream

posted by F Espinoza | Somebody had to offer a calm and serene response even though this will have to swim up the powerful stream of hopes raised by Obama in the international public opinion... more...  0 Comments

THE RESOURCE WARS - Antony Loewenstein @ Bluestockings TONIGHT

j hill | Friday, December 5th @ 7PM - Free Reading: Antony Loewenstein "The Blogging Revolution" @ Bluestockings
With the advent of decentralized publishing with a wide reach (think: the interweb!), blogging has become a important tool for international reporting. In "The Blogging Revolution," Antony Loewenstein investigates the impacts of blogging on state authority and mass media in propagating truth. Loewenstein is an Australian journalist and the author of "My Israel Question." - Bluestockings: 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington, 212.777.6028 more...  0 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: Never Mind the 'Big Tent'...

Mike Flugennock | At least up until the last "election" or two, you used to hear a lot – especially from the Donkeycrats – about the proverbial "Big Tent", ostensibly used to symbolize the Party's acceptance of diverse constituencies, but was actually just a cheesy way for your Party to pander to segments of the voting population it normally wouldn't give the time of day to.

Once again though, huge props to the Obama Mob for taking this concept a bold step further... more...  4 Comments

Obama's Economic Dream Team?

Stephen Lendman | indeed for Wall Street bankers more...  0 Comments

Coalition Poised to Topple Canada's Conservative Government

Jacob Scheier | Canada's three opposition parties have formed a potentially progressive coalition in an attempt to topple the recently re-elected Conservative minority government. Such a transition of power, despite Conservative objections, is in accordance with the parliamentary system and therefore democratic. The question that remains, should the coalition be successful, is how much will the New Democratic Party's often progressive agenda shape this new government. more...  0 Comments

Blame the Takers, Not the Makers

Mumia Abu-Jamal | Isn't it ironic that media reflects such an anti-union bent when many corporate (at least newspaper employees) reporters are members of the Newspaper Guild? But union membership isn't determinative; company ownership is. And media is often a small part of a much larger corporate conglomerate. more...  0 Comments

Manhattan Night Court At 100 Center St. Part I

Paolo Mastrangelo | One man present who had been charged with fare beating on the m35 that morning, who did not want to give his name, claimed that he and five others here in court were picked up that morning after boarding the bus at approximately 6:30am on their way to an outpatient facility in Harlem. They are homeless, living in the shelter, and the bus is their connection to job interviews, mental health facilities, friends and family. None of them had money for the fare, and all snuck on the bus from the back door. more...  1 Comments

Sarah Dylan Sings Hope Tonight for Barack Obama MTV Inaugural Ball

Robin Churchill | A musical tribute to President elect Barack Obama from the young generation. more...  3 Comments

A Good Time for the Good Time Bill

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | A Good Time for the Good Time Bill: Dinner, A Movie ("Hoot") and Conversation
Friday, December 5th, 7pm
6th St Community Center
638 6th St. btwn Avenues B and C (F/V to 2nd Ave., exit 1st Ave.)
Donations Welcome!
more...  1 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: White House Bathroom, Jan. 21 2009

Mike Flugennock | Rahm Emmanuel? Tom Daschle? Eric Holder? Hillary, f'crissakes? Just in case you're still wondering – you're certainly not the only one marveling at the number and quickness of old Clinton mobsters and liberal interventionists crawling out from under their rocks to score cushy gigs with the Change Administration. No goddamn' wonder President-Elect Change practically fell over his wingtips trying to disavow himself from the Donkeycratic Leadership Council when they were giving him big ups way back at the dawn of the last Presidential "Election" campaign... more...  2 Comments

Phone bank to Help Elect Malik Rahim to Congress!

forwarded by Skinny John | Help make calls from your home to voters in Malik's district. Help build our virtual phone bank at Green Change.The more people we talk to, the more VOTES we get!
more...  0 Comments

Hold Obama Accountable, Part 2

forwarded by Skinny John | Is this the first chance for the new president and his party to make good on their promises to protect US jobs, to deliver health care and be the "change" tens of millions voted for? Will they take it? Can we make them? more...  1 Comments

Hold Obama Accountable, Part 1

forwarded by Skinny John | While many are still boasting, roasting, coasting and toasting the election results the business of governing has already begun. So too the business of holding the new administration accountable must begin without delay. more...  0 Comments

Chávez Supporters Win 17 out of 23 Venezuelan States, but Lose 3 Most Populous

Gregory Wilpert - | President Hugo Chavez’s governing party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) got mixed results in the regional and local elections today, winning strongly in 17 out of 23 states, but losing the country’s two most populous states and the Capital District of Caracas, with two more states still to be decided. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | This is not change we can believe in. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | "This is more 'Groundhog Day' than a fresh start." more...  0 Comments

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