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Amnesty International Withdraws from Leonard Cohen's Israel Concert Fund

PACBI & NYCBI | Amnesty International has announced today that it will abstain from any involvement in the Leonard Cohen concert in Tel Aviv and will not be party to any fund that benefits from the concert's proceeds. A number of media accounts had reported that Amnesty International was to manage or otherwise partner in a fund created from the proceeds of Cohen’s concert in Israel that would be used to benefit Israeli and Palestinian groups. Amnesty International’s announcement today followed an international outcry over the human rights organization’s reported involvement in the Leonard Cohen concert fund, and an earlier international call for Cohen to boycott apartheid Israel.
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New York’s Consumerism

Rev. Billy Talen | Mike Bloomberg’s persona is so comically a demonstration of Consumerism, that his illegal grab for another term and his spending $100 million on it – making the Mayorality one big product that he is buying - gives us the chance to demonstrate in unforgettable fashion how our Democracy needs to resist Consumerism. Let’s preach!
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OBAMA: "If you don't respond, we'll camp out by the White House"

oby | If president Obama won’t respond to the the citizens of Vicenza during his permanence in Italy, in September we’ll organize a charter flight to USA and we will camp out to the bitter end by the White House expecting an answer.
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Tackling 9/11 Questions at the Ballot Box!

Sander Hicks | On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (“NYC CAN”) filed petitions for a referendum to create an independent investigation of 9/11/01.

The group, led by Victims’ Families, submitted 52,000 signatures to the City of New York. The new Commission would be independently funded, yet have legal authority from the City Council. If approved, New York City voters will be able to vote on this in the City-wide elections this November. more...  18 Comments

Even as MTA hikes fares, service lags on the L train

Jessica Aguirre | The MTA L train has a good reputation. Its cars are clean, the announcement boards are reliable, the Straphangers campaign always gives it a high subway report card rating. But for L train riders, who have recently undergone service disruptions in addition to citywide fare hikes, things may not be as rosy as they seem. more...  0 Comments

While Supporters Held Vigil, Brooklyn Father Ordered Deported

The Politics of Immigration | “RoxRoy is really putting his neck out there in this struggle,” said Pastor Michael Ellick of Judson Memorial Church, a founding member of the New Sanctuary Coalition. “He knows full well that he might be risking his own case by taking this public stand. But every day he makes moral choices that look to the broader picture.” more...  7 Comments

Grand Jury Convened to Investigate Times Square Bike Bombing

anonymous | A Federal Grand Jury has convened in New York City, New York. It is believed this grand jury is part of a federal investigation into the bombing of the Times Square military recruitment center on March 6, 2008. more...  3 Comments

Toussaint slate has "lost the local" says opposition leader Steve Downs

Steve Downs | It's been more than a week since the ballots were counted in the election for convention delegates and the Local still hasn't posted the results. But United Invincible has a leaflet out claiming victory. They're working hard to spin the outcome without showing the numbers. Just one more example of their disrespect for the membership. more...  0 Comments

Broken Hearted Citizens Demand Justice

Families for Freedom | On the eve of Father’s Day, Families for Freedom’s Youth Committee held its annual vigil to raise awareness about American kids whose families are ripped apart due to the federal government’s draconian deportation policies.

Deporting Fathers in the Name of Homeland Security || Roxroy's Support Circle Blog more...  0 Comments

Iranian Solidarity Rally at UN: Images

Stanley W. Rogouski | About 300 people gathered at the UN to show their solidarity for the anti-government protesters in Iran. more...  3 Comments

NY Premiere of "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe"

Soozy Duncan | There will be a Q&A with directors Sarah and Emily Kunstler, Phil Donahue, Liz Fink, and Yusef Salaam, moderated by Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman after the screening of "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe"
Saturday, June 20 at 12:30 pm
BAM, 30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

To read review of the film, see below. more...  0 Comments

Outrage at NYPD homophobia-driven Violence in Crown Heights

Jessica Aguirre | As New York prepares for LGBTQ pride celebrations, a new case of homophobia-driven police brutality has sobered the city. more...  3 Comments

Stop Cutting Our Public Libraries

NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA | If passed, this cut will result in the loss of 943 jobs, and severe reduction of library hours. Brooklyn Public Library hours are proposed to be cut to 25 hours a week to a Monday - Friday 1pm-6pm schedule - eliminating Saturday service. These reductions would bring library operating hours to the lowest since the 1970’s. more...  0 Comments

Tenants Lose Home Due to Landlord Neglect

Aaron Howell | Tenants living in rent-regulated apartments lost their homes two weeks ago when New York City deemed the building’s structure unsafe from a collapsing façade. Unfortunately for the tenants – who have been in homeless shelters, staying at friends and given shelter by the Red Cross – the city ordered the front facade completely removed and won’t let the tenants move back in until the owner replaces the façade, which he won't immediately do. more...  0 Comments

Taking it Beneath the Streets: Reverend Billy Campaigns on the F Train

Jacob Scheier | Mayoral Green Party candidate Billy Talen, better known as Reverend Billy, took his gospel of an affordable, neighborhood friendly New York City under ground this past Thursday. That is, in an performance-action entitled “F the Fare Hike,” Talen rode the F train from Broadway-Lafayette Street station to Jamaica Street in Queens to Coney Island, preaching all the while against the recently announced public transportation fare hike, and criticizing the tactics of his mayoral race rival, incumbent Michael Bloomberg. more...  14 Comments

Bill the Billionaire

Steven Wishnia, John Tarleton, and Alex Kane | Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy re-election to a third term. The city’s economic and media power elites have already anointed him. more...  8 Comments

The Church of Stop Bloomberg

Jacob Scheier | It’s hard to imagine someone as different from New York’s current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as performance-activist William Talen (a.k.a. Reverend Billy), who recently announced his mayoral candidacy on the Green Party ticket. more...  5 Comments

New York: City of the Poor

David A. Love | In the end, New York City provides a reality-based cautionary tale about the future of America, mired in poverty, about its priorities, what it has become and what it can become. This city that never sleeps, and other cities as well, will experience economic and social death without a vibrant middle class and viable opportunities to earn a living. more...  0 Comments

Hundreds Protest the Rockefeller Drug Laws in New York City

Ariel Tirosh | Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside of Governor Paterson's Manhattan office today to call on Paterson, State Senator Malcolm Smith, and other legislative leaders to repeal the 70s-era Rockefeller Drug Laws. more...  0 Comments

Greenwich Village Rally Denounces Targeting Of Middle-Aged Gay Men in Porn Shops

Dana Farrington | A procession of speakers at a Feb. 21 rally in Greenwich Village demanded an end to undercover police stings that target middle-aged gay men who frequent porn shops. About 150 people attended the rally, which was held in Christopher Park across from the Stonewall Inn, site of a 1969 police raid and subsequent riots that marked the birth of the modern gay rights movement. more...  6 Comments

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