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More thorns in Bloomberg's side....

Peter B. | Already chilling the champaign and practicing his acceptance speeches, Mike Bloomberg is still being probed, prodded and hounded about on the web. All this, as a welcoming into his 4th complete year as a public servant (?) and his ferver of being re-elected as mayor of NYC. Questions are now being asked as to the validity of Bloomy's "press releases" and mayorial goings on about the city over the last 4 years. more...  0 Comments

More Homeless Funding In Jeopardy

Scott Sowle | The US House of Representatives will be voting on legislature that may cut
affordable housing funds. more...  0 Comments

Victory as Tito Kayak walks free

Arturo J. Pérez Saad | The U.S. wanted to criminalize Kayak’s action. The district attorney hoped to give him 90 days in prison. But this hearing came soon after the cowardly assassination of independence fighter Filiberto Ojeda Ríos in Puerto Rico by an FBI hit squad. The Puerto Rican community was angry and activated, and came out in large numbers to the Manhattan court. more...  0 Comments

Letter from Times Editor James Reston Admits Coverup of CIA Coup in Guatemala

David Roknich | James Reston, author of the letter transcribed below, might not be entirely happy about it's release today. Edward S Herman of FAIR described him in a 1996 retrospective as "The Insider's Journalist in the Service of Empire". Certainly his career was a mixed one, rich with accolades but laced with a dangerous excess of sympathy for the insiders who fed him his stories. Is this the tradition that provided us the tainted gifts of Judith Miller? In any case, these pages were lying around as pictures in the archives in Urbana, Illinois and I consider it a public service to render them as text. more...  1 Comments

Jury Deliberations Begin in Miguel Malo Retrial

Sarah Stuteville | On August 15, 2000, Miguel Malo, a student of Hostos Community College in the Bronx, and Vice President of the Student Government held up a sign protesting budget cuts directed at ESL programs. This week, over four years after his one man protest, Malo stood trial at the Bronx Criminal Court facing nine counts of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and third degree assault against CUNY Peace Officers. more...  1 Comments

Jumping From the Sinking Ship of Empire: Vermonters Move to Secede From USA

Peak Oil Anarchist | James Howard Kunstler, author of the book about Peak Oil "The Long Emergency," will be the keynote speaker at The Vermont Convention on Independence on October 28, 2005 in Montpelier, VT. This historic event will be the first statewide convention on secession in the United States since North Carolina voted to secede from the Union on May 20, 1861. more...  2 Comments

TIMES UP! CM Video Meeting Monday

X^ | We need you help and camera more...  0 Comments

Poll shows Iraqis back attacks on UK, US forces

Reuters | Iraq's a democracy, right? So it's it's time to leave. more...  0 Comments

Photos Prove: CIA Undermined New York Times Reporting

David Roknich |
Photos and transcription of evidence against the CIA: 51 years of undermining the New York Times. more...  1 Comments

Rove, Libby, and DeLay are Criminals

Todd Anderson | Several links to the fire Karl Rove, and Libby petition. Plus the Tom
DeLay mug shot, and indictment.
more...  3 Comments


t | - more...  0 Comments

Letter to NUHS Principal, Dr. Howard Lucks

Vincent La Marca | New Utrecht’s policy, I learned in an e-mail from the Board of Elections, is for “the safety of the School and it’s [sic] students,” even though one would be hard pressed to find any students on either Primary Day or Election Day. I ask that New Utrecht’s policy be modified to allow for voter registration cards to be used instead of photo ID on both Primary Day and Election Day. The polls open in two weeks. The City Council election between Vincent Gentile and Pat Russo, for example, could be close, and this could result in legal challenges. The time to act is now.
more...  0 Comments

Judy Miller, the Armstrong Williams of WMD

Dave Lindorff | Miller did things a journalist should never do. She shilled for a White House disinformation campaign that was promoting an invasion of Iraq, accepted control from the Pentagon, and deceptively misidentified her sources. Yet she hasn’t been fired by her official employer, the NY Times. Was Times senior management in on the game? more...  0 Comments

INDICTMENTS! KARL ROVE's and others' may expose fake war causes.

Clayton Hallmark | The Washington, DC, grand jury of US Attorney Fitzgerald will obtain indictments in the outing of CIA's Valerie Plame as early as next week, sources say, and one could be George Bush's closest advisor, Karl Rove. In Alexandria, VA, the grand jury of Paul McNulty, investigating Israeli espionage against the US, has indicted a neocon Pentagon analyst, Larry Franklin. With these and other probable indictments, there will be trials that will EXPOSE FIXED INTELLIGENCE and ISRAELI MANIPULATION that pushed us toward war. Also, Italian officials promise to request soon the extradition of CIA man Bob Lady, a key figure in the IRAQ BETRAYAL. See how these events are converging. more...  2 Comments

Anti-Fascists hack Neo-nazi Voicemail in Toledo! Call now!

anon | Anti-fascists in Toledo, Ohio have hacked a toll-free number voicemail for neo-nazis and replaced it with their own message. more...  3 Comments

Populist #14

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued more...  0 Comments

Merkel: Blame it on the Immigrants (Indy)

C.R. LEOPOLD | Merkel, the first woman and the first former East German to become chancellor, assumed her position on Oct. 10 following a split vote in the Sept. 18 general election and three weeks of closed-door negotiations among the five parties that hold seats in Germany’s parliament. While some commentators see Merkel, leader of the conservative, pro-free market Christian Democrats, as the second coming of Margaret Thatcher, the reality is she will find her hands tied by the deals she had to cut with the Social Democrats, the main opposition party. more...  1 Comments

HARRIET MIERS: Pit Bull or Lap Dog? (Indy)

ANN SCHNEIDER | Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist Papers that the reason for requiring the advice and consent of the Senate would be to keep the nominees to the Supreme Court from being so pliant as “to render them the obsequious instruments of the President’s pleasure.” Hamilton thought a president would be “both ashamed and afraid” to bring to the Senate nominees with only personal alliances as credentials.
more...  4 Comments

What is ASVAB? (Indy)

John Tarleton | The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) ostensibly exists to help vocational-minded students select a trade, but is largely geared to helping the military target potential recruits. more...  0 Comments

The Religious Right's Holy War on HIV/AIDS Prevention

John Riley | The Religious Right's Holy War on HIV/AIDS Prevention
with Esther Kaplan and Kate Barnhart more...  0 Comments

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