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Bloomberg crime stats for NYC

Goldy | Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been free to spend his fortune on campaign advertisements touting the continued drop in crimes police have reported. His campaign website declares that, under Bloomberg, "the neighborhoods of New York have become safer than ever."

Tell that to the people in the emergency rooms.

The number of people who went to New York City hospitals because they were assaulted jumped sharply in four of the last five years for which figures are available—a direct contrast to the plunging number of assaults the NYPD reported. more...  0 Comments

The Libby Indictment and Fire Karl Rove

Todd Anderson | A link to the Libby indictment, and a few links about firing Karl
Rove. more...  0 Comments

Images: World Can't Wait

fred askew | Photographs from the World Can't Wait march and rally more...  12 Comments

Money Versus Wealth

--(A)-- | David Korten explains some details as to why capitalism is a broken concept and we need fair trade and economic democracy now. more...  2 Comments

World Can't Wait, NYC: Hundreds Walk-Out, Thousands March

Stanley W. Rogouski and a report by Jed Brandt | Jed Brandt writes: "Of the core crowd, 75% were high school and college students who had walked out from city-wide high schools and Manhattan campuses. The crowd was energetic, and noticably distinct from the "usual suspects" of the New York activist left who were totally missing in action as coherent groupings. Interestingly enough, this made the crowd distinctly more lively than ritual protests peopled by the activist scene, and more intimate and human-level than the largest mass mobilizations organized by UFPJ and ANSWER. There was a noticable drop in "grumbling at the margins." [Coverage at US IMC || More Photos]

Stanley W. Rogouski writes: "Several thousand people showed up to demand an end to the Bush Regime as part of a nationwide series of demonsrations put on by World Can't Wait. The march was dominated by NYC high school kids who walked out of school to protest the Bush administration. more...  115 Comments

Taser rewrites History

TASER IMHO | Taser and it's founders are making a very strong effort to change it's history regarding what it said and why it said it! more...  0 Comments

Neo-Wilsonism Dead in Iran

David Roknich |

"Usama, iranians do not want a theocratic state,religion should be put aside, and democracy take hold.and no we dont need america's help."

"Iranian Girl" Blog

A new secular Iran is evolving from the cocoon of its traditional culture. The cocoon serves a purpose, until the new creature casts it aside and takes wing.
more...  0 Comments

Confessions of an Economic Hitman [Interview]

--(A)-- | "They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization." more...  0 Comments

Call to Action- Road Trip for Relief! Reclaim the Gulf! (Week of Thanksgiving)

Kimberly | Come lend a hand over the week of Thanksgiving until November 27th. That's less than four weeks away!
The folks at Common Ground invite you to join an estimated 300 volunteers from around the continent to converge in New Orleans the week of Thanksgiving.We want to encourage those in attendance to arrive with building & clearning supplies, donated equipment and, if possible, funds that can apply directly to help rebuild and the 9th Ward.

more...  0 Comments

Chris Owens Endoreses Gloria Mattera, Green Party Candidate for Brooklyn President

Owens Campaign/ cross posted | Chris Owens, Democratic candidate for
membership in the U.S. House of Representatives from
Brooklyn’s 11th Congressional District, today crossed party
lines and endorsed Green Party candidate Gloria Mattera for
Brooklyn Borough President over Democrat Marty Markowitz. more...  0 Comments

German Parliament building set ablaze

Hans Moleman | For the Nazis, who had been in power less than a month, since January 30, 1933, the Reichstag fire was the excuse for a hitherto unparalleled persecution of Communist and Social Democratic workers, intellectuals and party leaders. more...  3 Comments


Gavin R. Putland | By deliberately confusing assets that can be *produced*
with assets that can only be *acquired*, modern economics
laid the ideological foundation for unemployment, poverty,
inequality, and the looming global depression. more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Time: Grab the Torches and Pitchforks!

Dave Lindorff | Self-styled “progressives” in Congress should stop being afraid to demand Bush’s head. The Fitzgerald indictment is now about one man lying; it’s about a cover-up of the president’s and vice president’s mad scheme to trick the country into a war in Iraq, and that calls for impeachment. A bill of impeachment should be introduced right away more...  4 Comments

Calling all Cyclists!

nycbkr | FreeWheels urges you to call your councilmember today to demand that the NYPD stop arresting and harrassing cyclists. more...  5 Comments

The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making

populist | shameful is the fact that there are people who seem not to care that such things are taking place in our country more...  0 Comments

Democracy Denied: Haiti's Endless Revolution

Derrick O'Keefe |
A few precious voices have been working overtime to reveal
the grisly reality of Haiti today, now under UN occupation in the
wake of a February 29, 2004 coup d''tat. Nicolas Rossier's new
documentary, Aristide and the Endless Revolution, featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival(VIFF), marks an
important contribution to the struggle to disseminate the truth about
Haiti's hard struggle for self-determination. more...  0 Comments


ROBBY STAVEN | STATE SECRET more...  0 Comments

Now Look Who's Calling for Presumption of Innocence, Due Process and Fair Trials

Dave Lindorff | This president who has claimed the right to lock American citizens up without charge and to hold them indefinitely without the right to see a lawyer or to go to contest their captivity in court is suddenly touting all those rights, now that his own people are in the dock. more...  1 Comments

Halloween Critical Mass After Party: with Free Valet Bike Parking!!

X^ | If you are riding tonight and you feel like you need to take a break: at 49 east Houston st, there will be free secure VALET BIKE PARKING and you can come at anytime after 7pm. There will also be lawyers available and information about your friends and loved ones who were also on the ride. Times Up will also be collecting any and all photography and video you have for future use.
more...  0 Comments

Police Crack Down on Cyclists Day Before Critical Mass.

Sebastian C. | One biker notes: "Heads up everyone! Looks like the crackdown is starting a day early this month... I wasn't privy to any ticketing myself, but it looks like they're itching to ticket any and all cyclists this fine day."

[Another Report of Aggressive Ticketing] more...  8 Comments

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