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Freedom To Be, Freedom To Ride

Senator Jim Elliott | Senator Jim Elliott from the red state of Montana is no fan of cyclists, so why is he concerned about what’s going on with Critical Mass in in NYC ? more...  0 Comments

next few days' events

awnva | next few days' events -- details for these and other listings plus a protest search engine at:

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Where have all the fighters gone?

Juan Gonzalez | In this passionate analysis, Juan Gonzalez writes:

"I have been amazed at the virtual absence of dispassionate and comprehensive analysis about this election; an analysis grounded in facts, one that places the conflict in the context of broader historical patterns, that consistently asks: what is in the best interest of working people and the marginalized or oppressed groups of New York City? Once you begin to look at the mayoral race from that deeper perspective, you begin to realize that there have been few times in recent memory when an urban electorate faced such a clear class choice – in the personalities of the candidates, their stands on the issues, and the forces they represent. more...  13 Comments

Taser V. BATFE

TASER IMHO | ChoicePoint and Taser violating citizen's civil rights? more...  0 Comments

State Department Removes Records: World Documents US Culture of Rape

David Roknich |
According to FBI Crime Statistics, in 2003 the United States witnessed 93,233 cases of rape. Virtually 63.2 in every 100,000 women fell victims. The statistics also showed that every two minutes one woman was sexually assaulted and every six minutes one woman was raped.
Nhan Dan

The Bush Administration has sought to address Human Rights in the same way that it has addressed global warming.The first step is to remove the data from the government website.

At the end of this article are links where you can retrieve and archive sections of the US State Department website that may soon disappear.
By congressional mandate, the US State Department publishes human rights records of the nations of the world that we recognize as sovereign states. This practice has ended with the departure of Colin Powell in the wake of the US sponsored coup in Haiti. This quote from the US website should shock you,even if the quote above failed:

The State Department web site below is a permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001. Please see for material released since President George W. Bush took office on that date. This site is not updated so external links may no longer function.
US Department of State

The whole world is watching, and continues to document the degradation of human rights that distinguishes the Bush administration. more...  0 Comments

Gathering Links and News on Riots in France

go figure | There seems to be a dearth of articles from left perspectives on what is going on. Either in France or Argentina for that matter.. What has happened? more...  3 Comments

Invitation to a Special Screening of "Human Rights in Haiti"

Dr. Steeve Coupeau | The Center for the Study of Human Rights, the Undergraduate Human Rights Program, and the Human Rights Institute of Columbia University Invite you to a Special Screening of "Human Rights in Haiti", Speaker: Dr. Steeve Coupeau, Publisher of NYIHA Advocacy News found at:
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Provocateurs Trigger Repression at Summit of Americas

David Roknich |
"Here, in Mar Del Plata, FTAA will be buried."
Hugo Chavez
So far 2 independent journalists has been siezed as provovateurs seek shut down peaceful protest at the Summit of the Americas. This year the Summit is in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where the radical right wing Peronists regained power with the ascension of George Bush in the US. A brigade of 8000 police were assembled to "protect" the summit. What has ensued is a physical enactment of the ungoing war against the poor the US seeks to advance with the FTAA. Five of the 34 counties represented at the summit steadfastly opposed the treaty, including Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, who lead the opposition. more...  1 Comments

Watch That Pea

John M. Kelley | Don't watch Libby and Alito, like the old shell game the real story is going on behind the headlines. more...  0 Comments

Rove Insider Helped ''Distribute'' Lost Cash in Iraq

David Roknich | Michael Ledeen, a trusted aid to Karl Rove and close associate of Larry Franklin, can provide the missing details in the Rove/CIA Niger Uranium investigation. In the spirit of The New American Century, Ledeen reaped cash benefits as a direct result of the war in Iraq. more...  1 Comments

FLASH! A Majority of Americans Now Supports Impeaching Bush

Dave Lindorff | Between June and October, Zogby has found that support for impeachment of the president has risen from 42 percent of the public to 53 percent. When will the Democrats act? more...  1 Comments

A Shock and Awe Attack on American Workers

Dave Lindorff | Congress has put workers the end of the list of those whose interests get protected in corporate bankruptcies. That is not just a crime, it’s a major battle in the corporate assault on working people. more...  0 Comments

Youth say no to war, no to military: The movement to ‘opt out’

Pepe Lozano/People's Weekly World | CHICAGO — Youth and students here and across the country are refusing in ever greater numbers to believe the promises of U.S. military recruiters, promises like, “You can get any job you want,” and “You can try the military out for a few months and if you don’t like it you can quit.” Other favorites include, “You are guaranteed to get $50,000 for college,” and “You will never see a day of combat.” more...  0 Comments

Rebuild Louisiana rally demands jobs, housing

Terrie Albano/People's Weekly World | BATON ROUGE, La. — Sporting union, NAACP and ACORN T-shirts, more than 1,000 rallied here Oct. 29 for jobs, living wages, affordable housing and public services for south Louisiana. Gov. Kathleen Blanco, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and the Rev. Al Sharpton were joined by rank-and-file workers and community activists in calling for a rebuilding program that puts victims of Katrina and Rita first. Speakers also called on the federal government to supply grants, not loans, to local governments for basic services. more...  0 Comments

Outrage at CUNY Over Frame-Up Verdict Against Miguel Malo

CUNY Action to Defend Miguel Malo | Miguel Malo, the Hostos College student leader arrested in August 2001 for holding up a sign protesting cuts in academic programs, was outrageously convicted October 24 on bogus charges of “reckless assault” and disorderly conduct. He now faces up to a year in jail. Letters have been pouring in asking the judge that Miguel not be sentenced to prison. This ominous verdict is a declaration of war on City University students, faculty and staff. Its purpose is to criminalize protest at CUNY. All defenders of democratic rights are urged to attend the sentencing scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 9. more...  0 Comments

Kerry says 2004 election was stolen

d.o. | Mark Crispin Miller said Senator John Kerry told him recently that he believes the 2004 presidential election was stolen. more...  4 Comments

Populist #15

Franklin | The guiding principle in the creation of our Constitution was that any power not expressly authorized to the government was strictly forbidden. more...  0 Comments

Beyond Greed & Scarcity

--(A)-- | Finance expert Bernard Lietaer explains why capitalism is one gigantic race to the bottom for us all (except the bankers) and some of the things we need to do to achieve economic democracy and economic justice. more...  0 Comments

Propaganda 101 Presents First Saturdays

Propaganda 101 | This event will feature: art, djs, propmag mini-mags, cheap drinks, free snacks, and more. Propaganda 101 is a youth based, grassroots, multimedia group that works to inject progressive politics into pop culture. We believe in creativity as a powerful political force, capable of combating the destruction and apathy so prevalent in the world today. Our First Saturdays, which take place at Brooklyn's Studio 459, aim to delight and awaken the senses of anumb society.
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Mayaguez Students Occupy ROTC Building

todd, forwarding | Students joined together in the Filiberto Ojeda Rios Contingent to occupy an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Umbrella group named for Independista leader and here recently assassinated by FBI.
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