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The Success Story of the Niger Uranium Documents

David Roknich | Bob Woodward now claims he knows as much as Judith Miller did about the Plame/Rove affair, but kept it under his hat for 2 years.
It was a wise move, worthy of a seasoned pro.
The Plame affair is merely a byproduct of the Niger uranium forgeries.
How did the Niger Documents become such an item?
All I can tell you is whose lips are sealed, and why. more...  0 Comments

Unions mobilize in Puerto Rico

Tom Soto | On Sunday, Nov. 6, thousands of teachers wearing bright yellow T-shirts identifying their union, the Federation of Teachers marched militantly through the narrow streets of Old San Juan, gathering at the Plaza de Colón, marching to the capitol building where the Puerto Rican Legislature is housed, and then to the governor’s seaside mansion. more...  0 Comments

Images: NYC WRL Funeral Procession

fred askew | Photographs from the War Resisters League Funeral Procession more...  3 Comments


John M. Kelley | For most of my life I have tried to help people function in society, I was wrong, I should have been trying to change society to function for people. more...  0 Comments

CKUT: "An Hour with Noam Chomsky"

Joe Broadhurst | A special conversation with Professor Noam Chomsky. Members of CKUT's news collective spoke with Professor Chomsky for an hour about the role of media, torture and imprisonment in liberal democracies, on the prospects of free trade agreements in the Americas, the upcoming elections in Haiti and the occupation in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Admit It: The US Has Been Defeated in Iraq

Dave Lindorff | Congressman Murtha is right to call for a withdrawal from Iraq, as no amount of further combat will change the truth. This war is lost. Now it’s time to assign blame for the disaster and to punish the culprits. more...  1 Comments

Battered by Katrina, Gulf Coast workers stand up

Terrie Albano/People's Weekly World | NEW ORLEANS — Gail Andrews, a quiet, unassuming African American woman from New Orleans East, found her mother two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Six weeks later, she lost her again. This time forever. At age 68, Andrews’ mother died. more...  0 Comments

War, budget cuts ignite voter rebellion

Tim Wheeler/People's Weekly World | WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush’s smear tactics failed to silence his growing opposition as the peace movement and defenders of the poor stepped up their fight against the Iraq war and a Republican proposal to cut $50 billion from federal programs for low-income Americans. more...  0 Comments

Recap of November 16th Counter Recuitment in Brooklyn

in our hearts | During the day, we gave out over 500 flyers-- some presenting our position on fighting the government's bullshit wars, while others presented concrete reasons to not join the military (a flyer written by a black anarchist Vietnam war veteran, as well a newspaper directed toward people who have already enlisted with resources on what they can do now that they have signed up.) The response from passersby was very positive-- many people stopped to talk and thanked us for being there, and some recounted stories of people in their lives who are currently in the military" [See More Pictures] more...  8 Comments

Populist #16

Franklin | On Defects in our System of Elections more...  0 Comments

US Didn't Use Phosphorus Bombs on Civilians Because It Called All Civilians Insurgents

Dave Lindorff | Caught in a lie when it initially denied using phosphorus bombs in the assault on Fallujah, the Pentagon had to concede it used the weapons. It fell back on the claim that it only used the incendiary defices on militants, not civilians--but then, in that assault, the Pentagon trapped all males in the city, considering them all insurgents. more...  0 Comments

true friends

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | the blood banks closed more...  0 Comments

Germ Warfare: The Second Front of Scooter Libby, Judy Miller and Dick Cheney

By Jeremy Scahill | With all the leaking and smearing they were doing in selling the Iraq war, Scooter Libby and his "former" boss Dick Cheney still found the time to conduct a parallel propaganda war in which they attempted to use the US public as guinea pigs. And once again, Judy Miller served as a crucial PR agent for the cause. more...  0 Comments

Images: Stop Recruitment, Brooklyn NY

fred askew | Photographs from the Flatbush Ave. Armed Forces Career Center more...  1 Comments

The Morass of Gifted Education

Edwize | The current hodge-podge of programs is far from perfect. The current term “screened program” means that schools get to pick their students. Occasionally a school stands out; high tests scores while the surrounding schools have mediocre scores. The press raves and points to a “charismatic,” leader, and the principal basks in the limelight. Closer looks frequently unearth a screened program, what a surprise! The school carefully handpicks their kids and the scores are high! [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Flagrant violation of human rights this morning alongside UN summit

APCNews | Tunis, Tunisia -- Under the incredulous eyes of the participants at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), journalists and human rights defenders were manhandled, insulted, and then violently beaten. more...  0 Comments

Legislative Alert - Social Security Privatization

Day Al-Mohamed | ... in spite of the reports that declare that the promotion of private Social Security accounts has ceased this might not be the case. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has agreed to allow two bills to come directly to the floor for a vote as early as this week that would impact the debate. What disturbs us is that this procedure bypasses any committee discussion. more...  0 Comments

Shake & Bake: Who Would Jesus Burn?

Dave Lindorff | The US has now matched Saddam, crime for crime, using chemical weapons against the Iraqi people. Coming next: Bush in the box? more...  0 Comments

Turkish Anarchist and Conscientous Objector, Mehmet Tarhan, possibly faces forced physical examination

Mehmet Tarhan Defense Network | The verdict that sentenced conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan to a total of 4 years on two different trials with charges of “insubordination” was overruled November 2, 2005 by the Military Court of Appeals on the grounds of procedure.

The court’s first notification about its decision stated that the 4 year sentence was disproportionately high and was against the rule of fairness. The final written court decision, however, overruled on different procedural grounds: namely that Tarhan’s homosexuality (and therefore his “unfitness for military service”) had not been established via “proper physical examination procedures” more...  0 Comments

Calling all clowns...

lin | Ride With The Good -Vibe Tribe !!! more...  0 Comments

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