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Why has Pataki Ignored Cries of Corruption and Nepotism at CUNY TV and Brooklyn College

Donald Iarussi MFA | I have watched the corruption of politics row in the last few decades and Universities get away with
nepotism, Plagiarism, While at Brooklyn College I witnessed one graduate student in the Brooklyn Collefe Masters program actually get paid $500 to write a thesis for another

I brought this to the attention of the heads of the department back then, as well as crimes of theft, nepotism,
and these charges were ignored by CUNY and Brooklyn College and Governor Pataki and City Hall.

While as a whistle blower I was black listed from jobs.
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Iraq took away our innocence!- Spc. Douglas Barber OIF Vet with PTSD

Jay Shaft | Interview with Spc. Douglas Barber- OIF Vet suffering from PTSD
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US Statement On Extraordinary Rendition: full text

David Roknich | This is the complete statement concerning "CIA torture flights" read by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, this morning, December 5, 2005 as transcribed by the US State Department. more...  1 Comments

What Democracy, Exactly, Are We Exporting? Let's Hope It's Not Ours

Dave Lindorff | Long ago, the US stopped making things, and that was it for exporting stuff like TVs, cars, etc. Then America starting outsourcing services, so instead of exporting things like accounting or customer service, we import them. Now Bush says we’re exporting democracy, but if we don’t practice it at home, how can we hope to do that either? more...  0 Comments


DONALD IARUSSI | Survivors of hurricane katrina have been treated badly by FEMA and the AMERICAN RED CROSS. They gave poor people and black people less than those who were white or middle class. They have discriminated and some poor people haven't been helped at all. Don't donate to the American Red Cross, give to a charity that you know will help the por. If you donated to the American Red Cross, ask for your money back and give to organizations like Common Ground Relief or the Salvation Army. And protest about FEMA. more...  1 Comments

Clinton gets anti-war challenger

Raw Story | In a move that is certain to harden the battle lines among Democrats surrounding the Iraq war, a veteran union organizer will announce Tuesday that he is campaigning to unseat Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York. more...  3 Comments

Chicago FBI Alerted to Politically Motivated Hack Initial Statement | Chicago, IL, December 4, 2005 — Around 12:00 AM on Sunday, Chicago based was electronically attacked and invaded by politically motivated hackers. The attackers manipulated the prices of the items sold on the site, in some cases lowering prices by over five-hundred percent. "We are outraged by this blatant attack on our freedom of speech. This is fraud, it is an intrusion, it costs money, and at the same time it justifies what does. This hack proves what we are up against when we raise our voices and try to make this country a better place." more...  3 Comments


Lloyd Hart |
Our site is supported by members of many grass roots environmental,
social, climate and alternative media organisations. more...  1 Comments

Leading Turkey reporters charged

Sarah Rainsford | Just as Turkey enters the 21st century with hope and promise for democracy, a post 9/11 world has changed all that. more...  0 Comments

Judge OKs bag searches on NYC subway

William | Violating the Constitution is no big deal for NYPD. Too bad illegal bag searches don't actually make us safer. more...  0 Comments

Carta de la señorita Marple a la señora Maigret

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate | La señorita Marple presenta datos que indican que el apoyo de los franceses a las políticas mas radicales del gobierno francés en las políticas para la resolución de las confrontaciones de los barrios periféricos de las grandes ciudades , que detectan algunas encuestas de opinión no corresponde al discurso de las mismas que han presentado tanto los medios de comunicación como las instituciones. Estos rasgos podrían contradecir la teoría de la conspiración mediática para distorsionar el concepto de Estado Nación en la actualidad francesa que detecta la señora Maigret y que puede consultarse tanto en Indymedia, como en la web abierta para el debate en la materia: more...  0 Comments

Senate Moves Towards Forced Vaccinations, Vaccine Damage Immunity for Drug Companies

ANDREW BRIDGES | By creating a federal agency shielded from public scrutiny, some lawmakers think they can speed the development and testing of new drugs and vaccines needed to respond to a bioterrorist attack or super-flu pandemic more...  1 Comments

Iraq: A Rush for the Exits

Dave Lindorff | With the pressure building for the US to start retreating from Iraq, and our coalition “allies” abandoning ship, what’s a soldier in Iraq to think? Déjà vu. It’s 1970 Vietnam. more...  1 Comments

Populist #17

Franklin | On the Judicial Branch more...  0 Comments

20th annual Holiday Appeal for Class-War Prisoners ***NEW VENUE***

Partisan Defense Committee | The Partisan Defense Committee’s 20th Annual Holiday Appeal benefit for class-war prisoners featuring live jazz with Bern Nix/Francois Grillot, Prajna and Madsól. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Speakers include Lynne Stewart, Barry Bachrach (attorney for Leonard Peltier), Rachel Wolkenstein (PDC Counsel, former attorney for Mumia). Friday, December 9, 6 to 11pm, 6 Harrison St., Manhattan. For more information call (212) 406-4252. more...  1 Comments

Propaganda 101 First Saturdays

Propmag 101 | Every month Propmag 101 works to find new artists and writers to put together its First Saturday Parties and Mini-Mags. Our ultimate goal is to inject progressive politics into pop culture and build community. Come out to Studio 459 in Brooklyn on December 3rd to see what we're all about. more...  0 Comments

Battle Of Algiers Screening-Thursday!-Brooklyn

k.see | Come see Battle of Algiers in Brooklyn, presented by The Empty Vessel Project and Visual Resistance. It's on a boat, on the Gowanus. 8pm more...  2 Comments

Where Have All the Bush/Cheney Bumper Stickers Gone?

Dave Lindorff | You still see Kerry stickers, so what’s the deal? Did the GOP use cheaper glue, or is there some other reason that the once ubiquitous black-and-white decals have suddenly disappeared from the nation’s SUVs? more...  8 Comments

George W Bush is America's #1 Enemy

Desertphile | As for democracy, I'm all for it: it's far past due, and high time we try it! I'm not at all satisfied with the "democracy" we have: rather than just the ears and tail of the animal, I want the whole beast. more...  0 Comments

The truth from our own soldiers about Iraq: Letters from redeploying soldiers

Jay Shaft | Letters from recently redeployed soldiers

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