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South American Death Squads and Tasers

An inquiring mind | The connection between Taser International and the country of Chile dates to before the millennium. Shortly after assignment of their Middle Eastern sales territory to former Steman International representative, Malcolm Shermer, the South American territories were awarded. more...  0 Comments

Wakeup Call Interview with Tookie Williams

Kat Aaron, Wakeup Call | WBAI's morning news show, Wakeup Call, interviewed Stanley Tookie Williams less than 24 hours before he was killed by the state of California, following the denial of his clemency petition. more...  1 Comments

Earth First! Arizona Activists Convicted Protecting the Mountain Lion

Arizona Earth First | This conviction has grave repercussions with regards to non-violent first amendment activity across the nation. All three defendants were convicted of:
Felony conspiracy to interfere with or injure a government official (max 7 years)
Misdemeanor interference with or injury to a forest officer (max 6 months)
Misdemeanor “depredation” (theft or destruction or the attempt to do so) of government property (max 1 year)
Below:First a statement of support from the Arizona Earth First! (Chuk’shon EF!) then the report from Arizon Indymedia about coviction and lastly a report from the last day of the trial and misrepresentation of evidence. more...  1 Comments

Protest Henry Kissinger and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe (Union Killer!) at NYU -- Thursday, 6 PM

SALVADOR ALLENDE TE QUEREMOS | This panel, ominously named "New Political Policies
for the Americas" is no
neutral "dialogue" about the way forward for the
people of South America.
NYU is giving the stage to Kissinger and Uribe to lay
out neoliberal
policy--policy that has and continues to open the way
for union-busting,
corporate dominance and manipulation by predatory
lending agencies. It is
no surprise that NYU gives a voice to such characters,
because here at NYU
the administration follows the same policy of busting
unions for corporate
more...  4 Comments

A Reaction to Bush Casually Admitting 30K Died in Iraq! (graphic, short commentary & link)

vf | It's been said a million or more times, but worth repeating how totally repugnant, morally offensive and what a war criminal George W. Bush is. more...  1 Comments

Secret Government is the Problem

Dave Lindorff | This is a government that believes it knows what is best. It doesn't, but even if it did, we citizens, and our representatives in Congress, and the media we depend on, allow this kind of secret government to function at our peril. more...  1 Comments

Miguel Malo Is Not Going to Jail

CUNY Action to Defend Miguel Malo | In Bronx Criminal Court this morning, Hostos Community College student leader Miguel Malo was sentenced to probation and community service instead of prison. As Miguel walked out of the court room, he was surrounded and joyfully embraced by scores of supporters who had come out to show solidarity with him. Gathering across the street afterwards, they gathered in front of a banner proclaiming, “Miguel Malo Is Innocent – CUNY Is Not a Prison.” They ended with a vigorous chant, “¡Miguel Malo, inocente – y libre!” more...  0 Comments

International alliance calls for end to term “clean coal,” calls for responsible transition

Coal River Mountain Watch | In Response to the growing and unfortunate trend among environmental and social justice groups use of the industry and government created term "clean coal," West Virginia Citizen's Action Group, Coal River Mountain Watch launched an internationally circulated sign-on letter calling for a unification of these groups against this sort of industry doublespeak which makes it so much harder for those working towards positive change to achieve it. Over 80 Organizations and prominent individuals have signed on at the time of the release. Please add your name too. more...  0 Comments

Only Two Days to Stop the Patriot Act

New World Order Resistance | This version of the Patriot Act will give the Government a free hand to further invade your privacy and other rights. Take action now! more...  0 Comments

WOT - (NYT) Chinese Government attempts to censor internet news of Dongzhou massacre (with comments by Ben Seattle)

Ben Seattle - Weapon of Transparency (WOT) | As described by the New York Times article (below) the
corrupt, revisionist (ie: fake marxist) government of China
is attempting to censor all news of last week's massacre
of 20 or more farmers in Dongzhou, in southern China.

This attempt to suppress news of this massacre may (or may not)
be successful in the short run. But, in the long run, these
kinds of attempts to suppress the news are doomed to failure.
This story is of great significance to activists today who
want to build a powerful and militant mass movement for a world
that is not ruled by imperialism and the bourgeoisie. more...  0 Comments

Anti-immigrant legislation soon to be voted upon by Congress

re_evolve | Congress is set to debate legislation as soon as Thursday December 15th that would make all undocumented persons in the US felons, thereby making it impossible for them to become legal, as well as criminalize all persons having contact with undocumented immigrants as "traffickers." more...  0 Comments

New School PhD and others Face Death Penalty in Ethiopia

New School Save Nega Campaign | As of December 13th, Berhanu Nega and other leading Coalition for Unity and Democracy members are on their fifteenth day of hunger strike and need all the support they can get! more...  1 Comments

McGowan Lawyer Interviewed on WBAI's Wakeup Call.

Wakeup Call | National Lawyers Guild attorney Martin Stolar, who recently represented accused environmental activist Daniel McGowan during his NYC removal hearing, was interviewed on WBAI's Wakeup Call by guest host Kat Aaron. To our knowledge, this is the first extensive interview Stolar has given to any media outlet. [Click Here For the Full Interview | Previous NYC IMC Coverage || Update from Family andf Friends of Daniel McGowan]

Please refrain from speculation and innuendo on Indymedia posts related to this case. more...  4 Comments

Cops Defend Nazis as Hundreds Protest in Toledo

Alex Gould | The truth must be told about how the police carried out a premeditated plan to violently suppress opposition to the fascist recruitment rally, and about how the state is not a neutral arbiter of free speech but a patron and defender of ultra-right terrorists. more...  3 Comments

World Can't Wait discussion on FOX

JMC | Bill O'Reilly: "the world cant wait organization are far left wing communists who are routing for the terrorists to win" more...  3 Comments

Curt Weldon Gets Hearing on Able Danger

Messenger | Curt Weldon just announced on Lou Dobbs' show that the Pentagon has agreed to let the Able Danger officers testify at a Congressional Hearing. more...  0 Comments

My Husband is at the Gates of Guantanamo: Why I Support Him

Jessica Stewart | Danny Burns a father, and husband of Jessica Stewart is protesting against American human rights abuses. more...  0 Comments

IMC-Binghamton, Not L.A. Times, Broke Story on DoD Media Scandal

Steve Peacock | The breaking story about the U.S. military’s planting of prepackaged stories in foreign media – a “scoop” attributed to the L.A.. Times – has overlooked one critical factor: the Independent Media Center of Greater Binghamton, and not the L.A. Times, was the first media outlet across the globe to report on this propaganda-production endeavor, the brainchild of the U.S. Special Operations Command. more...  0 Comments


Marc Wishengrad / Claude Solnik | 14 years in prison -- To get more attention - Those who care about this injustice will come out to demonstrate in front of the District Attorney's office - the same office that hid evidence in order to convict the wrong man. When this prosecutorial misconduct was discovered the courts would not grant a retrial. Currently the case has been waiting decision by Federal courts for over three years since the writ of habeas corpus was filed and a hearing took place. more...  14 Comments

Torture & White Phosphorus


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