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New York City Transit Workers Defy Threats and Strike

Bill Van Auken, World Socialist Web Site | New York City’s 34,000 bus and subway workers, defying threats of fines and imprisonment, walked off the job at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning after their union, Transport Workers Union Local 100, rejected the demands of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for sweeping concessions on pensions, health care and working conditions. The strike, the first to shut down the city’s mass transit system in 25 years, pits transit workers in a direct confrontation not only with the MTA, but with the state and city governments, the Democratic and Republican parties, and New York’s ruling establishment of Wall Street financiers and corporate CEOs. more...  3 Comments

White House, FBI Lied to 9-11 Commission About "Missing" 9-11 Black Boxes

Dave Lindorff | The NTSB apparently did get the boxes from the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center, just as trade center clean-up crew members had claimed. So what is the government hiding by denying that the recorders were found? more...  0 Comments

Justice for NYC Transit Workers

Workers World | The big bosses don’t care what kind of a world our children live in. They’re trying to impose a “two-tier” contract—lower pay and benefits for future employees. But the transit union is taking a stand for our sons and daughters. more...  7 Comments

Socialism and Anarchism

Adam Finger | I hate to resurrect the age-old debate amongst radicals—socialism or anarchism—but as a socialist, I’m somewhat perplexed by some of the rationale behind the anarchist arguments. This post, while certainly critical of anarchism, isn’t intended to dismiss it as a passing phase but rather to (hopefully) answer some of the questions I’ve had about it. more...  9 Comments

Open Source Intelligence Conference Jan. 16-20 in the Washington D.C. area

Jason -JZ- Liszkiewicz | The Rise of Open Source Intelligence

Can we exit the Culture of Fear and enter a newer society?

An Open Source Society consisting of a series of Citizen Intelligence Networks.

Visionary Cells well equipped with the knowledge and tools to govern

their bodies and all bodies of knowledge to govern the global body,

empowering the majority beyond our wildest dreams.

On January 16-20 a conference described as "James Bond morphing into

Hackers who morph into the Peace Corps who morph into moral

capitalists raising four billion from poverty through the power of

information and open source intelligence" will host 60 exhibits, 20

top speakers, and 400-600 international "players" at the Sheraton

Premiere in Tyson's Corner Virginia in the Washington D.C. area.

Visit, Fax 703.266.6391, Call 703.266.6390

Speakers –

Schedule –

- War & Peace - Wealth & Democracy - Open Source Intelligence -

- Peace Keeping Intelligence - Open Source Democracy -

- Citizens' Intelligence Network -


* * * *

IOP '06

Information Operations, Open Source Intelligence,

and Peacekeeping Intelligence

Information Operations (IO) represents the new semantics of war &

peace, wealth & democracy. Information Peacekeeping (IPK) is the

converse of Information Warfare (IW). America is soon to have in

effect a range of Joint Intelligence Operations Centers or Commands

(JIOC) with embedded Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) feeds in all

languages on all topics, and the requisite man-machine Foreign

Language (FL) and Advanced Analytics (AA) able to make sense of all

information, in all languages, all the time.

Modern IO consists of Strategic Communications (the message), Open

Source Intelligence (the shareable reality), and JIOCS with FL and AA

(the technologies).

Modern IO is the new American "way of war" and offers enormous

potential in ten "IO-heavy" mission areas:

· Strategic Communication & Public Diplomacy

· Peacekeeping Intelligence & Information Peacekeeping

· Early Warning & Stabilization-Reconstruction Operations

· Homeland Defense & Emergency Responder Civil Support

· National Education & National Research for National Wealth

Join Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT-02), Alvin & Heidi Toffler, and

many other world-class speakers including Canadian, Croatian, Dutch,

English, South African, and Swedish experts on the emerging

intersection of open source software, open spectrum, open source

information, open access copyright, and open societies.

All participants in the three day event will receive the new book on

IO, as well as new books on Commercial Intelligence and on

Peacekeeping Intelligence. One may elect to participate in only one

day, and/or the training day on Friday.

All participants receive three weeks of free access to Silobreaker

analytic link and visualization tools, and thousands of international


more...  0 Comments

TWU Strike Looms, Rally Monday

Compiled | Union leaders and transport authorities appear no closer to a deal that will avert a crippling strike at the height of the holidays. Buses drivers in Queens have already walked out. [TWU Rally Monday || TWU Local 100 Revolutionary Transit Worker]
more...  2 Comments

TWU Local 100: We're Fighting for the Future of All Workers! No More Stalling! Strike to Win -- Now!

Revolutionary Transit Worker | Behind the MTA’s outrageous demands for givebacks stands Governor Pataki dreaming of running for President, and a capitalist class looking to make an example out of transit workers. Demanding that the next generation work harder for years longer and pay more for “benefits” is an attempt to divide Local 100. And it is a message to the entire working class that there will be no “American Dream” – future generations will have to work harder and longer for less and less to keep up the bosses’ profits. more...  4 Comments


me | Please join Transport Workers Local 100 President Roger Toussaint, New York City Central Labor Council President Brian M. McLaughlin and Executive Board members for a rally and march in support of Local 100
more...  2 Comments

America's dirty secret 6 Million companion animals / pets murdered every year

Tell everyone about Americas inhumane secret | Spay and neuter is needed to humanely prevent healthy pets being euthanized in America every year. There are not enough homes for the 6 million homeless pets America murders every year. Tell everyone you know what is going on in shelters near you. more...  4 Comments

Haiti's Achievements with Aristide and Lavalas - now lost since the U.S. led coup ousting him

STEPHEN LENDMAN | Haiti's achievements under Aristide and Lavalas during their 10 years in office and conditions there now since the coup more...  0 Comments

NASA: "The observed rapid warming thus gives urgency"

pat neuman | The observed rapid warming gives more than just an "urgency to discussions" ..., it gives urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as we can.
more...  1 Comments

Feingold says what Bush is doing is illegal; The coverup begins!

CCNWON | It looks like it's the bastard's last stand.
more...  4 Comments

Acts of Treason of the Republican right

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | crooked lies and crooked politics more...  0 Comments

This is About Much More Than Just NSA Domestic Spying

Dave Lindorff | This administration is attempting to establish totalitarian control, and has proved that it is not to be trusted with the Constitution. Impeachable offenses are being committed. more...  2 Comments

Katrina’s Aftermath: The Catastrophe Continues

Richard Mellor | Three months after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans I wondered what was happening down there. If the coverage in the national US media was anything to go by, the worst was over, Katrina hit, the scenes of abandoned people and desperate evacuees were gone, and everything must be getting back to normal. more...  0 Comments

Books Through Bars Movie Night TONITE!!! 8PM

btb | Books Through Bars Movie Night 12/16, 8PM more...  0 Comments

Impeach the Chimp: Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11, Officials Say

@ | WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 ­- Months after the Sept. 11 attacks, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States to search for evidence of terrorist activity without the court-approved warrants ordinarily required for domestic spying, according to government officials.

Under a presidential order signed in 2002, the intelligence agency has monitored the international telephone calls and international e-mail messages of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people inside the United States without warrants over the past three years in an effort to track possible "dirty numbers" linked to Al Qaeda, the officials said. The agency, they said, still seeks warrants to monitor entirely domestic communications...

Some officials familiar with it say they consider warrantless eavesdropping inside the United States to be unlawful and possibly unconstitutional, amounting to an improper search. One government official involved in the operation said he privately complained to a Congressional official about his doubts about the legality of the program. But nothing came of his inquiry. "People just looked the other way because they didn't want to know what was going on," he said.... more...  0 Comments

NYC transit workers need a decent contract

Workers World | The 33,000 transit workers deserve every nickel they’re asking for, without concessions and tradeoffs, and a safe work environment. The public demands the right to a safe affordable ride. The millions of straphangers are inextricably tied to the transit workers and their union. The MTA is their enemy, too. more...  3 Comments

Populist #18

Franklin | On the Judicial Branch, continued more...  0 Comments

"Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper!"

Dave Lindorff | Bush is talking more and more like a would be dictator or a petulant spoiled brat, dissing the Constitution and calling himself commander-in-chief more...  1 Comments

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