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Corrupt Canadian Elections

Daniel Towsey | This is how the NWO Globalists are able to place their people into key government positions more...  0 Comments

The Great Lie Meets Katrina Revised.

Lloyd Hart | The great lie that is the war on terrorism has just taken a very serious blow. A category 5 hurricane named Katrina. more...  4 Comments

NYCLU releases post-RNC report

civil libertarian |

"Rights and Wrongs at the RNC: A Special Report About Police and Protest at the Republican National Convention" includes a Chronology of Major Events Leading Up to Convention; Law Enforcement Convention Tactics; Eyewitness Accounts of Police Misconduct; Recommendations; and an RNC Chronology.

more...  0 Comments

Hot Races in the Democratic Primary

John Kerry | Stay Free! is discussing the contest for Brooklyn District Attorney while No Land Grab is focusing on the race between Betsy Gottbaum and Norman Siegel for Public Advocate. more...  2 Comments

Plea from hospital in New Orleans

Bill Quigley | There are about 1300 people here who need help. I would appreciate it if you could forward this information to federal and state authorities and press in the US and in Louisiana to make sure these sick people are cared for. Some had transplant surgery this AM! more...  1 Comments

Book Review of Counterpunch's "The Politics of Anti-Semitism"

Joshua Sperber | Beyond perpetuating the anti-Semitism it claims no longer exists, Counterpunch's anthology exploits and reinforces deeply nationalistic and conspiratorial tendencies. In so doing, it forfeits the opportunity to make headway into comprehending today's crises, instead providing false answers more characteristic of fascist movements. more...  3 Comments

NYC Rally: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Hands off Lynne Stewart and Assata Shakur!

Partisan Defense Committee | Thursday, September 15th, 7:00pm at: Community Church of New York, 40 East 35th Street -- The Partisan Defense Committee is urging you to join us for a rally to fight government repression and the "war on terror," which targets blacks, immigrants, labor and leftists. We call on you to come out in defense of Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Assata Shakur. Their fight is a fight for us all. Speakers include Lynne Stewart, Pam Africa of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Cleo Silvers of 1199ers for Peace and Justice, Don Alexander of the New York Labor Black League for Social Defense and Rachel Wolkenstein of the Partisan Defense Committee. For more information, call 212-406-4252 or email
f more...  0 Comments

Wake Up Call interviewing mayoral candidates

Wake Up Call | C. Virginia Fields was on on Monday. Anthony Wiener is on Tuesday morning. Gifford Miller and Fernando Ferrer to follow. See Wake Up Call for more information and to download the mp3s. more...  1 Comments

Radio from the RNC-IMC

Kat | Radio-makers from around the country collaborated to create a 24-hour webstream covering the protests and exploring the issues behind them. Working closely with the dispatch team fielding calls, the crew in the studio conducted interviews with protesters in the streets and in the jails. A-Noise radio also created half-hour daily roundups summarizing the highlights of each day's events. more...  1 Comments

Nothing to report from Iraq's front, America

populist | Here is a president who purposefully, if blindly, took his nation to war, brandishing with equal mastery ignorance and incompetence more...  0 Comments

My experience and suggestions for Critical Mass

Obert | The bicyclists are winning in the ongoing struggle against police oppression. more...  8 Comments

Republican National Convention, One Year Later

Chris Anderson | One year ago this week, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets to protest the Republican National Convention. The WBAI morning show Wakeup Call has begun a seven-part retrospective on the RNC, which will be featured in the special "in-depth" section of our website. This weeks Indypendent will also be featuring an RNC retrospective section that discusses the continuing viability of mass protest and the upsurge of "radical art" that briefly gripped the NYC creative community last summer.

During the RNC, the IMC also created a 24-hour webstream covering the protests. Some of the highlights are here.

Please return to this feature throughout the week, as we will be updating it regularly. more...  7 Comments

Green Party Candidate Ready to Debate Markowitz

No Land Grab |

From Hot Indie News:

The Gloria Mattera for Brooklyn Borough President Campaign handed in almost 8,000 independent nominating petition signatures to the New York City Board of Elections at 10:30am Tuesday morning. 4000 signatures are required for the office.

"These signatures represent grass roots support for my campaign to bring open government to Brooklyn," said Mattera. "I look forward to a vigorous public debate with Marty Markowitz in the coming weeks on the issues most critical to the people of Brooklyn, including affordable housing, support for public schools, responsible development, and a healthy environment." [Read More]

more...  1 Comments

September 3rd, A Call To Oppose Military Recruitment In Jersey City

north jersey counter-recruitment | Bring signs, banners, flags, noisemakers, and most importantly, as many people as you can to this event. Following the brutality implemented by the Pittsburgh Police on August 20th against peaceful anti-recruitment activists, (see for more information) this action is both to show solidarity with the struggle of our comrades in Pittsburgh and to show the state imperial power and it's enforcers that they cannot silence us through their violence. more...  9 Comments

Images: Critical Mass

fred askew | Critical Mass NYC August 2005 more...  5 Comments

NYPD Arrests 49 Bicyclists during August Critical Mass

NYCBKR | City fails to squash Critical Mass despite continued intimidation and arrests. || More Coverage of Last Nights CM more...  15 Comments

Street Vendors Converge on City Hall to Protest Unfair $1,000 Vending Fines

The Street Vendor Project | These fines, often imposed for such violations as not displaying one's license or being too close to a store front, can reach $1,000, which is equal to three months' earnings for many vendors and threatens to put them out of business. The vendors were joined by NYC Council member Robert Jackson and mayoral candidates Fernando Ferrer and Anthony Wiener, who all gave speeches singing the praises of vendors as hardworking small business owners in pursuit of the “American Dream,” and speaking out against the exorbitant fines. more...  1 Comments

CUNY Student Leader Miguel Malo On Trial

Asociacion de Estudiantes Latinos y Latinoame | Miguel Malo, student leader from CUNY's Hostos Community College, is being put on trial for the second time on September 6. Miguel was arrested in August 2001 for holding up a sign protesting cuts to English as a Second Language programs and bilingual courses at Hostos. more...  3 Comments

Populist #10

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Defense against Centralized Power, continued more...  0 Comments

The Challenge of Marion S. Barry.

Elijah Gatewood | Why Some Black's in charge continue to sell out. more...  0 Comments

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