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Jeff "Free" Luers Legal Update and Dispatch

Jeffrey Luers Support Network | Jeff has new information about is legal battle and a dispatch for his supporters. more...  1 Comments

Impeachment March on State of the Union Jan 31 | We The People remind Congress that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution, from both enemies foreign and domestic. 1. Call or Fax Congress and let them know, impeachment or else. 2. Organize State of the Union MOSH II protest, gather in DC to put the pressure on Congress the week before the SOTU. 3. Jan 31st, surround the capitol building, project truth videos to the riot cops, remind them that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution. more...  0 Comments

China: grave symptoms

Workers World | China’s Communist Party has introduced market reforms, it says, in order to accelerate its development and build socialism. But the market is not just a stimulus; it creates a class of millionaires that corrupts the economic and political structures and divides the people, undermining the class solidarity that is the bedrock of socialist construction. more...  8 Comments

UFPJ leadership divides the anti-war movement

Workers World | These organizational complaints are merely a cover behind which the UFPJ leadership is readying an open shift to the right, orienting to the so-called “anti-war” elements in the capitalist establishment and preparing to use the anti-war movement as a platform for promoting the Democratic Party in the 2006 elections. more...  9 Comments

Update from Argentina: Rock for Hotel Bauen and Zanon

Marie Trigona | Here's the latest on the BAUEN conflict. If anyone is interested in more information please contact Marie Trigona or the BAUEN hotel:

Trabajadores del Hotel Bauen Coop
prensatrabajadoresdelbauen [at] more...  0 Comments

Time to Dump Bush and Keller

Dave Lindorff | As an editor, holding a story is as biased and manipulative of public opinion as running one. No credible, honest journalist can make those decisions. If you’ve got it, you have to run it, and the Times’ Keller failed that basic test, proving he’s nothing but an administration shill. more...  0 Comments

Letter From A Military "Mom": Domestic Spying & Incident of Intimidation of Military Families

reposted | author: Written by: Robin Vaughan more...  6 Comments

Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets

Johnny's Dad | author: Leuren Moret more...  0 Comments

NYPD Spying On Activists

roger m | For years, NYC Indymedia has documented the infiltration of undercover police officers at New York City protest events, as a trip through the archives shows:

[Undercover pig uniform this week... || NYPD's latest "Starskys and Hutches" - Undercover scooters! || How to Spot an Undercover Cop || Undercovers || A conversation with an undercover cop]

Now, revelations in this weeks New York Times further expose phony demonstrators and undercover bikers; much of the footage comes from I-Witness video and Democracy Now producer Elizabeth Press.

Also see this San Diego IMC Story: New Documents Show FBI Spying on Domestic Activist Groups

more...  10 Comments

A Prayer for Justice

S. Claus | For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged... more...  0 Comments

Freewheels: Browne's Undercover Comments "Disingenuous"

FreeWheels | See below. more...  1 Comments

Firefighter in critical condition after getting hit by bus while bicycling to work

jmc | An off-duty firefighter who was likely bicycling to work because of the transit strike Thursday morning was critically injured in midtown by a private shuttle bus making an illegal turn, authorities said. more...  1 Comments

Dignity Beyond Persecution,The Rebirth Of Marcus Garvey, Honorable Roger Toussaint

Jacqueline Amos | A Coward dies a thousand times; but a brave man dies once, It is not the man who stand on the mountain, but man who walks with Dignity. more...  0 Comments


Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | a dream broken more...  1 Comments

Over 400,00 "Out Of Iraq" Petitons Delivered To Congress

reposted | Author: Michael Fox more...  0 Comments

Voting Machine Security for Diebold, not voter

reposted | Posted: 12/17/2005 3:05:19 PM
Author: Arlin Briley more...  0 Comments

John Conyers Heads Committe to Investigate and Move for Impeachment

reposted | He is asking for your help. more...  0 Comments


Scott Huminski |
Lawsuits arising out of Dean’s unconstitutional appointment policies in Vermont still costing Vermonters.

more...  0 Comments

“American Taliban” Vs. “Eco-Terrorist” Sentencing Guidelines

kirsten anderberg | Sentencing in American courts needs some accountability. John Walker Lindh, found hiding with Taliban in fight against US troops in Afghanistan which killed one CIA agent: 20 years. Yaser Hamdi, under similar circumstances: 3 years. Jeff Luers accused of arson on 3 SUVs in Eugene: 20 years. The Green River Murderer confesses to torturing, raping and killing over 40 women: Life in Prison. Threatened sentence on accused environmental activists arrested this week: Life in Prison. more...  0 Comments

TOOKIE LIVES RALLY - 12/29 | TOOKIE LIVES. RALLY AND MARCH ON 12/29. more...  1 Comments

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