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The Bush Family Coup

James Ridgeway | When it comes to intelligence, the only thing worse than the FBI's record is the CIA's.. There is an overweaning desire by this so-called conservative government to establish and institutionalize a Big Brother regime that toleratres no dissent and wrecks constitutional government. more...  1 Comments

Katrina Survivors Confront NYC Mayor

Stephen Millies | Michael Bloomberg, New York’s billionaire mayor who bought his second term in November, hadn’t planned on being confronted by nearly a hundred protesters during his extravagant inauguration on New Year’s Day. But there they were, picketing on Broadway across from City Hall. Their 50-square-foot banner demanded justice for survivors of the hurricanes that devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. more...  1 Comments

17th Annual People’s State of the State Rally Calls for Universal Health Care, Corporate Accountability

Mark Dunlea | More than fifty anti-poverty advocates braved stormy weather today at the State Capitol to urge action on skyrocketing heating bills, lack of access to affordable quality health care, and high housing costs. It is time to realize that the only way to provide universal coverage in a simple, efficient, and cost-effective manner is to institute in New York State an expanded system of Medicare for All. Hunger Action Network supports increasing accountability for the state’s multibillion economic development programs that gives tax breaks, subsidies and other handouts to businesses in the name of job creation. more...  1 Comments

Black Box Voting: Voting Fraud Coming to an Election Near You

Joe Broadhurst | has proven optical scanners used to read paper ballots can be programmed. Canada is about to use them. more...  0 Comments

Americans in the Bubble

populist | What if we, the American citizenry, are the ones living in a bubble. isolated, clueless, without a clear fit in the world's puzzle? more...  0 Comments

Bourgeois Anarchy

by WSJ | Overpaid Anarchists more...  47 Comments

Photos From Iraq: December 2005

combat | A selection of pictures from Iraq taken in December 2005. Elections, murder, riots, repression. more...  2 Comments

Okay, Now Even I'm Worried

Dave Lindorff | When his acting attorney general turned him down, Bush sent his goons to pressure Ashcroft in his sickbed to okay the spying. more...  1 Comments

NSA Gave Other U.S. Agencies Information From Surveillance

@ | This is part of a story I've been trying to communicate for the last three years. You will soon find that the DIA actually conducted PsyOps against some of the individuals monitored by the NSA. Individuals were targeted for no reason more than voicing opposition to Bush. more...  1 Comments

Subscribe to SAOIRSE-Irish Freedom

SAOIRSE | Saoirse is published monthly, and an annual subscription is only $30.00.

Make out check or money order to "Saoirse".

PO BOX 1241
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more...  1 Comments

Arrest Information

elastic band | Right-wing nations are now utilising their new ‘anti-terrorist’ laws. Activists are being targeted and arrested in the US and Australia – who is next? The following information may prove useful in the event of arrest. A ‘friend of mine’ was recently detained for questioning by state police; his experiences were similar to those of others in the milieux. Familiarisation with the procedures and methodologies of our ‘regulatory authorities’ is invaluable in the event of arrest or detention. more...  0 Comments

Populist #19

Franklin | On the Judicial Branch, continued more...  0 Comments

Bush Spy Scandal Jeopardizes National Security

Dave Lindorff | Constitutional law expert Bonifaz says court hearings on Bush’s illegal NSA domestic spying campaign could become this president’s equivalent of Nixon’s Watergate tapes. more...  1 Comments


Win Animal Rights |
Let's take this opportunity to end the year the same way it began, expressing our outrage at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and those that allow them to continue to maim and kill in the name of product testing. HLS kills 500 animals every day to test products like tooth paste and tanning lotion. Join us as we raise our voices in protest against those that allow HLS (trading as LSRI) to continue their bloody business. Targets will include both Market Makers for LSRI and investors in LSRI stock. more...  0 Comments

Converge on the Capital

cleaves | In the recent past an American grandmother demonstrating against the tyrant Bush, held a placard as she marched on the Capital, it read, “The Road to Hell is lined with Bushes”. It is now evident that this grandmother (who puts younger Americans to shame) was exhibiting prophetic or intuitive insight. In that period Bush was relatively tame. This American woman and true patriot is an inspiration to us all. more...  1 Comments

TomSongs Releases “BushWhacked” follow-up Song, 2005 Retrospective “I Miss You”

TomSongs | New 2005 Retrospective Song “I Miss You” run time 3:05 more...  0 Comments

"TOOKIE LIVES" RALLY IN HARLEM (this Thursday) | 12/29 Rally and Candle-light vigil in Harlem on World Redemption Day... more...  5 Comments

The Iron Cage that has Descended upon Modern Humanity

populist | We are not becoming emancipated; we are becoming automated. more...  0 Comments

Celebrities 'hijacked' poverty campaign, say furious charities

BEEP BEEP | The campaign, led by a coalition of 540 organisations, was launched amid fanfare on 1 January this year with a pledge to narrow the gap between the world's rich and poor. Yesterday, aid workers told how it had been "hijacked" by celebrities at the expense of real achievements in securing sold debts, aid and trade deals for the developing world. Events at the G8 summit in Gleneagles in July, attended by the campaigner Bob Geldof, attracted some of the strongest criticism. more...  0 Comments

Qui est Guy PHILIPPE ?

Front pour la Reconstruction Nationale-Haïti | Depuis plusieurs semaines voire plusieurs mois, on peut trouver sur une multitude de sites internet un descriptif mensonger des idées et des actes que l’on me prête… tout cela étant tiré d'un seul et même article écrit par un partisan d'Aristide. more...  2 Comments

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