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Boycott Home Depot! New Orleans Call to Action

liza | The Housing Authority of New Orleans has leased land from the C.J. Peete public housing development to Home Depot. Not only is this land needed for low-income families who are trying to return to New Orleans, but the land could also be used for FEMA trailers to provide temporary housing for people whose homes were demolished. more...  0 Comments

Protect Your Rights - Stop Alito's Confirmation

John Galt | Take action now to protect your constitutional rights by helping stop Alito's confirmation. more...  2 Comments

Wendy's "Finger" couple gets 9 years - US Military"Torturer& Murderer" Lewis Welshofer,gets $6.000 fine!

Carl Nardoccio | The attorney said the clapping at the end of the trial was a testament to Welshofer (and probably to "Old Glory" that symbolic U.S. Flag?).
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Jan. 25 PATRIOT Act Call-In Day

Bill of Rights Defense Committee | Today is the day! Join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and tens of thousands of allies throughout the U.S. in an overwhelming grassroots response to the PATRIOT Act and other governmental excesses. more...  0 Comments

Bush Running Scared?

Dave Lindorff | Even conservatives are angry about his illegal domestic spying. “I am not a Constitution wrecker.” more...  0 Comments

A recent example of the FBI's use of confidential sources (CS)

Jack Frost | Interesting points of fact regarding recent arrests in Sacremento that invovled a Confidential Source (CS), i.e. snitch. These facts include the house allegedly used for plotting being payed for and $75,000(plus expenses) in remuneration also paid by the FBI. more...  1 Comments

In crisis, Washington manufactures new tensions

Fred Goldstein | Washington is moving towards a confrontation that is very dangerous. The anti-war movement must take heed of this new threatening development coming out of Washington, put it high on the agenda, and tell Washington: “Hands off Iran!” more...  0 Comments

The Administration's new FISA defense is factually false

Glenn Greenwald | From Atrios: "You might want to take a look at Glenn Greenwald's latest post, the contents of which should be pretty much the opening segment of every evening news show. He points out that in 2002 Senator DeWine proposed the legislation which would've amended the FISA law to lower the burden necessary from probable cause to reasonable suspicion (one caveat, for non-US persons only), precisely what our constitution-challenged former NSA head was claiming was why they "had to" break the law. He also claimed they sought such changes but Congress wouldn't give it to them."

"The kicker? The Bush Justice Department opposed the law on constitutional concerns." more...  0 Comments

Secret Grand Jury Investigations Lead to the Indictments of 12

Global Indymedia | The nation-wide sweep of arrests, dubbed “Operation Backfire”, has been declared by the FBI as a major hit to environmentalists and animal rights activists who engage in destruction of property as a means to defend wilderness and lives of animals. However, many suspect that the string of arrests falls in line with decades-long FBI covert intelligence operations aimed at disrupting and discrediting political movements. Part of COINTELPROand other intelligence agendas, the FBI has been engaged in domestic surveillance activities and have been falsely targeting political activists since the 1960s. [See Also: Red Flags || Bombs and Shields || Infoshop more...  3 Comments

Karl Rove Attacks Democrats Involved in World Can't Wait

World Can't Wait | This movement is gaining momentum among some Democratic office-holders (US Rep Cynthia McKinney added her name to the World Can't Wait Call on Monday), as well as people from many walks of life and political persuasions. (CNN National Showbiz News featured a story on Friday night called Stars "Stars Aligned Against Bush.") more...  19 Comments

Beware the Social Globalizers

carst | The struggle is between the Democratic Totalitarian Societies (DTS) trying to impose their way of life upon all others, and peoples who want to decide their way of life for themselves. It is about totalitarian domination or self-determination. more...  0 Comments

Bush to Protestors: Drop Dead

World Can't Wait | Bush to Protestors: Drop Dead
Officials Seek to Marginalize State of Union Protest
more...  39 Comments

FBI Coverup Of '04 Ohio Voting Rights Complaint Alleged

Don DeBar, Special to, Jan 20, 2006 | GREENBURGH, NY - At a press conference at Greenburgh Town Hall yesterday, a pair of local officials and several voting rights activists called for the FBI to release its findings regarding a voting fraud complaint they submitted one year earlier. more...  0 Comments

Voting Veracity

Erin Thompson | In New York state, individual counties are responsible for buying and implementing systems compatible with HAVA and NYS Election Board standards. After months of public hearings that ended only last month and four years of inaction by state legislators, counties are currently undergoing a 45-day comment period, during which members of the public can review options from vendors and give feedback about which machines the state election commission should certify. more...  3 Comments

Alito's open-minded platitudes

Daniel Borgström | Judge Alito is really slick, like a bar of soap on a bathroom floor. He'd be a great defense lawyer; and if I were in Jack Abramoff's shoes, Alito would be my first choice. As it is, it looks like Alito will be confirmed for the Supreme Court. No question about his qualifications, Alito will be a justice who can work the U.S. Constitution and fit it to Bush's fancy. more...  0 Comments


Lawyers Against the War | Trying George W. Bush for war crimes.
more...  0 Comments

UN War Crimes in Haiti?

Joe Broadhurst | CKUT Reporter Aaron Lakoff describes the current violence and media suppression being waged by UN forces in Haiti more...  0 Comments

Read this Affadavit by the FBI on anarchists!

friend or enemy | Recently, three more people were arrested in Sacramento in relation to some environmental action. Along with the 10+ others that the FBI rounded up last month, it looks like the Palmer Raids are coming back. In the FBI affadavit, much is discussed about anarchists, crimethinc, livejournal, myspace, the RNC, and the infiltrator who led the way . . . Backstory: more...  4 Comments

Bin Laden to the Rescue

finch | In a desperate attempt to retrieve the tatters that is the Bush government, Bin Laden has again come to the rescue – perfect timing! Who remembers the last major announcement from the person who has done more to assist Bush than any other man on the planet? It was during the last presidential election when Bush was in desperate need of an alarmist boost. more...  0 Comments

The Wyoming Institute (d/b/a The Manhattan Institute)

DMI Blog | We must, together as New Yorkers, find a way to drown out the Manhattan Institute's efforts with a loud chorus of dissenting boos each and every time it seeks to promote unpopular, unprogressive and, frankly, un-New York views from within our borders. Let them move out of New York and become the Wyoming Institute; then they could promote their views while awash in local support. But as long as they have hijacked and continue to defame the name of a New York City borough and persist in advocating extreme political philosophies we do not share, they should hear our disapproval as often as possible. [Read More at DMI Blog

more...  2 Comments

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