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Elections updates from El Salvador: FMLN expects victory despite fraud and violence

CISPES | March 12 marks the legislative and municipal elections in El Salvador with the leftist FMLN party ahead in many preliminary polls and expected to increased its presence in the Legislative Assembly and win municipal governments in El Salvador's largest cities. Fraud, anomolies, and violence has been reported throughout the day, perpetrated by the right-wing ARENA party. more...  0 Comments

A World Lit by Energy Warfare

populist | ...What "Mission Accomplished" in reality achieved was an intractable quagmire of bloodletting and a nightmarish prospect of global conflict... more...  0 Comments

House Resolution 635: Impeachment

repost | Resolution to start proceedings for Impeachment more...  0 Comments

In today's Ha'aretz, Aluf Benn writes:

John Brown | Because of Exterminist policies like those sold to the world by people like Weisglass, Apartheid Israel now faces intense political pressure on a number of fronts - a hunger strike by Palestinian political prisoners, infighting over Iran policy, and increasing violent repression of peaceful protest against the Apartheid Wall. more...  0 Comments website launch | In response to recent media reports touting the supposed benefits of the PATH train system's "SmartLink" smart cards, we announce the launch of more...  0 Comments

May comes to Paris in March

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Students and workers protesting a new law designed to strip legal protections from most young hires have been occupying buildings and demonstrating throughout France more...  19 Comments

Glowing in the Dark

cleaves | The prospect of Iran developing a nuclear capability (which would realistically entail at least a five-year time frame) did not prevent John Bolton, US representative to the UN, stating that a “painful” response would be inflicted on Iran if it failed to comply with UN (American) dictates! Questions of the UN’s independence aside, is the focus on Iran a distraction from the debacle that is Iraq or is the USA following their PNAC strategy with little regard for consequences? more...  0 Comments

Populist #24

Franklin | The Executive and War Powers, continued more...  0 Comments

Veteran Says - Dishonorable Commander and Chief

reposted | author: Joseph DuRocher
A Veteran's Letter to the President:

"I Return Enclosed the Symbols of My Years of Service" more...  0 Comments

U.S. repression of journalists

nann via granma | Bush and his ultra-right honchos are really pissed this time – in their efforts to track down a US loyalist, who spilt the beans on domestic spying, the Bush gestapo are now targeting journos and the free press. All the ‘security’ agencies at this megalomaniac’s disposal have been commandeered for the task. This attack on the free press is yet another devastating blow directed at the already battered body of American democracy and liberty. America, the home of the brave and the land of the free, has been relegated to the historical record. This new land is an abominable aberration of the original.

“..and we all shine on..” – in the dark!

[History does record that the American Revolution was won by a brave and fearless people – they are without doubt in extremely short supply today!] more...  1 Comments

February Protests - Calls for Impeachment Rising

D. Burbeck | State Senator Alan Bates of Oregon and the San Francisco
Rules Committee are recommending impeachment of the Bush
Administration. more...  1 Comments

It is our duty as human beings | It is our duty to do something about this madness gripping America. But what do we do?

Run for Congress. You need to look up who is running for Congress in your district- and if the choices are some Bushite Republican and Nancy "got no plan" Pelosi - then it is your duty. more...  0 Comments

Learning to Love Impeachment and Forget About Dick

Dave Lindorff | Don’t worry about Cheney becoming president. Impeaching Bush will take so long, even if Cheney took over, he’d be the lamest of lame ducks. more...  2 Comments

Women of the World United for Change in NYC

Talia Whyte | Hundreds of passionate, dynamic women- and a few men- from around the world gathered at UN headquarters on February 27 for the start of the 50th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The event marks 60 years of working for gender equality, peace and development.

Meanwhile, truthout provides an update on Cindy Sheehan's arrest Monday at the UN.
more...  0 Comments

February Protests - Calls for Impeachment Increase

messenger | State Senator Alan Bates of Oregon and the San Francisco
Rules Committee are recommending impeachment of the Bush
Administration. more...  0 Comments

New York City transit workers reject givebacks

Worker Freedom | Shocking city and state politicians, the corporate world and their bosses at the MTA, New York City transit workers rejected their proposed contract after a three-day strike. The vote was close; of 22,461 total votes cast, 11,227 Transit Workers Union members voted to ratify the contract, and 11,234 voted against – a difference of only seven votes.
more...  0 Comments

XUP! presents a double feature movie night in support of Daniel McGowan Thursday, March 9 @ Time's Up! space.

bike ninja | THE F WORD (8pm) & THIS REVOLUTION (930pm)
Join us for this double feature of movie madness sure to include a few scenes of protest porn.
Come learn more about Daniel McGowan's legal case and throw down some cash to help with his mounting legal bills.
(Movies and refreshments are always free. Donations are always appreciated…even more so tonight!)

Groundswell for Impeachment

Dave Lindorff | A majority of Americans—a majority!—say they think President Bush should be impeached on at least two grounds, lying about Iraq’s alleged WMD threat and alleged links to Al Qaeda to justify an invasion, and NSA spying on Americans without getting a court warrant, but the media and Democratic Party leaders don’t want to admit it. more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Activities are planned for March 30, March 31 and April 1, 2006.

Details will be posted shortly. more...  0 Comments

Pace University SDS Students Face Secret Service Probe

Lauren Giaccone | Inside the event, Lauren Giaccone and Brian Kelly stood up and called President Clinton a war criminal and cited the atrocities he committed during his time in office (i.e. Rwanda, Sudan, Iraq, Bosnia) It was at this time that the two students were forcibly removed by Westchester police and brought to a room within the campus where Secret Service was waiting. [See Video]

A Press Release follows: more...  24 Comments

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