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Oz visit: A Dose of U.S. Delusion from Rice

Kingfisher | Australia experienced a dose of Americana in the form of a visit from (divorced from reality) Condoleezza Rice, who maintains that Iraq is in a better position today than prior to the US invasion! The whole world is aware of the absolute DEBACLE that is Iraq today and the ridiculous claims that were made prior to the invasion and now the absurd excuses from Wolfowitz, Rice and others, that everything will turn out fine in the end. Fairytale explanations do not ‘cut it’ outside the USA, Ms. Rice, what future or ‘end’ did you have in mind? The whole world is aware that you are ‘winging it’ or improvising as you go! But it’s a damn shame that kids and other innocents are dying while you and your criminally inept government lie and deceive. more...  0 Comments

Paris & Toulouse riots against new labor law

ref | young workers against new labor law (CPE) in France: map of occupied university buildings, images & video of March 16 riots, photos from March 7 & march 16
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Top cops ordered rank and file to perjure during RNC (among other things), Kyne, et al. v. Wolfowitz, et al. alleges


U.S. launches largest air assault in Iraq since 2003.

jmc78 | A military statement said the operation involving more than 50 aircraft and 1,500 Iraqi and U.S. troops as well as 200 tactical vehicles targeted suspected insurgents operating in Salah Ad Din, a province that includes Samarra, a town located 60 miles north of Baghdad. more...  2 Comments

Free Leonard Peltier !

Suzaka | On March 6, supporters filled the room at the Community Church to demand the release of Leonard Peltier, political prisoner held for 30 years by U.S. government. more...  1 Comments

279 photographs and 19 videos of US Army torture released here

CCNWON | 279 photographs and 19 videos from the Army's internal investigation record a harrowing three months of detainee abuse inside the notorious prison -- and make clear that many of those responsible have yet to be held accountable. more...  0 Comments

Storming the Bastille and Direct Action

nano | It should now be apparent to all that the usual strategies have proven ineffective against the ultra-right of today. The reasons are clear; the right is playing hard, fast and bold while the opposition is lost in analysis and navel gazing. ‘Storming the Bastille’ may again be required to precipitate change. Demos, alternative media, various forms of dissenting propaganda have all failed to alter the course of events. It would seem that while one side is playing hardball (for keeps) the other is content to fossick on the shores of world-shaping politics. more...  0 Comments

Text of Feingold's remarks on Bush censure

town crier | A formal censure by Congress is an appropriate and responsible first step to assure the public that when the President thinks he can violate the law without consequences, Congress has the will to hold him accountable. If Congress does not reaffirm the rule of law, we will create another failure of leadership, and deal another blow to the public’s trust.

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Anti-War Panel and SpeakOut Tonight

David | is hosting a panel discussion and Anti-War SpeakOut tonight at 7pm. Admission is FREE!

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scott huminski |
Howard Dean’s life-long friend, advisor, lawyer and top appointee got his chance few lawyers have – to argue before the highest court in this country and display a clumsy ineptness which completely botched the case.

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Moussaoui Case Shows Why Guantanamo Tribunals are a Bad Idea

Dave Lindorff | With no judge to keep the administration honest, the prisoners held at Guantanamo, many of them completely innocent, will be railroaded, perhaps to their deaths.
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International Women’s Day: From Asia to Latin America, marchers decry imperialism

Kathy Durkin | Today the socialist legacy of IWD is vital as women deal with capitalist inequality, poverty and oppression. Socialism is needed to truly emancipate women. more...  0 Comments

Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare!

Friends of Jeff Free Luers | For the past few years the weekend of June 11 was typically a time when we reflected on Jeff Free Luers' 22.5 year sentence and held events to recognize the anniversary of his incarceration. This year Jeff writes below that he wishes this year to focus on the Green Scare co-defendants. Please plan an event now! It's only 3 months away. And keep reading... more...  0 Comments

Dear Liberal, Take Action Against the War

an | What is the sane and responsible reaction to an insane and irresponsible system? When the lives of Iraqi’s are being ripped to pieces in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”, when citizens instead of governments become targets for the hatred of the exploited, when the interests of the privileged take absolute precedence over the interests of the rest of us, what is the sane and logical response to this blatant disregard for our individual desires of safety and security? more...  2 Comments

What is the NYC Event Outreach for Daniel project?

one of daniel's many friends | One of the projects we are starting is long-term and consistent
outreach about Daniel's case in New York City, around the country and
the world. In the very least, we want to make sure that people in New York
City hear the message about what is going on with this case, about
Daniel and how they can help. NYC is a big place but many people have
expressed the desire to help out and it is something we can all do to
make a difference.
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Mumia's Lead Attorney to Give First Major Address Since Court Victory

National Lawyers Guild at Fordham | Robert R. Bryan, chief counsel for journalist, activist, and death row
inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, will discuss the path to a new trial for Mumia
in the wake of a resounding federal court victory. The Court decided
to review constitutional claims that go to the heart of Mumia's case
including racial bias in jury selection, violations of due process
stemming from prosecutorial misconduct, and prejudicial treatment
against Mumia by the judge. more...  0 Comments

Yugoslav leader exposed U.S. war crimes in Balkans

John Catalinotto | From the day he was kidnapped from a Belgrade prison to Scheveningen in The Hague and placed under NATO imprisonment, he carried out, under horribly unequal conditions, a heroic legal and political battle against the people who ordered him there. Like his fellow Balkans political prisoner of the 1930s, Bulgarian Communist Georgi Dmitrov, who successfully defended himself against bogus Nazi charges that he burned the Reichstag, Milosevic waged his own legal defense in the bogus NATO court.

Milosevic turned the tables on the court and showed that Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroeder, Gen. Wesley Clark and the rest of the NATO heads of state and government and their generals were the real “butchers of the Balkans” and the ones who deserved to be on trial for war crimes. more...  6 Comments

Iraqi people, U.S. troops: Both want end to occupation

LeiLani Dowell | Perhaps the most insightful poll was released on Jan. 31 by the Program on International Policy Attitudes. Entitled “What the Iraqi Public Wants,” the poll divided the Iraqi population into Kurds, Shia and Sunnis, and shows that 80 percent of all Iraqis polled believe that the “U.S. government plans to have permanent military bases in Iraq.” Seventy-six percent believed that the U.S. would refuse “if the new Iraqi government were to tell the U.S. to withdraw all of its forces within six months.” Eighty-seven percent would approve the government’s endorsing a timeline for U.S. withdrawal, as opposed to only reducing the forces “as the security situation improves.” Almost half of those polled—47 percent—said they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

It's Spring and Talk of Impeachment is in the Air

Dave Lindorff | Extra! Extra! Senator introduces censure motion against President Bush and the media actually report it the next day! more...  3 Comments

Photos: International Women's Day- Justice for Domestic Workers

Suzaka | Justice for domestic workers - recognize the workforce, respect the work
- pass a DOMESTIC WORKERS BILL OF RIGHTS more...  2 Comments

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