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Hunger Action Faults Pataki, State Legislature For Failing to Raise Welfare Benefits for 16th Year in a Row

Mark DUnlea | The Hunger Action Network of NYS criticized the Governor and the State Legislature today for failing for the 16th year in a row to raise the general welfare grant for poor children and their parents. The welfare grant today is only half of the federal poverty level, guaranteeing that welfare participants will not have enough funds to provide even the basic necessities for their families.

“Over the last sixteen years, Congress has imposed stringent work requirements upon households receiving public assistance. The only adults left on welfare are those who are disabled or already engaged in work activities. Yet still the Governor and State Legislature refuse to raise the meager benefits, even though the federal funding formula for welfare has provided the state with a multi-billion surplus that was available to pay for the increase,” stated Bich Ha Pham, Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network of NYS. more...  0 Comments

New tactics of the French resistance?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Today, 3/31, in the evening, President Chirac is expected to announce his plans to go ahead with a widely unpopular law. French high-school and university protestors seem to be meeting him with new tactics. more...  0 Comments

Democrats unveil midterm election platform: a blueprint for endless war

By Bill Van Auken | The following is a statement issued by Socialist Equality Party candidate for US Senate from New York, Bill Van Auken.

The Democrats unveiled the first major element of their campaign platform for the 2006 midterm elections Wednesday, making it plain that the party intends to cynically adapt to the mass hostility that exists within the American people to the US war in Iraq, while pledging to continue that war and even escalate the buildup of American militarism.
The statement, entitled “Real Security,” was presented at Washington’s Union Station by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, together with other Congress members, as well as Clinton’s former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former NATO commander and unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark—both of whom played key roles in the 1999 US war against Yugoslavia.
The thrust of this document, reiterated by the party’s Congressional leaders, is that the Bush administration has bungled the war in Iraq and the overall “global war on terror,” and that the Democrats can do a more competent job of waging both.
The underlying premise is the same as that employed by the Bush administration to terrorize the American people into accepting an illegal and unprovoked war abroad and historic attacks on basic democratic rights at home: that there exists some omnipresent terrorist threat that makes “national security” the overriding priority to which all else must be subordinated. more...  0 Comments



On April 17, 2006 at 1:00 pm victims of legal abuse, legal reformers, and freedom minded people will join together at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building, the location of the House Judiciary Committee, to demand that the Committee hold hearings on legal abuse in America. The rally is being promoted by the Citizens Justice Institute.
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Counter Strategies

peptide | Mainstream media has largely ignored two recent events that would have attracted sustained media attention in the past. Half a million Hispanics and other protesters flooded the streets of LA while in France a staggering three million protesters confronted the authorities. These protests occurred in quick succession but barely rated a mention in the popular press. Activists and analysts have been aware for some time that the independence and impartiality of the mass media has been compromised. Regardless of the magnitude and impact of a specific event, if it is considered to be incompatible with certain interests, it is disregarded. more...  0 Comments

Whatever Happened to Empathy?

populist | Whatever happened to empathy? How did the world suddenly become inhabited by good, red-blooded Americans and a bunch of gooks, slopes, ragheads, hadjis and any other pejorative which makes them seem less than human? How did the world suddenly become us and them? How is it that no one's beliefs and concerns have validity except ours? How has it come about that the world is now divided between us, our few allies, and a world of terrorists? more...  1 Comments

“Cities In A World Of Migration: India and China in Global Perspective”

INDIACHINIA INSTITUTE | “We created the India China Institute because we wanted to include Asia in the university’s involvement in global issues,” New School President Bob Kerrey said. “India and China are key players in this era of globalization. The ICI Fellows Program and this conference give us the opportunity to join in the greater international debate. The New School has always promoted social change. And using this kind of collaborative process, I hope the ideas discussed here can be converted into a political agenda—that, ultimately, is where success lies.”
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The Abu Ghraib files w/ sickening photos

By Joan Walsh | Today Salon presents an archive of 279 photos and 19 videos of Abu Ghraib abuse first gathered by the CID, along with information drawn from the CID's own timeline of the events depicted. more...  0 Comments

Omigod! Senate Dems May Have to Take a Stand!

Dave Lindorff | Sen. Feingold, with the help of Sen. Arlen Specter, is about to put the Democrats in the House in an uncomfortable spot. Enjoy the show. more...  0 Comments

Constitution Under Assault

Dave Lindorff | Bush is stealing power from Congress and the Courts using two bogus arguments. more...  0 Comments

Who says the French aren't hard-working?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | ...against neo-globalism, the United Resistance has decided on April 4 for its next day of strikes, occupations, and so forth. Of course, individual initiative is encouraged in the French workplace, and in schools and universities. more...  2 Comments

The Impeachment Debate

Barbara Jentzsche | We are a republic; we don't want a king. Laws govern ournation, not men.. America doesn't want a president who believes "I am the law." A coalition of the unwilling is underway who see a breach of the constitution in the monitoring practices. more...  0 Comments

Revolution or Misapprehension

cleaves | The people’s movement in LA, France, Thailand, China, Philippines, the South Americas etc., verifies a power dynamic outlined in an earlier paper:

“…the erosion and final dissolution of power concentrated in specific locations is rapidly occurring today. The ultra-right/left authoritarian contractionism we witness today is symptomatic of its failure to harmoniously engage the greater (world) dynamic. The ‘greater’ the contractionism/antagonism the greater attraction it creates for precisely those forces and conditions that would equalise it [dispersion] in the broader world context.” more...  0 Comments

Matthew Cuffe, Blair Witch Conviction Project

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Matthew Cuffe of the Blair Witch Conviction Project. more...  0 Comments

The Mosque Massacre was no Accident

Dave Lindorff | The U.S. has been asked by Iraqi officials to quit running security operations. If that’s not an open invitation to go home, I don’t know what is. So why aren’t US forces packing up? Because Bush doesn’t really want a stable Iraqi government run by Shi’ias. more...  0 Comments

Landmine Orphan Gets A Second Chance (The Indypendent)

Jessica Partnow | Aki Ra met Chet during a trip to Phnom Penh and invited him to live in the safety of the landmine museum on the condition that he stop sniffing glue and enroll in school. Chet agreed right away.

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Enemy Mine

Sarah Stuteville | We’re in a known minefield in the forest, perhaps one Aki Ra laid himself, and he’s scratching intently at the hardened clay earth with a hatchet. It takes him 20 minutes to locate the first mine, laying casually on the forest floor roughly 200 feet from Chrun’s only source of water. It looks like a small green plastic toy, and it’s hard to imagine that it’s powerful enough to kill or maim. [Also See Common Language Project || Landmine Orphan Gets Second Chance] more...  2 Comments

Killing Roe: Death By A Thousand Laws (The Indypendent)

Kim Gandy | But not every conservative wants an immediate challenge to Roe in the Supreme Court. Some want to continue pursuing the strategy that has been successful so far – and has made access more and more difficult. more...  0 Comments

IndyKids Overcomes NY Library Ban (The Indypendent)

Amanda Vender | After distributing more than 3,000 copies of the second issue of IndyKids to all 63 branch libraries, the Queens Public Library now refuses to distribute the paper. The library says the reason for its decision is that IndyKids is not balanced. more...  0 Comments

4th Amendment, Ha Ha Ha (The Indypendent)

Ann Schneider | How could the administration insist it needed legal authorization from the PATRIOT Act to fight terrorism when it had authority under the FISA it wasn’t bothering to invoke? more...  0 Comments

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