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Immigrant March in UK - Jail Solidarity

peace fem | The prisoners who were not allowed near windows to see the demonstrations are out on hunger strike! more...  0 Comments

Help Free Marty Tankleff from Wrongful Imprisonment!

Suffolk County Justice | New York Times, Newsday and other journalists of the New York press advocated for a new trial for Marty Tankleff, as have countless crime experts from across the nation. But despite a mountain of evidence supporting his innocence, Suffolk County Judge S. Braslow denied Marty's motion for a new trial. What is going on in Suffolk County? How can you help? more...  0 Comments

Oppose electronic voting in NYC!

boward county | No DIEBOLD Voting in New York City!! more...  0 Comments

Option Depletion and the Military Response

peptide | Analysts have been aware of the pre-planned sequence of attacks on Iraq and Iran following the invasion of Afghanistan for some time, ‘two down, one to go’ – the plan was conceived years ago. The utilisation of ‘strategic’ nuclear weapons, so-called bunker-busters, in future warfare was also clearly indicated by the US military during the Afghan campaign. The planned attack on Iran incorporating nuclear weapons should not surprise anyone. The USA has proven to the world that it is unable to prevail in sustained conventional warfare. The troops and the nation are simply not up to the task, successful ground combat is now beyond the capability of the USA – China, Russia and other powers have taken note. more...  0 Comments

Toussaint and 2 Other Union Leaders Sentenced for NYC Transit Strike

Worker Freedom | Roger Toussaint, the president of Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union, was sentenced today to 10 days in jail and fined $1,000 by Judge Theodore T. Jones of the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn in connection with last December's transit strike.
more...  0 Comments

Images: A10 NYC Immigrant's Rights March and Rally

fred askew | Activists protest proposed changes in Immigration policy more...  4 Comments

April 10: Si Se Puede (VIDEO) | April 10: Si Se Puede more...  0 Comments

Washington Square Park to City Hall

Xavier Tayo | Protesters gathered to March from Washingon Square Park to City Hall on Monday afternoon to rally against the anti-immigration Sensenbrenner bill. more...  1 Comments

Populist #26

Franklin | Responsibility and War Powers more...  0 Comments

New York Needs a Commission to Develop Cost-Effective Approaches to Health Care for All; Mass. Plan is Flawed

Mark Dunlea | (State Capitol) Universal health care advocates said today that New York should followed the lead of the State of Massachusetts in taking action to provide quality, affordable health care coverage to all its residents. The groups however said that the Massachusetts program is seriously flawed, focusing more on increasing payments to hospitals and insurance companies rather than on ensuring universal access to quality, affordable health care. The groups called on NYS to join half a dozen other states in creating a Commission on Health Care Coverage to do independent cost-benefit analysis of the various ways NY could provide health care to all New Yorkers. more...  0 Comments

Who says French workers take long breaks?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | The humiliating defeat of the French Government over the CPE anti-labor law may not be its last. more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Clock Advances...Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Dave Lindorff | Whether or not Bush jeopardized national security and violated several laws concerning the exposing of undercover agents depends on what the meaning of "lied" is. more...  0 Comments

Help Free Marty Tankleff!

SM (and text from | On March 17, 2006, his motion for a retrial was denied by a Suffolk County criminal justice system notorious for
law enforcement and prosecutorial misconduct. Though a parade of credible witnesses, including the gunman's son,
testified on Marty's behalf; though there was no physical evidence tying him to the crime; though there is DNA evidence that the court refuses to test; and though articles in the New York Times and Newsday supported the call for a new trial, Marty remains a victim of Suffolk County injustice. He needs your help.

more...  0 Comments

Were you ticketed on Critical Mass? Want to fight it?

a ticketed biker | This is a call-out to see if a mass defense can be organized; there’s an idea on how to fight these tickets all together. more...  1 Comments

New Yorker: Bush is planning a massive nuclear bombing campaign against Iran

NY/Brookings/Others | "If we go[attack], the southern half of Iraq will light up like a candle"- US intelligence advisor. more...  1 Comments

Preserve Randall’s Island! Hearing on Monday!

scott strungalong | A proposed private theme site would occupy 26 acres of our public waterfront

We are opposed to this effort due to the following reasons: more...  0 Comments

"The Great Warming" opens TONIGHT

peace fem | The support New Yorkers show in attending this documentary determines how many screens it will open on nationwide. more...  0 Comments

NYC: Best Place for $100 oil? Maybe...

peakguy | Last week, Sustainlane ranked NYC the #1 place to live in an Oil Crisis. It goes on to highlights many of the ways that cities can be redesigned to be less dependent on automobiles for everyday transportation needs. But I have to point out a few issues not included in their analysis. While I agree the New York is probably a better place to live than the suburbs or exurbs ringing most cities, New York is a very special case for many reasons and will face it's own unique challenges. Local NYC residents may not directly feel the $100 tank of gas in their wallet at the pump, but they will feel it in many other ways. more...  0 Comments

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week in N.Y.C.

Win Animal Rights | Date/Time: Friday, April 28, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue
Date/Time: Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue more...  0 Comments

April 15, John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker: Civilization: Its Origins and Collapse @ NYU

Guisseppe Zangara | Ever think there was something horribly wrong with the way things are? According to anarcho-primitivists, the social, ecological, spiritual and political problems that we all face are a part of civilization. more...  5 Comments

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