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Doctrinaire Ideologues: Relics of the Past

nano | It is the overwhelming masses of China that will assert their primacy against minority government and then spill across borders into surrounding regions. Existing maps of Asia and Europe will become redundant overnight. People across the globe will be spurred into action as they drag their corrupt leaders from their lairs to face the quick judgement of the people. The bunkers deep in mountains, designed to harbour criminal elites in times of devastation, have only a finite supply of resources before the inhabitants must emerge to face the final judgement of the people; justice is patient. more...  1 Comments

Anti-Us Tirade with really cool graphics

d.s. | more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Dinner: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at NYU Hayden Hall
Where: NYU Hayden Hall, 33 Washington Sq. West (between W. 4th & Waverly)
Time: Dinner 6:00 PM
Demos: 7:00 PM (we will leave NYU as a group and travel to various demo locations) more...  0 Comments

Joseph Massad: Blaming the Israel Lobby

Joseph Massad | "Blocking all international and UN support for Palestinian rights, arming and financing Israel in its war against a civilian population, protecting Israel from the wrath of the international community should also be blamed not on the United States, the studies insist, but on Israel and its lobby." more...  1 Comments

Common Ground Collective co-founder Scott Crow Under Investigation by FBI

Maxamillion Stirner | Common Ground Collective co-founder Scott Crow Under Investigation
by FBI more...  0 Comments

Robert Fisk Gives Talk Before Packed House in NYC; Discusses War, Imperialism, and the Media

Lucine Kasbarian | In his nearly three-hour presentation, Fisk spoke frankly, expressively and with sardonic wit about Western intervention in the Middle East, war as enterprise, the horrors of war, the dearth of US journalists willing to question authority, and the challenges of war reporting in an age when official news reports are orchestrated by the US government. more...  2 Comments

Giuliani Expose opens May 12

Robert Lederman | Spread the word..............It's Giuliani Time more...  1 Comments

WOID #XIV-48. Viva La Luxuria!

Pretty Boy Freud | The most significant news about the recent Italian elections may be the one most embarrassing to established media. more...  0 Comments

Filipino Social Democrats assure extreme leftist BAYAN MUNA solons case against them very strong

PDSP | “The details that BAYAN MUNA party-list Rep. Satur Ocampo and his colleagues (Rafael Mariano, and Teodoro Casiño of BAYAN MUNA; Liza Maza of GABRIELA; Joel Virador Crispin Beltran of ANAKPAWIS) want, regarding the diversion of their pork barrel funds to abet communist insurgency, are now part of the evidence in the rebellion charges being filed by government against them,” Intengan said.
more...  2 Comments


peace fem | You can help defeat anti-choice, anti-woman laws in South Dakota.
There are very few women's health care facilities in that sparsely populated state. more...  0 Comments

Military Coup in the United States of America?

Anwaar Hussain | Americans becoming frustrated with democracy and disheartened with the apparent inability of their elected government to solve the nation’s confounding impasses, thus, is a natural response. Unable to effect a change themselves, they may now be looking for someone or something that could produce workable solutions. Despite its misuse by the civilian leadership, the one institution of government in which the Americans continue to retain faith is their military.
more...  0 Comments

To create is to resist. To resist is to create.

National Council of the Resistance | Twelve leaders of the French Resistance speak up against the new forms of the old fascism. more...  0 Comments

"The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary"

jj | "In a very real sense, Ruairí Ó Bradáigh can . . . be said to be the last, or one of the last Irish Republicans. Studies of the Provisional movement to date have invariably focused more on the Northerners and the role of people like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. But an understanding of them is not possible without appreciating where they came from and from what tradition they have broken. Ruairí Ó Bradáigh is that tradition and that is why this account of his life and politics is so important."

—from the foreword by Ed Moloney, author of A Secret History of the IRA more...  0 Comments

Photos of riot police

` | Photo Gallery more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass After-Party Fundraiser Tomorrow Nite!

a ticketed biker | Title: AFTER-PARTY FUNDRAISER more...  3 Comments


Suffolk County Justice | New York Times, Newsday and other journalists of the New York press advocated for a new trial for Marty Tankleff, as have countless crime experts from across the nation. But despite a mountain of evidence supporting his innocence, Suffolk County Judge S. Braslow denied Marty's motion for a new trial and REFUSES to test extant DNA evidence that could point to the real criminals. What is going on in Suffolk County? How can you help?
more...  0 Comments

WOID #XIV-47. Free Mona Lisa!

Paul Werner | Some 150 students and workers have blocked the admissions desks at the Louvre Museum in Paris, as part of "Operation Free Admissions." more...  2 Comments

Upper Eastside Greenmarkets Very, Very Close

Peakguy | Regular readers know that I've been agitating to bring more locally grown food to my neighborhood for quite some time. This is because locally grown food consumes a lot less (about 75% less) fossil fuels than factory farm, industrial agriculture from long distances. This will be important as energy prices increase in preserving local farmland and decreasing the lines of supply for our food.
Well, that dream just got one step closer to becoming a reality tonight: The Streetfair committee of Community Board 8 voted in favor of both locations - PS 6 (82nd bet Madison & Park) AND St. Stephen's church (82nd bet 1st & York).

It was like a scene from Woody Allen movie about local democracy on the UES: Angry co-op boards, Park Avenue socialites, PTA moms, local food celebrity, politicians...if only I wrote screenplays!

The Oil Drum NYC ( more...  1 Comments

Danielle Schenandoah To Speak on Native Rights and Sovereignty

Suzaka | Danielle Shenandoah, Indigenous Oneida Activist speaking on Native Rights and Sovereignty. more...  0 Comments


Fil-Am Students for Justice | We Fil-American students call on our fellow justice-loving students to raise their anti-imperialist voices on April 15 and May 1 to fight for full immigrant rights and forge an anti-imperialist solidarity with the working people and migrant peoples of the U.S.. more...  0 Comments

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