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jmc | recorded in 3 days two weeks ago... after sitting back and hoping the younger generation of artists would speak out against the war in Iraq (among other things), apparently Mr. Young decided he could wait no more!!! more...  0 Comments

The Bleating Bush

peptide | Bush has responded to the recent bombings in Egypt with a finger pounding demonstration of determined imbecility; he once again identifies “the enemy” (as singular) implying a centralised terrorist group. If the USA had any credible intelligence they would know that the ‘enemy’ is in fact many separate and spontaneously occurring cells rather than a fixed hierarchical centralised group. Misinformation could be another reason that the USA is failing in Iraq! US troops are unable to locate the “enemy” to which Bush and his administration continually refers – we should not forget that Rumsfeld briefs Bush on these matters. more...  1 Comments

Open Letter to the Anti-War Movement

World Can't Wait | World Can’t Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime! is mobilizing for and joining others in making the urgent demand to end the war now at protests across the country.
more...  1 Comments

NYCLU Sues Defense Department

NYCLU | The New York Civil Liberties Union brought suit against the Department of Defense in federal court today, charging that the Department is violating American high school students' privacy rights and federal law by maintaining an unauthorized database of personal student information for use in military recruitment efforts. more...  0 Comments

WED. Grannies for Peace trial winds up

peace fem | The Grannies' trial resumes at 10 am
100 Center Street floor 5
*** Near Canal St. Subway N/R #6 subway ... walk east to Centre street and down a block. ****

Special appearance! Cindy Sheehan outside 100 Center Street at 8:45 AM!
Come early - Get Coffee - Come Back! more...  0 Comments

Roger Toussaint Leads a Raucous, Defiant March to the Tombs

Antrim Caskey | Roger Toussaint, President of the Local 100 of Transit Workers Union marched from Cadman Plaza across the Brooklyn Bridge with over a thousand supporters to the Tombs, where he began his 10 day sentence last night at 7pm, for presiding over a 60 hour transit strike that surprised and crippled the city last December. more...  1 Comments

Riots Erupt During Condoleezza Rice’s Visit to Greece

kraler | 4/25 | Thousands of people marched the streets of Athens today protesting Condoleezza Rice's visit to Athens. Several left wing parties as well as a big number of anarchist demonstrators declared that the American secretary of state is not welcome in Greece or any other place in the world for that matter.
more...  3 Comments

Bus & Co: Making America Safer One Released War Crime Victim at a Time

Dave Lindorff | There has been no word about apologies from the U.S. to these captives, but you’d think it would be a smart idea to hand each victim a fat wad of cash before sending them on their way. more...  0 Comments

May 1 "A Day Without Immigrant" Strike/Boycott: Over 100 events at 60+ cities!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | As of April 24th, we have over 100 events at 60+ cities for the May 1st mobilization listed at our calendar! more...  0 Comments

"May Day": a sort of a PSA

Mike Flugennock | A nice, tight, actually-will-fit-in-a-slot 01:00. In solidarity with the immigrants' general strike on May 1. more...  0 Comments

Scolars for 9-11 Truth petition

Brian | Scholars for 9-11 Truth have made up a petition for the release of 9-11 articles like videos, photos etc still held by the government. Please sign. They need 10000 persons at least.
more...  0 Comments

Guest Speaker Presentation @ Time's Up! BEYOND BORDERS: Solidarity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

bike ninja | "BEYOND BORDERS: Solidarity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories"
Guest Speaker Presentation
"Solidarity Palestine" Short Film
@ the Time's Up Space: 49 E. Houston St. (btwn Mott & Mulberry)
Short film by local filmmaker & 2 gust speakers more...  2 Comments

UFPJ march route (29th)

mapquest | Check the map for the march route on April 29th. more...  13 Comments



Dangerous Times Ahead

Dave Lindorff | Bush is losing support even in his base. Impeachment is closing in. The danger is that he and Rove will react with another war, or another 9/11. more...  3 Comments

The Grannies Trial is the Place to Be!

geritol | Get thee to 100 Centre Street (floor 5) on Monday at 9:30 am if you want to be where the action is. more...  4 Comments

Reprisals against New York transit workers show need for a new political strategy

By Bill Van Auken, SEP candidate for US Senat | The punishing reprisals that have been carried out against New York City’s 34,000 transit workers for the two-and-a-half-day strike they carried out last December express Wall Street’s ferocious anger and hostility towards this act of defiance. They have also exposed the bankruptcy of the policies and political perspective of the unions.
In the past week and a half, a New York state court has ordered the president of Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100, Roger Toussaint, jailed for 10 days, fined the union $2.5 million and indefinitely suspended dues check-off—the automatic deduction of union dues from workers’ paychecks—thereby threatening to bankrupt the local.
Even before these decisions were handed down by Brooklyn State Supreme Court Justice Theodore Jones, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) had already begun implementing punitive individual fines against rank-and-file transit workers for participating in the pre-Christmas walkout. While New York State’s anti-labor Taylor Law, which bars strikes by public employees, allows the docking of two days’ pay for every day on the picket line, in many cases transit workers are seeing substantially more than that taken out of their paychecks. more...  0 Comments

Populist #27

Franklin | Power in the Executive Branch more...  0 Comments

Mary O'Neil McCarthy: CIA Fired Leaker, Clinton Spec. Assistant

Clayton Hallmark | Mary O'Neil McCarthy is the senior CIA official who has been fired for blowing the whistle about the CIA's illegal secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Her leak provided the grist for the Pulitzer Prize-winning of Dana Priest of the Washington Post, breaking the news about the CIA black sites. She was a Special Assistant to President Clinton. She was serving, at the time she was fired, under the CIA's Deputy Director for Operations, Jose A. Rodriguez. more...  1 Comments

October 5 - Day of Resistance - Drive Out the Bush Regime!

WCW | On October 5th will we make a breach in the walls being cemented all around us to say Enough! with mass political action that does not compromise with torture & unjust wars, that rejects bowing down to theocrats and the immorality of empire more...  0 Comments

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