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Fil-Am Students for Justice | We urge all justice-loving students to support the May 1 Great Boycott-Strike and parallel protests across the globe and to build an anti-imperialist solidarity with the great immigrant, black liberation, working-class, antiwar and third-world liberation struggles. more...  1 Comments

Press Freedom fight, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

ricardo flores magon | Students expelled & interrogated by the FSB (new KGB) for publishing artists' newspaper that offended some professors & the Dean of the Philosophy Department at Rostov State University
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May 1: The Power To Stop The System

By Nativo López | The immigrant "problem," as some call it, can only be resolved when workers themselves refuse to cooperate with the system until it fairly remunerates them. And in this case, fair remuneration is full unconditional legalization for all workers past and present. more...  0 Comments

Charles Hill of PNAC - The Key to Iran-contra

Alex Constantine | Charles Hill was a State Department official under George Shultz, and was instrumental in the Iran-contra cover-up. His notes explain the extent of federal crimes committed, and implicate leading Republicans who still hold power in the District of Columbia. more...  0 Comments

Why politicians hate immigrants.

James Cooke | Throughout the history of the United States immigrant workers have been the victims of racism, exploitation, and in times of war, internment and violent attacks. While Spanish-speaking immigrants have had especially turbulent periods in the past, only recently have politicians made attempts at further marginalizing this already oppressed layer of society. Why these attacks are suddenly reemerging is something left unexplained in the mainstream media, and is thus an important issue to examine. more...  0 Comments




Win Animal Rights | Date/Time: Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue
(In front of Pfizer) If lost call 646-267-9934 more...  0 Comments

Grannies, all 18, aquitted

peace fem | The judge ruled there was no premise for their arrest in the first place. more...  0 Comments

Illegal Immigration leads North American "community" to follow European Union

No Globalization without Representation | The Global Regime is hungry and rabid. It wants a body of slave labor to access anywhere in the world. The Ford Foundation and numerous transnationals have poured millions into preparing to remount dominance over workers in the U.S. It's developed a front to hide behind and the green light has been given for a full assault. more...  0 Comments

"The United States of Israel?" – by Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk | Perhaps the most incendiary paragraph in the [The Israel Lobby] essay - albeit one whose contents have been confirmed in the Israeli press - discusses Israel's pressure on the United States to invade Iraq. "Israeli intelligence officials had given Washington a variety of alarming reports about Iraq's WMD programmes," the two academics write, quoting a retired Israeli general as saying: "Israeli intelligence was a full partner to the picture presented by American and British intelligence regarding Iraq's non-conventional capabilities." more...  2 Comments

As support for Bush plummets, no alternative from Democrats

By Bill Van Auken | A series of opinion polls released in recent weeks have shown a massive increase in popular opposition to the Bush administration. The US president’s approval rating has dropped to barely one third, on a par with that of Richard Nixon on the eve of his resignation over the Watergate scandal.
The latest results published Thursday were from a poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, showing only 36 percent of respondents approving of Bush and his policies (compared to 48 percent a year ago). The same poll indicated that 67 percent believe that the US is on “the wrong track.”
Congress fared even worse in the same poll, receiving only a 22 percent approval rating, and with over one third of those surveyed describing its members as corrupt.
These results follow a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll that showed the approval rating for Bush falling to 33 percent and for Congress to 25 percent. more...  1 Comments

Israel: Outside The Fence - Interview with three of the Anarchists Against The Wall

Asafa Peled | The Separation Fence is closing in upon more and more Palestinian villages. Their inhabitants are cut off from sources of livelihood. Some Israelis are not willing to remain silent. Matan Cohen lost an eye because of it. Shai Karmeli-Polak gave up for its sake a promising career. Leila Mosinzon is going to prison for its sake, next month. The Separation Fence has become their obsession. What is it about this wall, designed to separate Israelis from Palestinians, which is bringing young people to give up the well-fed bourgeois life and get tear gas blown in their face every Friday afternoon? The border inside. more...  1 Comments

The Politics of Oil: The Discourse Must Change

Editors of The Oil Drum | Leaders of both political parties are expressing concern about the high price of gasoline. President George Bush announced yesterday that he was suspending deliveries to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to make more oil available to consumers as well as putting on hold the traditional regulations requiring additives to make fuel burn cleaner during the summer driving season.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders have had their own response to rising gas prices. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has announced his support for the Menendez Amendment, which would "provide more than $6 billion in relief directly to the American people by eliminating the federal tax for both gas and diesel for 60 days." Senator Charles Schumer recently called for a federal investigation to determine whether oil companies are withholding gasoline production, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has blamed high gas prices on the administration's cozy relationship with the oil companies, price gouging, and royalty relief.

The editors of The Oil Drum are ideologically diverse. Over the last year, we have created a forum at to encourage an open, rational, and fact-based discussion of energy issues. While individual editors frequently express an opinion on a subject, we have never felt it necessary to take a unified position on any specific issue. That is, until today. more...  0 Comments

Excessive Profits Via the Bush Administration

messenger | Remember the Enron scandal? It seems small, now, doesn't it? Billions
being bilked from California (and stashed in off-shore accounts) through
a bogus energy crisis that we later were privy to emails and tapped phone
conversations of. It was so unbelievable at the time.

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THREE STATES to vote on forwarding REAL impeachment bills that require US House votes

reposted | author: Constitutionalist more...  0 Comments

Migrants' Boycott Plan Is Crossing the Border

LA Times | Spreading now by word of mouth as well as through cyberspace, the campaign calls for a 24-hour boycott Monday of American businesses in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The idea is to show solidarity with immigrant rights protests scheduled in several U.S. cities that day.
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Hanging with Ben Shuldiner Congressional candidate NY-19

Jason GOoljar | He wants to work towards affordable healthcare for the whole country, and protect the VA hospitals. He's idealistic, he's youth, he's your next Congressman, he's Ben Shuldiner. more...  3 Comments


Win Animal Rights | Who: Columbia University
When: Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Where: 116th St. & Broadway (meet at the south east corner)
If you cannot locate us, call: 646-267-9934
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From Protest to Resistance: Real Strategies to End the War in Iraq -- Regional Student Antiwar Conference in NYC A29-30

Campus Antiwar Network | FROM PROTEST TO RESISTANCE: REAL STRATEGIES TO END THE WAR IN IRAQ is the East Coast Student Antiwar Conference sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network, taking place this weekend, April 29-30, in conjunction with the April 29 protest. Featuring the "Our Generation Says No!" plenary of five students with very different stories to tell about why they are resisting the war. more...  0 Comments

The Risks of an Anti-War Movement That Plays it Safe

By A.K. Gupta | The war has generated a tremendous amount of opposition across the political spectrum, but the antiwar movement has failed to capitalize on it. There are only three inter-related protest forces that are positioned to influence the conduct of the war: the counter-recruitment movement, antiwar elements within the military and among veterans, and the traditional peace and social justice movement. more...  1 Comments

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