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My America

Christine Smith | My opinion on creating as Lincoln said, "a "government of the people, by the people, for the people," beginning with impeachment of Bush and Cheney to major changes throughout all levels of our political system and thereby society to significantly improve our daily lives. From legalization of drugs and prostitution, a constitutional convention, prisoner advocates, and much more...

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Stop U.S. Intervention in Nicaragua's November Elections!

Nicanet | While the US government talks of “election monitoring” there are many who believe that we in the US and in Nicaragua should be monitoring the US government’s involvement in the up-coming Nicaraguan elections. Furthermore, we demand that the US government stop interfering in ways that our government and citizens would find completely unacceptable if done to us.
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Justice for the Chevy's Fresh-Mex Workers!

US supporters of the FT-CI | Supporters around the country should call the following numbers:

800-4-CHEVYS (national corporate offices)
209-839-2241 (Tracy Chevy's, ask for Greg, the manager)
925-960-0071 (ask for Gary, the franchise manager of the Tracy Chevy's)

and demand immediate reinstatement and compensation for the workers who were fired or who quit in protest. more...  0 Comments

US Senate declares English the “national language”: a boost to chauvinism and racism

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party | The Socialist Equality Party unequivocally condemns the vote by the Senate on Thursday to make English the “national language” of the United States. The measure, added to the Senate immigration “reform” bill, is the but latest in a series of reactionary, ignorant and short-sighted moves aimed at shoring up the right-wing base of the Bush administration and the Republican Party, with the most far-reaching and anti-democratic implications.
The proposal is a sop to right-wing and fascistic elements who are working to whip up intolerance and hatred against immigrants in general, and Hispanic Americans in particular. It underscores the deeply undemocratic and unconstitutional essence of all of the measures being enacted in the name of “securing the border.”
The United States has existed for more than 200 years without any such official elevation of English by the federal government. No such measure was written into the US Constitution by the founders. A proposal by John Adams in 1780 to establish an official academy devoted to English was rejected at the time as undemocratic. more...  1 Comments

UN Calls for Action on Police Torture in US

Joey Mogul and Andrea Ritchie | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Committee Members Call for Action on TASERs, Burge Torture Cases
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Summer of Not-So-Non-Violent Resistance

Bring the War Home 2006 Collective | July 2006 is the month to Bring the War Home to cities across the nation with Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to shut down all metropolitan areas. Then organizers from around the world will converge on DC August 10th through the 14th to confront the true war machine. more...  3 Comments

Senate hearing on CIA nominee: Democrats rubberstamp Bush police-state spying

Patrick Martin | The Senate hearing Thursday on the nomination of General Michael Hayden to head the Central Intelligence Agency demonstrates the bipartisan congressional support for the Bush administration’s assault on the democratic rights of the American people.

While there were scattered criticisms of the methods of the Bush administration, particularly its failure to consult with Congress, every senator on the Intelligence Committee accepted the premise that the United States is engaged in a “war on terror” and that the Bush administration’s escalation of domestic surveillance and wiretapping is a product of that war.

There was no challenge to the Orwellian label, “terrorist surveillance program,” which the Bush administration has chosen to apply to a program which actually involves the surveillance of the telephone calls and Internet messaging of nearly the entire American population—an estimated 225 million people. It would be far more accurate to describe the electronic monitoring and data-mining by the National Security Agency (NSA) as the “universal surveillance program”—or as the Pentagon once labeled its own version of the program, “Total Information Awareness.” more...  0 Comments

Virtual America

Dave Lindorff | What’s real? Death and mayhem in Iraq. What’s not real? American democracy, the Constitution, the Congress and the president for starters. more...  0 Comments

An Endorsement for Jonathan Tasini

Daithí | …from WNBC: more...  1 Comments

2nd Annual NYC Youth Activist Conference

YELL! | The Young Eclectic Liberation Leaders (YELL!) is a diverse group of activists working towards ending apathy amongst the youth. We want to motivate and empower other young people to get involved in issues that they care about.
YELL! is hosting our Second Annual NYC Youth Activist Conference. It will be a space for youth to participate in workshops, get psyched, network, organize and mobilize! Everyone is welcome to attend!

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Hawkins Opposes Ensign Amendment on Immigration Bill

Howie Hawkins | I urge the Senate to oppose the amendment by Senator John Ensign to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. The Ensign Amendment would prevent lawfully present immigrant workers from claiming Social Security based on earnings credited before they were authorized to work in the United States. This is fundamentally unfair.
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M. Oman-Reagan | As the confirmation hearings of General Hayden begin in Washington, grassroots activists are finding new ways to participate in the democratic process. has created a Web Site from which visitors can lobby the members of the Senate Committee charged with investigating Hayden's involvement in the illegal domestic spying programs that have recently come to light. more...  0 Comments

Hillary challenger on Mike Malloy Show tonight!

Daithí | Be sure to listen to the Mike Malloy Show on Air America tonight at 10:30 pm (EST). more...  0 Comments

Populist #28

Franklin | On the Electoral College more...  0 Comments

Help us to win our campaign against an arms company

SmashEDO Campaign - | Our campaign against our local arms dealers in the UK is nearing possible victory. The company is owned by a US parent firm. The shareholders are getting edgy about the security of their investments and a demo at their New York HQ would really help us to convince them to drop their UK branch. Please contact us to find out more or tell us what you did.

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The New York African Film Festival at BAM starting this weekend!

Cinephile | From May 22-30 BAMcinématek, the repertory film program at BAM Rose Cinema presents a variety of films, including the Brooklyn premiere of the Burkina Faso film Delwende, and a tribute to political French/Cameroonian director Jean-Marie Teno, who says, "I am very much attached to the situation, to the whole global situation, to see how we can have an impact and really foster change so that people can live better." more...  0 Comments

Failure of the Affluent State

nano | When the State fails and criminals steal the reigns of power corruption filters through State institutions. The agencies and the regulatory ‘authorities’ usually ‘toe the line’ and therefore cannot be trusted to serve the interests of the people. When the government becomes a den of thieves, liars and murderers it is the people who must restore sanity and legitimate government. more...  2 Comments



The Staple Protest: Strike Back @ Domestic Spying!

Daithí | I remember speaking with a communication workers years ago, while they were on strike.
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Feds spy on Big Media to root out confidential sources!

ABC | Federal source: Government tracking major media phone numbers to root out confidential sources more...  0 Comments

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