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Forget Red Cross-here is where you want to donate

@ | Where to donate to organizations who are:
* Organizing at the grassroots level in New Orleans, Biloxi, Houston and other affected areas
* Providing immediate disaster relief to poor people and people of color
* Directed by, or accountable to, poor people and people of color
* Fostering the democratic inclusion of poor people and people of color in the rebuilding process
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Can you help to save the animals affected by hurricane katrina?

SOS animal rescue need now. | Pets are loved and part of a family. For people who do not have family or have lost family in the disaster, it is even more heartbreaking that their rescued pets would be taken away from them. Please can you help. more...  0 Comments

Evidence that FEMA people murdered real people in New Orleans

a Patriot | Evidence that FEMA people murdered real people in New Orleans more...  0 Comments

Photos from World Can't Wait Demonstration

Stanley W. Rogouski | I'm pretty sure this was the RCP or some other sectarian group but it was really the only thing I saw in NYC over the weekend so more power to them. It beat watching Clinton palling around with Bush on TV. The cops were very hands off until the march dwindled in size just before Union Square. Then a bunch of them moved in and started pushing people back into the park before arresting (two people I think).

More Info On Arrests || More Pictures

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Hurricane Katrina - third world neo-liberalism comes to America

Brent Herbert | Tax cuts and free enterprise - its always the most cost effective solution... more...  0 Comments

QUI BONO Mr. President?

George French | The U.S. Navy negotiated a untendered contract with Mr. Cheney's alma mater Halliburton Corp. instead of proceeding to the rescue of American citizens. more...  2 Comments

NYC IMC Photog. Travels to Afghanistan

imcista | NYC Indymedia volunteer Antrim Caskey has spent the last several weeks in Afghanistan, documenting the situation in that country. More pictures and a travel-blog are available at: more...  2 Comments

Money for RELIEF not WAR Speakout

crossposted from Hunter-CAN | There will be a speakout at Hunter College at 1:00pm Wednesday September 7th demanding money for hurricane relief, not war. more...  1 Comments

Interview with Douglas Rushkoff, writer, columnist and lecturer on technology, media and popular culture

small WORLD podcast | We discuss his latest book, "Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out", as well as "Open Source Democracy: A Demos Essay", "Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism" and "Coercion: Why We Listen to What 'They' Say". more...  1 Comments

Barbara Bush: Things Working Out 'Very Well' for Poor Evacuees from New Orleans

By E&P Staff | ormer First Lady Barbara Bush said Monday that living in the Astrodome in Houston was working out well for many of the 15,000 hurricane victims there because they were underprivileged anyway. more...  0 Comments

Boston street rally demands money for hurricane victims not war; National demos Sept. 12

Bryan G. Pfeifer | Dozens came out to an emergency demonstration Sept. 3 called by the Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC)—Boston under the slogan “Money for the victims of the hurricane – Not for War!” The depth and breadth of those protesting government negligence and in unity and solidarity with the hurricane victims is widespread... more...  1 Comments

Maybe Bush&Rove could do Huricane Katrina damage-control by "Bombing" New Orleans &area?

k.hawley | Maybe Bush&Rove could do Huricane Katrina damage-control by "Bombing" New Orleans &area?
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Wanted For Mass Murder: The Bush Regime

RosaRL | printable 'wanted' poster more...  2 Comments

Special Treatment for white Britons at Superdome

Trying not to throw up | I guess if you are stuck in the Superdome and are white you can get evacuated while everyone else rots. Here's part of an article sympathetic to their plight straight from the BBC's web page.
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Whitewash hazardous to public health!

solaraxi | We have to build and maintain a call for full accountability of officials at all levels and a full account of public and private funds involved both before and after this disaster. more...  0 Comments

A Hundred Flowers Bloom At The RNC Protests (Indypendent)

Luz Schreiber | The streets were filled with dozens of cardboard peace doves, witty signs and handmade posters. Each day there was something interesting and different happening that captured people’s and the media’s attention. It was truly inspiring to participate in a protest that coupled creativity with sharp political criticism. more...  0 Comments

Betsy Gotbaum Finally Comes Out of her Coma

Grampa Abe Simpson | Betsy Gotbaum has been on a four-year snooze since she was
elected New York Public Advocate in 2001, apparently advocating
for no one. more...  3 Comments

Where Are The Democrats? (Indypendent)

Hanson Jones | The overwhelming majority of protests around the city during the Republican National Convention were peaceful, but the police tactics used against them were not. More than 1,800 people were arrested. more...  1 Comments

A Missed Opportunity: The RNC Protests (Indypendent)

A.K. Gupta | In the age of the Patriot Act, the protests around the Republican National Convention last summer were undoubtedly historic. The display of massive public dissent was a victory for all participants. more...  4 Comments

The RNC One Year Later (Indypendent)

Steven Wishnia | Last year’s protests against the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden were the biggest
at any political convention in American history. more...  0 Comments

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