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Statement of the plenary coordination meeting of the Students’ Assemblies of the Occupied Universities of Greece

EAAK | Statement of the plenary coordination meeting of the Students’ Assemblies of the Occupied Universities of Greece

Today, more than 8,000 students took part in a nation-wide protest march in the center of Athens. This demo was called by more than 80 assemblies of local students’ unions and occupied universities. The march demanded the withdrawal of the new governmental measures concerning higher education. The demonstration was followed by a plenary coordination meeting where approximately 1,000 students participated. more...  0 Comments

7/28-30 Washington DC: National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference: Friday - Sunday July 28-30, 2006, American University, Washington, DC more...  0 Comments



Columbus yippie steve conliff, notorious for having pied Governor James Rhodes(butcher of Kent state) passed away on June 1, 2006 due to a long bout with lung, bone and brain cancer.....Please click the link below to check out the eulogy....... more...  0 Comments

Local Green Scare Update: Lauren Weiner Turns Informant

Sacramento Prisoner Support | In a hearing on Tuesday, May 29, 2006 in Sacramento, some details about Lauren Weiner's decision to take a plea bargain and cooperate with investigators emerges... more...  0 Comments

Bush and Rumsfeld Teaching Ethics to Soldiers?!

Dave Lindorff | Every time you think you’ve seen everything, the Bush presidency tops itself with a new act that is more outrageous than the last one, but really, they’re going to have to stretch to top the idea of this administration teaching ethics to soldiers.
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Campaign Finance Corruption Indicated in 2004 Elimination of Progressive Candidate Jerseki

All | Three or more of the five members of the New York City Campaign Finance Board, which is responsible for regulating the influence of private money in political races, hold part-time jobs that would appear to disqualify them from serving on the board. Timothy Gay - Assistant Chief Clerk at the NYC Board of Election - adjudicating and ruled agianst the recognition of petition signatures for Robert Jereski in 2004, progressive Democrat, after having collected signatures for his opponent, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, is the most egregiousand clearest instance of campaign finance board rules violations. more...  0 Comments

Can Congress Prevent Flag Burning With an Ammendment?

KENNETH J. THEISEN | Sometime between now and the 2006 elections in November, the U.S. Senate will debate one of the most pressing questions facing the American people. No, they will not debate the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and possible U.S. withdrawal. They will not take up the Bush regime’s preparations for war, possibly even nuclear war, against Iran. They will not seriously talk about global warming, the degradation of the environment, preparations for the coming hurricane season, or the Bush regime’s massive spying on the American people, or any other pressing issues. Instead they will debate whether or not to amend the constitution to allow Congress to ban the burning of the American flag. more...  1 Comments

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR | Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House. more...  0 Comments

21 Arrested at UN in AIDS Protest

Tim Murphy | Amid U.N. summit on global AIDS, activists demand that U.S. commit to science-based prevention and drugs for 10 million by 2010
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Over 1,500 Aids Activists from Around the World Demonstrate Outside UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS

Catharine Bufalino | Activists Converge on Meeting of World Leaders to Denounce Failed Promises and Demand Universal Access to HIV Treatment and Comprehensive Prevention. Days before on May 30, on the eve of the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS, hundreds of United Nations staff formed a human red ribbon commemorating 25 years of AIDS on the lawn of the UN. more...  0 Comments

Politicians Lie? Say it Ain't So!

populist | ...All by its lonesome, the federal government extracts over Two Trillion Dollars from us every single year. Yet, with all this unthinkable wealth, it has been incapable of reducing poverty, improving our schools, preventing 9-11, catching those who perpetrated the attacks, making health care affordable, reducing crime, and so on. Going even further, each year, it passes new laws that make it legal to pry into your life even more... more...  0 Comments

Finkelstein Strangely Denies That Neocons Support Israel

Sets | Finkelstein is usually very good on Zionism but he really misses the mark on the Neocons. In his criticism of the Mearsheimer/Walt "Israel Lobby" essay, Finkelstein argues that the neocons watch over the American empire, but do not identify with Israel’s interests. As Mearsheimer and Walt have pointed out, the neocons were the driving force for the American attack on Iraq. more...  1 Comments

The fight for public housing in New Orleans

Socialist Worker | Led by a 70-year-old grandmother who drove her motorized scooter into the police barricade, New Orleans residents force their way through police lines to re-take their public housing complex, one of many closed by the city in an effort to aid privitization and gentrification in post-Katrina New Orleans. more...  0 Comments

Lauren Weiner: Snitch in ELF case

none | One of three people accused of plotting to blow up a U.S. Forest Service genetics lab and other targets pleaded guilty to conspiracy, federal prosecutors said Tuesday. Lauren Weiner, 20, of Pound Ridge, N.Y., agreed to cooperate with investigators as part of her plea bargain. more...  5 Comments

Starbucks Woes Continue as IWW Initiates Legal Action

Worker Freedom | New York, NY- Still reeling from a defeat at the
National Labor Relations Board in March, Starbucks was
hit with a fresh legal charge from the IWW Starbucks
Workers Union today. more...  7 Comments

On the PNR judgement (Passenger Name Record)

David Lundy | The agreement decided that air carriers operating flights to, from or across United States territory had to provide the United States authorities with electronic access to the data contained in their reservation and departure control systems, called "Passenger Name Records (PNR)[1]. more...  0 Comments

Do Democrats Have a Death Wish?

Dave Lindorff | With the people clamoring for impeachment, what kind of leaders would tell them no? Who are these people anyhow: Karl Rove plants? more...  1 Comments


Jay Shaft | This is the new flash media presentation from Jay Shaft and the Coalition
For Free Thought In Media

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Interview with Julia Willebrand

David Grace - | The NY Comptroller manages the investments of the various governmental bodies of New York. The historical mismanagement of these investments has garnered pollution, looting of regions, pension losses and even wars.

This interview discusses the post and sustainable investments. New York has some of the largest funds in the nation, and turning the direction of those investments toward wise-growth can translate to alternative economic change nationally and internationally. more...  0 Comments

Spoils of War Today? - Gulf War Syndrome

D. Burbeck | For our troops on Memorial Day -

The Kings of Britain and France and
many other empires were able to raise
huge armies every several decades
because the soldiers who survived
the battles were rewarded with the
riches that they could carry and
women that they could rape at will.
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