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Illegal: US Supreme Court’s ruling of Torture Bay

gade | The US Supreme Court ruled today that Guantanamo Bay detention/torture centre was illegal (by implication) and the kangaroo military commission established to try the detainees is in breach of the Geneva Convention, well duh! Expert international lawyers stated the plain facts – illegality – of the matter from the start. Who could accuse the ‘slow to see daylight’ US court system of bias? Surely the principal pillars of American ‘justice’ could not be influenced by Bush or his neo-cons? more...  0 Comments

Would you shelter an immigrant?

Hoipolloi Cassidy | As the French Government prepares to deport thousands of undocumented school children, many in France are prepared to resist and protect. more...  2 Comments

Nativo Lopez: What's Next for the Immigrant Rights Movement?

Socialist Worker | Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association and a lead organizer of the immigrant rights protests in LA, on where the movement needs to go from here. Transcript of a talk presented at the Socialism 2006 conference on Saturday, June 24. more...  10 Comments

Apartheid Israel Intensifies Gaza Genocide

John Brown | In spite of the crippling attacks on what little Palestinian infrastructre it hasn't already destroyed, Apartheid Israel still finds itself on the warpath searching for ways to induce more suffering upon the Palestinians. more...  0 Comments

For once I am speechless

Ray Wilson | But only for a moment. Go to the internet today, and what is the first thing I am greeted with? more...  3 Comments

THE TAKE, free screening!! | FREE SCREENING of "THE TAKE"
This Thursday 6/29, 8pm
at Times-Up
(49 E. Houston, btwn Mott/Mulberry)

Introduction and Q&A/discussion
with Marina Sitrin- activist and author of Horizontalism: Voices of
Popular Power in Argentina (AK Press); Professor, Gallatin School at
NYU and Argentinian activist(s) TBA

The Take (2004, 87 min, written/produced/directed by Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein)
more...  0 Comments

Congress is Derelict: Replace It With People Who Take Their Oaths Seriously

Dave Lindorff | The president has made a joke out of congress by his unbridled use of “signing statements” to invalidate laws. If Congress won’t stand up to this usurpation, it is signing its own, and the Constitution’s, death warrant.

more...  1 Comments

RGB Final Hearing Shut Down For Four Hours By Tennant Protests

Jess Garman | A huge crowd of angry tenants chanted for no increases this year as the NYC Rent Guidelines Board held their final meeting tonight in the basement of the Cooper Union Meeting Hall. Fed up with the unfair manor in which the meeting was held, the activists slowly walked out of the auditorium, not caring what was being said anymore, but satisfied that at least they had made their voices heard. As for the RGB, it approved this city's [second] [correction -ed.] largest rent hikes in 15 years: 4.25% for one-year leases and 7.25% for two-year leases. || RGB: Rent Gouging Bastards || Home Rule Saves Homes more...  18 Comments

RGB: Rent Gouging Bastards

Bennett Baumer | At a sleepy June 1 Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) meeting, a few tenant advocates sat idly while the board’s two tenant members made a resolution in support of home rule. Though Mayor Bloomberg is tepidly against the issue – restoring power over rent and eviction laws to city council – no one could foresee how the mayor’s appointed board chairman Marvin Markus would react. more...  2 Comments

John Howard in Asia

peptide | John Howard was ‘surprised’ when he encountered the president of Indonesia, while taking his early morning walk in Jakarta, reported News Radio Australia. The report stated that Howard was “visibly shocked” by the unexpected encounter, which obviously was intended to deliver a clear message; the Indonesian President is not known for taking early morning walks, we can therefore conclude that his gesture was calculated. more...  0 Comments

National Day of Action for Lt Ehren Watada -- War Resister Support Station at Chambers St recruiting station

Campus Antiwar Network | First Lt Ehren Watada has said he would rather go to jail than commit war crimes in Iraq. Join this war resister support station to show him the support he has in NYC -- Tuesday, June 27. more...  0 Comments

Images: Shut Down Guantanamo

Fred Askew | 25 people arrested at the US Mission to the United Nations more...  1 Comments

The Venezuela of Chávez

Milton D'Leon | There is no revolution without a social revolution carried out by workers, peasants and the poor, by expropriating the big capitalists and instituting a planned economy, eliminating capitalist monopolies, instituting state control over the fundamental economic activities of the country, with political power in the hands of the working class. To speak of revolution, except in this sense, is merely empty talk. more...  0 Comments

NLG Panel On the Green Scare Monday

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Date: June 26, 2006
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Cardozo Law School, Moot Court Room
Address: 55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street)
New York, New York 10003
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Taking Impeachment on the Road

Dave Lindorff | Impeachment can play a vital role in building resistance to dictatorship, both in the electoral politics and on the street. It’s not an either/or proposition.
more...  2 Comments

Who is in control of your capitalism?


Oct. 5, 2006: A Day of Mass Resistance
Plan To Make October 5, 2006 the day the whole world comes to know there is a Force in this Country Determined to Drive Out the Bush Regime. more...  0 Comments

Protest War

Kenn | Oct. 5, 2006: A Day of Mass Resistance
Plan To Make October 5, 2006 the day the whole world comes to know there is a Force in this Country Determined to Drive Out the Bush Regime.
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The International Socialist Organization and the 2006 election

By Bill Van Auken | The International Socialist Organization is holding a conference this weekend in New York City under the slogan “Socialism 2006—Build the Left, Fight the Right.”

An examination of the perspective upon which this gathering has been organized, however, makes clear that it is aimed at promoting a “left” variety of bourgeois politics, in the form of the Green Party, which can serve only to divert a mass movement that arises against the right-wing policies of the two major parties and lead it into a political dead end.

The ISO conference advances no independent policy for the working class in the 2006 midterm elections, which are less than five months away. The organization’s newspaper, Socialist Worker, warns regularly against orienting the protest movements in which the ISO participates to the Democratic Party, yet the ISO is mounting no direct political challenge to the Democrats. more...  4 Comments

Wow! A special arrest and on the spot plea bargin for government employees busted for crimes

Slap on the wrist Justice | Wow!!!! A special type of arrest and on the spot plea bargin that allows government employees guilty of crimes to get a slap on the wrist with out being arrested or charged with a crime more...  0 Comments

Frank Moore Announces Presidential Run in 2008!

Corey | Frank Moore, avante-garde artist and unrelenting defender of free speech, is running for President. Candidate of the Just Makes Sense Party, Frank's tagline is "I Get Results!" His Presidential Platform follows. For more information, go to the Frank Moore for President website and blog: & . more...  1 Comments

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