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Media Non-event of 6/26/2006

Captain May | An important story was buried by the mainstream media last week: the 6/26 Senate Democrats hearing on Pre-Iraq War Intelligence. I offer this analysis of the media non-coverage of that damning (ergo, ignored) event. I hope you find it both enjoyable and informative -- and lament that no one else has done this bit of writing yet! Your servant, CPTMAY more...  0 Comments

PGS nº 9 :: KirCHner: el BoNaparTismo PosModerno

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico | Hoy la burguesía siente la necesidad de acabar con los republicanos pequeños burgueses, como en el 2002 había comprendido la necesidad de acabar con los trabajadores posfordistas revolucionarios.

El burgués inteligente se pregunta: ¿por qué no hacemos permanentes las vacaciones parlamentarias?... Es que Kirchner ya ha clausurado el Congreso hace rato.
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Populist #31

franklin | Concerning National Popular Elections more...  1 Comments

SEP in New York to open campaign headquarters

wsws |
The campaign for Socialist Equality Party candidate Bill Van Auken for US Senate in New York will open its headquarters in New York City on Sunday, July 9 with an open house and meeting to discuss the SEP’s program and to launch the drive to place the party on the ballot during the petitioning period that begins next week.

The open house will begin at 2 p.m. and last until 5 p.m. The candidate will be speaking at 3 p.m. There will an opportunity to discuss in some detail our plans to petition to place the SEP on the ballot in New York for the November election in which Van Auken will present a socialist alternative to the pro-war, big business candidates, Democratic incumbent Hillary Clinton and whatever candidate is chosen by the Republican Party. more...  2 Comments

Impeachment Comes to Main Street USA

Ed Adelman | The boos from the crowd in Willimantic, CT were reserved for Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, who may find himself a man without a party come August 8 for his ardent support for President Bush and the War in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

John Ross from Mexico: Fraude Electoral!

Weekly News Update on the Americas | When US voters consider electoral fraud, George Bush's theft of Florida in 2000 is the paragon of stolen elections. But here the reference point is the presidential election of 1988, when on election night government officials lied that the "system has fallen," presumably alluding to the crash of vote-tabulating computers. more...  0 Comments

What to the American slave is your 4th of July?

duko | What to the American slave is your 4th of July? more...  0 Comments

Info Session on Daniel McGowan's Case! Bluestockings! Thursday!

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Manhattan Info session on Daniel's case
July 6, 2006

Location: Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street, Manhattan. 7PM
Info session, a short film and letter writing on Daniel McGowan's case.
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A Closer Look at Mexico's Preliminary Election Results

Al Giordano | In a few days we will begin to see who is bullshiting and stonewalling, and what is the real story. The preliminary PREP results are not the official results. The official results can only come in an "acta" or act signed by the elections officials in each polling place, who are chosen by lottery from the citizenry, much like, say, a jury pool. It is a crime to tamper with an "acta." No legal punishment exists for sending in a false PREP report. more...  6 Comments

The Art of Africa: an Open Letter

Aminata Traore | The following was written in response to the much-heralded museum of "non-European art" built by the French Government and recently opened on the Quai Branly in Paris. The author, Aminata Traore, is a writer and former Minister of Culture and the Tourism of Mali. Translated and posted by Paul Werner. more...  0 Comments

Major candidates in Mexican election offer no solution to the social crisis

Rafael Azul | On Sunday, July 2, Mexican voters will elect a new president and a new Congress. The election takes place under conditions of mounting class tensions, as hundreds of thousands of teachers, miners and other workers have taken to the streets. None of the major candidates in the presidential election genuinely addresses the needs of the masses for decent-paying jobs, improved living standards and social programs.
The death of 65 coal miners buried alive in Coahuila state in February has been followed by an explosion of struggles by miners and metal workers demanding safe working conditions and decent living standards. Strikes and other actions are continuing, despite police repression. This month saw massive protests by teachers in Oaxaca and Chiapas. These struggles by powerful layers of the Mexican working class make clear that class confrontations will escalate whatever the government that emerges from Sunday’s vote.
The election will decide whether the pro-American, pro-privatization policies of the current administration, led by President Vicente Fox of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), will continue under the PAN candidate, Felipe Calderon, or be modified under a government headed by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the ex-mayor of Mexico City and candidate of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). more...  0 Comments

Bernard Kerik’s guilty plea: Corruption case underscores fraud of “homeland security”

By Bill Van Auken | Bernard Kerik, New York City’s former police commissioner and George W. Bush’s first choice to succeed Tom Ridge as secretary of the Homeland Security Department, appeared in a Bronx courtroom Friday to plead guilty to minor corruption charges. His guilty plea was part of a deal with prosecutors to avoid felony indictments and possible jail time.

The case against Kerik revolved around his receiving $165,000 worth of unpaid construction work to convert two apartments in a luxury building in Riverdale into one huge unit, described by press reports as “opulent.”

The work was performed in late 1999 and early 2000, when he was Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s correction commissioner. The company said to have paid for this valuable favor for the official in charge of the city’s sprawling jail complex, New Jersey-based Interstate Industrial Corporation, was alleged by officials in that state to have had ties to the Gambino organized crime family. At the time, the company was seeking contracts with New York City. more...  2 Comments

Brutal Invasion of Gaza by the State of Israel

Celeste Murillo | This proves that, as long as that "aircraft carrier" that the State
of Israel comprises, continues to exist, there is no solution for the
just aspirations for Palestinian self-determination. The only
progressive solution is a workers' and socialist Palestine, where
Arabs and Jews can live together peacefully. more...  1 Comments

Interview with Green Party's Sander Hicks

Rebecca White | Rebel political warrior Sander Hicks, owner of Vox Pop Coffee Shop and author of the 9/11 truth tale The Big Wedding, weaves Gandhi and King, the spiritual with the political, as he confronts everything you’ve ever heard in our popular media. more...  0 Comments

There's a Riot Going On--Mexico's July 2 Presidential Election Is Coming Unglued

Weekly News Update on the Americas | Despite outgoing president Vicente Fox Quesada's avowal that Mexico is "at peace," it doesn't really look that way. As the tightest presidential election in its 196-year history comes down to the wire, the nation is racked by a spasm of violent social confrontation. more...  0 Comments

Progressive news source bans environmental advertisement

Jane | Citizens Union of the City of New York, serves as a watchdog
for the public interest and an advocate for good government at City Hall and the
State Capitol. They have banned an ad to be placed on their website by a group of concerned citizens. Founded in 1897 to fight the corruption of Tammany Hall, Citizens
Union helped to elect the first reform mayor, Seth Low, in 1901. Over the years
Citizens Union spearheaded efforts for campaign finance reform, historic preservation,
improved voting procedures, City Charter revisions, home rule for New York City
and proportional representation.
Working to ensure fair elections, clean campaigns, transparent governing and responsible
governance, Citizens Union not only seeks to inform the debate on public issues,
but influence the formulation of public policy that affects the lives of all New
Yorkers. The rcent act of censorship is not in keeping with this fine tradition. more...  1 Comments

Baja California Sur Leaning Toward Lopez Obrador on Eve of Mexican Election

Pandi Hopkins | Manuel Beltran Maza believes that people trust Lopez Obredor
because he is the only candidate free of the taint of
corruption. Mexicans, he says, can forgive other
things, but "they cannot forgive corruption. Mexico is
in a hole because of corruption." more...  0 Comments

High Court has Ruled: Bush is a War Criminal

Dave Lindorff | The media has missed this point, and the Justices kind of glided over the significance of what they were saying. So now the question is: What are we the people going to do about it?
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Unfit to lead the world

Walter C. Uhler | Appropriately, much has been made of the recent survey conducted by Foreign Policy and the Center for American Progress, which found that 84 percent (of the more than 100) of America's top foreign policy experts believed that the United States is not winning the war on terror. Not only do they dispute President Bush's insular and politically self-serving assertion that America is winning that war, they also "see a national security apparatus in disrepair and a government that is failing to protect the public from the next attack." [See "The Terrorism Index," July/August 2006]

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Lib Dems Need to Stop Whining About Vote theft and Start Winning

Dave Lindorff | Democrats in other far more repressive lands fight tooth and nail to battle against election fraud. If Republicans are stealing elections here, it’s because we are letting them get away with it. more...  1 Comments

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