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Populist #32

franklin | Centralization and Popular Elections more...  0 Comments


Antiwar4Barron | Unbowed and unapologetic, Barron is the most radical member of the NYC Council, and the most consistent ally of the antiwar movement holding any elected office in New York and anywhere else. Barron led the fight to bar military recruiters from NYC public schools, and he has never hesitated to publicly support Venezuela, Cuba, and (especially critical right now) the Palestinian people. more...  3 Comments

¡Detengamos la ofensiva israelí sobre Palestina y el Líbano!

Fracción Trotskista - Cuarta Internacional | Pero, el elemento que puede alterar significativamente la relación de fuerzas y hacer fracasar los planes del Estado Mayor más poderoso, como es el Ejército sionista, es el hecho de que una intensificación aún mayor de su ofensiva en el Líbano puede incitar a la movilización de las masas de Medio Oriente, que durante semanas vienen viendo los bombardeos, el sitio y el castigo colectivo a que son sometidas las masas palestinas en Gaza, lo que ha incrementado el odio y el ánimo de venganza hacia el Estado sionista. También, aunque todavía en forma muy minoritaria, comienza a despertar al movimiento pacifista israelí, cuestión que puede crecer si siguen los costos no sólo sufridos por su ejército (formado en buena medida por soldados conscriptos) sino también por la población civil, si el gobierno israelí no logra detener rápidamente los bombardeos de misiles sobre sus centros poblados. more...  0 Comments

Shifting Values and the New Barbarism

finn | The attention of the world has once again been drawn to the Middle East, to a group of waring tribes. Today however, we witness a ‘new’ warfare, a type promoted by the Zionists Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. This new warfare is a composite ‘solution’, an amalgam of the permanent revolution/war doctrine of Lev Bronstein (Trotsky); the tactics of Henry Kissinger (carpet bomber of three million innocent Indo-Chinese civilians) and Leo Strauss, whose exclusivist/elitist philosophy lies behind the events of 9/11, the anthrax letters and the rise of ‘terrorism’ – the new public enemy designed to replace the defunct bogeyman of communism! more...  1 Comments

Charges Against MXGM Cop-Watchers Dismissed

Brooklyn Chapter - MXGM | Three cop-watchers from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement were arrested for witnessing an arrest in February of 2005. On Monday, charges against them were dropped after the arresting officer declined to cooperate with the prosecuting DA. more...  0 Comments

Happy Impeachment Day!

Dave Lindorff | This is no time for political strategizing. Every member of Congress is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, and it is being gravely threatened by this president.

more...  0 Comments

THE BOYS OF BARAKA, free NYC screening | The Boys of Baraka (2005), Thursday July 20th, 8pm
at Times-Up ( 49 E. Houston St. (btwn Mott/Mulberry)
more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Summer Teach-In

David Grace - | A growing collection of law students and scholors throughout the nation have gathered together to display the evidence needed to induce impeachment of President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, and their administration. more...  0 Comments

Rings Around Tara

Brian Mac Grath | A protest camp has been established at the Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, in Ireland to protest the planned M3 motorway. International support, aid and volunteers are urgently required!!! more...  0 Comments

Worldwide Protests Slam G8 Support of Nuclear, Coal, Oil

Rising Tide North America | The protests included large "banner drops" in multiple cities, protests
of coal and oil companies, and rallies at the U.S. embassy in London and the
Washington, DC home of U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman. On Friday,
protestors showed up at Bodman's home, demanding that the United States and
the G8 abandon the focus on nuclear, coal, and on oil wars as "energy
security." They chanted "No Coal, No Nukes, G-8 shut it down!" No arrests
took place. more...  0 Comments

Chronicle of Global Resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit!

Rising Tide North America | Forward widely!July 14, 2006 was a Global Day of Action against the G8.
July 15, 2006 was an International
Day of Action for Climate Justice, and against Climate Change and the
G8. Below is a partial list of anti-G8 actions that happened on these
days around the world, and on other days in St. Petersburg and elsewhere
during the past week. A number of actions against climate change (including
many Critical Mass bike rides) also occurred on July 14. We continue to
receive information about additional actions -- stay tuned to and for updates! Contact if you have an action to report! more...  0 Comments

Israel War Crimes.

Icantake Nomore | Human Rights Council Special Session on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, July 6, 2006 Human Rights Watch written statement. more...  1 Comments

One Cheer for the New York Times

Dave Lindorff | But to get the other two cheers, the paper would have to take things a lot further. Not in terms of logic, but in terms of courage. more...  0 Comments

US To Americans in Lebanon: Pay For Your Evacuation

it never stops | This certainly is low on the list of "what's wrong" in the Middle East right now, but it is part of whats wrong. Reminding anyone of New Orleans yet?? more...  2 Comments

US Senate Race: Hawkins Calls for Ceasefire; Clinton Says Bombs Away to Israel

Howie Hawkins | Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate for New York, said today the US government should use its leadership to affect an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East. He criticized the Bush administration’s unconditional support of Israel’s military attacks on the civilian populations in Gaza and Lebanon. “We are in a strong diplomatic position to pressure Israel into heeding a cease-fire by warning US funding to Israel will be cut completely if they don’t comply,” says Hawkins. “We must halt this disaster and the killings of innocent civilians before it gets deadlier,” Hawkins appealed.
more...  1 Comments

US in Iraq: "A well-calculated plan to divide the country"

Ahmed Janabi (via Aljazeera) | The US and British leaders may be getting domestic flak for their perceived mistakes in Iraq, but some observers in the Arab world see them as being quite successful - in carrying out a well-calculated plan to divide the country.
more...  1 Comments

Voting rights under attack across US

Eula Holmes | A determined effort is under way in numerous states across the US to further restrict ballot access and voting rights. Despite the theft of the 2000 presidential election by George W. Bush and his installation in the White House by the US Supreme Court, and allegations of voter disenfranchisement in Ohio and other states during the 2004 election, there has been no effort made to defend voters’ rights.
On the contrary, moves are afoot in a number of states to further restrict the constitutionally protected right to vote. This assault has taken two major forms. First, state governments are passing laws requiring individuals to present additional identification when they vote. Second, a number of state governments are enacting legislation placing strict limits on voter registration drives.
In the vast majority of cases, the new regulations are being pushed by state legislators who claim they want to curb voter fraud. In reality, the restrictions are aimed at denying the right to vote—and are disproportionately targeted at the poor, minorities and the elderly. more...  0 Comments

Veterans Press Conference and Rally at City Hall on July 25

Joseph A. Bello | As your aware, the Mayor and City Council recently passed the new city budget with NO money going to help veterans or returning troops. more...  0 Comments

A Nice Mess Our President Has Made for US

Dave Lindorff | This is not a smart guy, or even a dummy fronting for a bunch of smart guys. This is an idiot who is listening to a bunch of idiots.
more...  0 Comments

The Inconvenient Truth About Al Gore: Systems, Saviors and the Need for Action

repost from Revolution | "In the promotion of Al Gore around the issue of the environment, and in contrast to the burying of his January speech on the back pages of mainstream news, the forces that control such things are defining what is and what is not allowable discourse and debate on the direction of society and the world. These terms cannot be accepted." more...  0 Comments

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