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THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT to Drive Out the Bush Regime! Volunteer Now.

Wat Stearns, WCW T-shirt Coordinator | The World Can't Wait ( believes there are at least 100 million people in the U.S. who are disgusted and angry enough about the Bush regime to take some action to get rid of them and their toxic politics. Help us provide the channel for 100 million voices, wallets and feet to accomplish this goal of driving out the Bush regime. We're not waiting for the Democracts, Congress, Election '06 or anything else. We are a resistance organization, not a protest organization, and we will achieve our aim through work stoppages and other tactics. more...  6 Comments

America's Third World Tragedy

Drew Milton | The hurricane's strength couldn't have been predicted but her devastation was preventable. Learn the social and political factors behind America's new catastrophe. more...  0 Comments

Verizon Targets Public Cable

Lyell Davis | (from the latest Indypendent): In September the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives will vote on legislation that will determine the future of Public, Educational, and Government Television (PEG) in America.
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Populist #11

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System more...  0 Comments

Katrina's Silver Lining

Dave Lindorff | The costs for the American public, in higher energy costs, higher food bills, economic recession and a burst housing bubble, are the just deserts of decades of self-centered voting habits. more...  0 Comments

Katrina: More Aftermath

David M. Kelley | There is more to the aftermath of Katrina than meets the eye. The media should be reporting this but isn't. more...  1 Comments

Army Corps of Engineers Loses Halo in New Orleans -- Just Like Red Hook, Brooklyn?

Big Cities, Big Boxes | The Washington Post is suggesting, in a piece with the punchy title Money Flowed to Questionable Projects: State Leads in Army Corps Spending, but Millions Had Nothing to Do With Floods, that the Army Corps spent its abundant funds on porkbarrel projects, not boring old flood-protection for New Orleans.

Gosh. If levees are boring, what does that make the graving dock in Red Hook, Brooklyn? [Read More]

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'Heartcheck' For The Movement. (Indypendent)

Brendon Story | Review of the Zine 'Heartcheck' By Jeff Luers and Rob Thaxton, 2005.
Available at Bluestockings, Vox Pop, Clovis Press or via email: more...  2 Comments

Impeach toon in technorati-tagcloud style

Pip Wilson | Cartoon in technorati tagcloud style. Copyright free (public domain). Source more...  0 Comments

Jail For Speech. (Indypendent)

James Klicker | Geoffrey Blank, the 31-year old leader of the No Police State Coalition, faces four years in state prison for charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, and inciting to riot. more...  0 Comments

Syria Hits Back In Lebanon. (Indypendent)

Bilal El-Amine | The first order of business for Lebanon’s new prime minister, Fouad Siniora, after winning a parliamentary vote of confidence was a visit to the Syrian capital city of Damascus. Siniora was a lifelong friend and confidant, of former Prime Minister Rafiq Harriri, who most believe was assassinated by the Syrian military, an act that precipitated their hasty withdrawal from Lebanon. more...  0 Comments

The Deception In Gaza. (Indypendent)

Jenka Soderberg | The American, Israeli and even some of the Palestinian media have been raving about Israel’s “move toward peace” with their plan of “disengagement” from the Gaza Strip. Look a bit more closely, however, and you will see that disengagement is in fact a distraction; a magician’s trick to keep the world looking at one hand while a coin disappears from the other. more...  0 Comments

Katrina - a penny saved

Brent Herbert | Gotta watch that spending, slash those taxes, cut that budget, and let the market decide more...  1 Comments

Feds in NY?

CSD | There are rumors on the web of Katrina being used as an excuse for martial law (beyond the hurricane affected area). more...  4 Comments

Minutemen Come to Long Island

vicky! |
The Minutemen, a group known for patrolling the US-MEXICO border with GUNS and stealign water from the Arizona desert are coming to Babylon Long Island in hopes of recruiting more membersin thier anti-immigration effort.
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Rally to Save the Supreme Court

lisa | What: Rally to Save the Supreme Court with Speakers & Entertainment

Who: NOW-NYC & Co-sponsors (as of 9/7): NARAL Pro-Choice NY, People for the
American Way, NAACP NYS, ADA Watch and the Nat'l Coalition for Disability Rights,
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Nat'l Council of Jewish Women
NY, Alliance for Justice, New Democratic Majority, Feminist Majority, Religious
Coalition for Reproductive Rights Metro NY and NJ Chapters, Pro-Choice Public Education
Project, Reproductive Choice Association, Lesbian, and the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay
& Transgender Community Center.

When: Thursday, September 15, 5:30pm

Where: Union Square Park, New York City

To endorse, volunteer, for media inquiries, or for more information contact NOW-NYC
at 212-627-9895

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U.S. Blocks U.N. Reform, Efforts Near Collapse. (Indypendent)

Don Paneth | At the United Nations, one can consider all the environmental, political, social and economic dilemmas of the world. It is a dispiriting endeavor, in the late summer of 2005, as the U.N.’s 191 member states prepare to meet both at its 60th annual General Assembly and in a high-level summit of heads of state, premiers, and foreign ministers.
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Pataki's Ox Gets Gored. Pataki's Home Tapes (Indypendent)

Ann Schneider | The five snippets of conversations that were leaked seemed culled to provide embarrassment to the ruling couple and to Thomas Doherty, the Governor’s appointment secretary and patronage dispenser. Doherty is caught saying to former State Senator Alphonse D’Amato, “Just between you and me, if the f---ing commissioners of this state were any slower with this s---. I mean it got to a point where I called [then-Health Commissioner Barbara] DeBuono on something on behalf of [Nassau County Republican boss Joseph] Mondello, and I said to her, ‘You know you have a fucking Democrat as your No. 2 person, and you're telling me that I can't get my fucking people hired?’"
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George French | In May 2001 FEMA Prepared a report outling three catastrophes to befall the U.S. They were a terrorist attack in NYC, an earthquake in California, and a total flooding of New Orleans. Bush is batting two out of three. more...  0 Comments

Wall Street Journal Points Finger Directly At Bush

No Doubt About It | No, not the editorial page, where hacks are paid to flack for the administration. But the news page, where reporters are stil paid to investigate government and figure out what went wrong.

While most newspapers are reporting the "political" fallout over the disaster that was Hurrican Katrina, the Journal has compiled the most well-researched and damning evidence that the Federal Government (and Bush policies in particular, especially the war) bears primary responsibility for the catastrophe and the slow reponse.

Here's the Journal's summary from yesterday:

-- The absorption of the Federal Emergency Management Agency into the gargantuan -- and terrorism-focused -- Department of Homeland Security.

-- A military stretched by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which made commanders reluctant to commit some active-duty units nearby.

-- A total breakdown of communications systems.

-- Missteps at the local level, including a rudimentary plan to deal with hurricanes.

-- A failure to plan for the possibility that New Orleans's levee system would fail.

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