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Philippines: AKBAYAN leads protests over SONA of lies, lies, lies

AKBAYAN Partylist | AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) today joined the various groups which trooped to the streets to express opposition to the State of the Nation Adress (SONA) of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), saying GMA's SONA promises will not make up for the fact that she is the center and crux of the country's crisis right now.

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Weekly Critical Mass, this Friday, Aug. 4, 7pm, Union Sq.

CM rider | Some people would like for us to have a weekly Critical Mass, but nobody has been willing to announce it, other than me. Last time we had an extra one, December after the RNC, it was announced here but the cops didn't even show. Last week's CM was so much fun. Let's do it again this Friday! Union Square 7pm.
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Protest to Stop U.S. Sponsored Israeli Terror

Jessie Carpenter | Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered Friday afternoon to draw attention to the U.S. funded Israeli war. The protestors, listening to a variety of speakers, were not detered by a down pour of rain. As time passed the group was joined by more activists on the corner of 42nd and 2nd ave. A large number of protestors were young children, who were far more vocal in their oposition to the war than many of the adults. more...  24 Comments

Who's Arming Israel?

Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung | Much has been made in the U.S. media of the Syrian- and Iranian-origin weaponry used by Hezbollah in the escalating violence in Israel and Lebanon. There has been no parallel discussion of the origin of Israel's weaponry, the vast bulk of which is from the United States. more...  1 Comments

Animal group endorses Marty Connor, Deborah Glick for re-election

LOHV-NYC | Animal group endorses Marty Connor, Deborah Glick for re-election more...  0 Comments

Documents Show Mayor Blocked RNC Rally in Central Park for Political Reasons

OnNYTurf | The Times articles has more clips from emails documenting the planning between the Parks Department and the Mayor. The Sun apparently also had clips from some of these emails last week. So surprise surprise the Mayor was very calculating in not allowing protests on the oh so precious grass of Central Park. [Read More from OnNYTurf] more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: Real independence for the working class

Youth of the Revolutionary Left (JIR) | Unofficial translation by working class emancipation more...  0 Comments

Mexico Rising: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Mitchel Cohen | Two Million people rally for free elections in Mexico. Candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador calls for public occupation of center of city. more...  2 Comments

"Please Help Cynthia McKinney Stay in Congress: from Leuren Moret



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Mike Ross runs for President in 2008

Elect Mike Ross President | Mike Ross announced he will run for President in 2008 as a Libertarian Canidate.
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Governors on beach vacation, Call to Action

Redneck Anarchist Front | National Governors Association Convention
Call to Action
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For the defeat of the Israeli offensive: No to UN or NATO intervention!

Juan Chingo | The US wants breathe life, at least provisionally, into an option that the Israeli army, frightened by the high costs and fatal consequences of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, has not been willing to consider. This is why, at the same time as we redouble our efforts to defeat Israel's military offensive, we must make clear our complete opposition to the deployment of any military force, whether under the command of the UN or NATO, on Lebanese soil. more...  0 Comments

Help Greens Get on the Ballot

Maria Verdi | Join us petitioning for Peace Slate 2006! Join Alison Duncan, Green Party Candidate for Lt. Gov. Campaign on Saturday, July 29th in Brooklyn and help gather petition signatures.WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Even if you can only spend a couple of hours, any and all help will be appreciated.

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No One Is Illegal: What Next in the Struggle for Liberty and Justice

Tour of NATIVO LOPEZ | ********PLEASE FORWARD WIDLEY***************

No Human is Illegal:
Nativo Lopez to speak on Next Steps In The Struggle For Justice And Dignity For All

New York City, August 2 & 3 2006:

Nativo Lopez , President of the Mexican American Political Association and Executive Director of the Hermandad Mexicana Latino Americana.
Nativo López is a spokesperson for the Great American Boycott 2006—a national day of action for immigrant rights on May 1, 2006. Nativo was also one of the leading members of the March 25th coalition in Los angeles which called the first of the mega marches there. He Supports unconditional legalization for all undocumented immigrants and opposes militarization of the border. Nativo is a leading organizer of the massive immigrant rights demonstrations in LA, and a crucial voice in the burgeoning immigrant civil rights movement. We are at a critical juncture in an immigrant rights movement that has impelled millions to take the streets. Come hear Nativo and others speak about the future of a movement for justice and dignity for all.
SPONSORS: March 10th Movement, Mexican American Political Association, Hermandad Mexicano Latinoamericano, International Socialist Organization, San Romero Church, Fuerza de la Revolucion, CECOMEX, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, International Mexican Association, Coney Island Avenue Project, Carlito's Cafe/Art for Change...List in formation


August 2nd

Park Slope United Methodist Church
6th Ave. & 8th St. in Brooklyn
Take the F to 7th Ave & 9th St. or the R to 4th Ave. & 9th St.

Jackson Heights
Hosted by New Immigrant Community Empowerment
37-44 77th Street 2nd Floor

August 3rd

East Harlem
5:30 p.m.
Hosted by CECOMEX & Carlito's Cafe
1918 1st Ave. @ 99th Street

Washington Heights
Hosted By San Romero Church Featuring Reverend Luis Barrios
Centro Orlando Martinez Community Center
3868 10 Avenue (at 207th Street), 2nd floor

For more information e-mail  NATIVOTOUR@GMAIL.COM or call 917-806-2484

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Stop the Israeli offensive against Palestine and Lebanon!

Trotskyist Faction for the Fourth Internation | However, the element that can significantly change the relationship of forces and lay waste to the greatest plans of the most powerful military organization, which is the Israeli army, is the fact that a further intensification of its offensive in Lebanon could spark the mobilization of the masses of the Middle East, who for weeks have watched the bombings, the imprisonment and the collective punishment to which the Palestinian masses in Gaza have been subjected, which has fed the hatred and the spirit of vengeance against the Zionist state. Also, although still in a very minor form, the Israeli attacks are beginning to awaken the pacifist movement in Israel, a problem which could grow if the costs of war continue to mount, not only on the arm (mostly formed by conscripted soldiers), but also on the civilian population, if the Israeli government can't rapidly put a halt to the missile attacks on its civilian population centers. more...  0 Comments

Enlightening GW Congressional Hearing on C-span Last Night

messenger | At midnight last night, C-span aired
a hearing that took place yesterday
in DC about global warming. They
had four experts and scientists and
one guy, Mr. Wegman (a government
hack), who has been refuting the
scientist's work for years. more...  0 Comments

Can You Spare a Signature?

Erin Thompson | Standing in Union Square on a hot July day, against a tide of disinterested New Yorkers walking through the gauntlet of organic cheese, overwrought colored canvasses, homemade Vermont jam and the quintessential “imagine” tourist photograph, Jerry Kann holds a clipboard and repeats his mantra, “Excuse me, are you registered to vote?” || Malachy McCourt Petitions for Governor || New York Greens more...  1 Comments

Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Sudan: coldly premeditated neocon wars

FactsPlease | Before emotions and disinformation gain the upper hand, consider what General Wesley Clark wrote in 2003--that by late 2001, the Neocon-led Pentagon was planning a five-year campaign of wars against seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. (And don't expect to hear about this from Lieberman, McCain, Pelosi, Feinstein, Howard Dean, or the Clintons.)
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Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | Today, special announcement
The Prime Minster
Of Iraq
An Editorial
Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

The prime minister of Iraq to day addressed a joint session of the House and Senate, if what he said was not spin or bull-s---. I wish them all the best if what he said is true, but we are the soldiers, and marines and the airmen are paying with their lives in battle with Muslim extremist, insurgents of every shape and description from Chechen to El Gaieda an every whack job who have killed Americans and allied soldiers…… far we lost 2,550 and 250 allied soldiers and hundreds of allied citizens. On the other side they the Iraqi people have lost over fifty thousand four hundred military, civilians and IDF (Iraqi defense forces) and climbing. Oh I almost forgot we have had over eighteen thousand fifty wounded and maimed in this new Vietnam that George Walker Bush started in two thousand and three. September 11th was our wake up call to that America is no longer an innocent child through every hell America had been through she herself had never been attack now twice once on December 7th 1941 and now on September 11th two thousand and one but never been attacked from the out side since World War II….. List below our times we went to battle to defend ourselves from terrorist attacks over seas.

1. The revolutionary war, were we broke from our English rulers
2. Then came the War of 1812, when Britton tried in vain to retake her colonies
3. War With Mexico, the Long walk with general Winfield Scott
4. then four bloody years of Civil War 1861-65
5. The Spanish – American War
6. World War I
7. World War II, 1941-45---which was 23years after world War I and she had twice the casualties and we learned Mass Murder and so forth, casualties to match the civil war
8. 1946-1992 cold war with Russia
9. Korea 1953-55 / brush war
10. Vietnam – 1965-73/ brush war, we lost fifty thousand men and women in a War
11. Beirut in 82, the PLO evacuation from Lebanon – 250 Marines Killed by truck bombs and Ides’
12. Grenada
13. victory in the cold war in 1990 when the Soviet Union
14. Gulf War I, UN operations to throw out the Iraqi invasion
15. Somalia
16. Somalia 2, attempt to capture the War Lord Aided (failure)
17. September 11th 2001 America woke to a living hell
18. Operation Enduring Freedom, to chase down the Wild Wolves and their leader Osama Bin Laden
19. Gulf War II,

To this writer a war that should not have been started, I feel that the Iraqi people would have risen up and removed Hussein themselves. The only thing we gave them is a battle field of blood and fire and sectarian civil war, and insurgency and partisans who cross the border which is a spaghetti strainer to intelligence officer analyst. They said that he LRWS (long range weapons system) bio-chemical and working toward nuclear. The Intelligence system fabricated this evidence and nothing now can we do about it now.

The World in two thousand and six has turned to blood and fire what is next a new World War pray to god that no one uses tactical nuclear strike weapons. President Bush has lit a match to a brush I hope we can survive, violation of common sense, and the rule of law. Mr. Specter has called the President on the Carpet for using or in some cases abusing his executive powers. Its one thing to finish a fight it is another to start a fight, revoke civil rights abuse visa warrant and the Guantominao detention center and torture camps is third world countries.

In war, we are supposed to prescribe to rule of war, and treatment of combatants both uniformed and partisan. In the 1930’s we signed and ratified the article of War called the Geneva Convention. Mr. Bush says it does not apply to the detainees at Guantominao. This is very wrong and he knows it, as for Mr. Specters charges not signing or refusing to sign or veto is an act of treason against the people of the United States. There is no threat to violation of National Security or other acts. The other abominations are the patriot act which challenged the loyalty of good American regardless of race, religion, culture, orientation and yes sexual orientation. Not everyone in America is a traitor or a terrorist waiting to kill Americans. If I were Mr. Specter I would launch a major investigation of crimes and misdemeanors and I would advise the house to follow suit.

It is time for the house and senate to pay the bill of freedom and to many “the gift of freedom is ours by right, it’s not in some far away land but within all of us, and if what we do to day be our destiny then so be it, but let history remember that we as free men chose to make it so” this was from Arthur Castes a former Roman half Britton and roman and the first king of England in 467 AD THUS King Arthur

"Here is the price of freedom:
Your every drop of courage,
ounce of pain, pint of blood.
Paid in advance"

--Sebastian Lee,
"The Rising Tide" AFC 271

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Author/Activist Malachy McCourt Petitions For Governor

Kimberly Wilder | At street fairs and festivals all around the state, Malachy McCourt and the Green Party are collecting signatures for access to the ballot in November. Malachy McCourt is heading a Peace Slate of 5 Green Party candidates for statewide office. more...  0 Comments

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