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Another Battle of Baghdad Cover Up -- It's Time for Truth

Captain May | Summary: Former Army intelligence and public affairs officer Captain May argues that the Bush

League infowar to hide the truth of Iraq's strategic and tactical blunders has sunk us into Middle

Eastern quicksand -- and that the time for getting out is running out. more...  0 Comments

Interview with Nancy Burton

David Grace / | Green Party Candidate for Attorney General, Connecticut more...  0 Comments

Impeachment as a System Remedy

demandside | The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, the Son came that we might have life in abundance.. If faith can move mountains, it can move an accidental president to retirement and save the planet. more...  0 Comments

Lebanon: Transform the resistance into a broad struggle for national and social liberation

Claudia Cinatti | ... the enormous energy and fighting spirit of the workers and oppressed people of Lebanon must be set in motion, through a program that unites the resistance to imperialism with the struggle against the local exploiters and the political elite ... more...  1 Comments

Images: Response to Lebanon

fred askew | NYC responds to the crisis in Lebanon more...  2 Comments

"Freedom to Fascism" - Aaron Russo's Must-See Film

Stephen Lendman | A film documenting how the US is losing its freedoms more...  0 Comments

New York's non-policy on energy conservation puts city at risk

mega watt | Bloomberg and the big business cronies put frail and elferly at risk with their hands-off attitude toward commercial energy users (wasters) more...  0 Comments

No Blood for Oil - Sign the Voter's Pledge

Ted Glick | We should be circulating the VotersForPeace Pledge which declares that those signing "will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress or President who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and preventing any future war of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign." We must make visible this popular desire for peace, a rapid transition to clean energy and justice. more...  0 Comments

Assemble for Rights NYC - Protect the First Amendment

Glenn | Did you know that the New York City Police Department plans to put new severe restrictions on sidewalk and street use? Possibly as soon as August 24th?

Under the guise of protecting the public safety, the New York City Police Department plans to expand its control over protest activity by labeling many common street and side walk uses as a "parade". If put into effect, these new rules will greatly suppress the right to assembly and expose peaceful protestors as well as regular people to arrest for things as simple as crossing the street against the light. This matter is urgent. We implore all NYers to attend an important public hearing on August 23rd and contact their elected officials right away and tell them to stop the police from creating these rules. Details about the August 23rd event and how to contact your elected officials are in the side menu on the right.

more...  1 Comments

Doomsday Global Warming: Fact-Sheet / What To Do?

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD | Drastic, tragic Climate Change is well underway, and will worsen unto Doomsday if we not take drastic measures to stop its progress. The development of clean, renewable and CHEAP Green Energy is indispensable. The Problem is POLITICAL, not technical, requiring a crucial political change -- Polluters' Power overridden by People's Power. more...  0 Comments

Solution to the lying NYC lying cop problem

Peter Graves-Goodman | NYC police are arresting (harassing) partybikers for bogus warrants so they can confiscate their bikes, according to Wendy Scher in her August 2nd article “ Fighting for the Right to Partybike.” She says, “Most of the time that they take our bikes is when they arrest the driver. Typically, something one of us does irritates a cop, so he pulls over the driver, checks for ID, tells the riders to leave, and proceeds with the ticketing process. After a bit of conferring with the other cops, he comes back and says the driver has an open warrant, and thus is under arrest. Sometimes this is from previous (bogus) tickets, but often the driver actually has no warrant at all!” more...  1 Comments

Democratic Party leaders rally behind pro-war Senator Lieberman

Patrick Martin | Three-term US Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in 2000 and a candidate for the party’s presidential nomination in 2004, is trailing in his bid for renomination in the August 8 Democratic primary in Connecticut. A poll published July 20 showed a four-point lead for Lieberman’s challenger, multi-millionaire businessman Ned Lamont, whose campaign is fueled mainly by anger over the war in Iraq.
Lieberman is notorious not only as an adamant supporter of the war in Iraq, but as an ally of the Bush administration in its incessant efforts to smear opponents of the war as unpatriotic or endorsing appeasement of terrorists. He became a potent symbol of the collaboration of the congressional Democrats with the Republican administration, particularly after Bush planted a kiss on Lieberman’s cheek as he entered the Capitol in January 2005 to deliver his State of the Union speech. more...  1 Comments

NY1: Wealthy Candidates Only

Daithí | …from the Village Voice: more...  3 Comments

cracker diplomacy

t. rhamis kent | i'm not much of a poet, but the latest world events kinda pushed me over the edge, so to speak. so i wrote a piece after thinking about things for a minute and was inspired after i heard the term "cowboy diplomacy" coined by the American press. after i turned this over in my head, the term "cracker diplomacy" seemed to be more appropriate... more...  0 Comments

¡Palestina, el Líbano: sionismo asesino, imperialismos y Estados árabes cómplices!

PCInt. | Los recientes ataques israelíes contra el Líbano han recibido, según la expresión de la prensa internacional, la “luz verde” de los Estados Unidos y el “acuerdo tácito” de los otros grandes Estados imperialistas, comenzando por Francia (¡pese a sus declaraciones de “amistad” con el Líbano!). more...  0 Comments

Palestine, Lebanon: Zionism-Assassin, Imperialism- Accomplice!

PCInt. | The Israeli attack in progress in Lebanon received, according to the expression even of the international press, the "green light" of the United States and the "tacit agreement" of the other great imperialists States, beginning with France (in spite of the declarations of "amity" with Lebanon!). more...  0 Comments

Who watches the VIPERS?

NY Daily News | VIPER cop commits suicide: these are the people who watch us? who watchers the watchers? more...  1 Comments

Why Lebanon? Think OIL, water, pipelines, and profits.

4peace | Why a war on Lebanon? Why now? A new article by Professor Michel Chossudovsky suggests it's about oil, water and pipeline routes, and offers insight into the war's impending expansion. The U.S. and Israel aren't the only nations with interests in this game. Other players appear to include the U.K., France, and Italy.
more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn to Host First-Ever Festival for Gender Equality!

Girls for Gender Equity | In a world where boys are still made fun of for wanting to jump double-dutch and girls are still kicked off the basketball courts because they might “break a nail” while playing, Girls for Gender Equity is proud to organize the first New York City Festival for Gender Equality on August 27th 11am – 4pm. Open to all New Yorkers, it will be held at Von King Park in Brooklyn, NY and feature entertainment by musicians, spoken word artists, and theater performers; workshops and other fun activities for children and adults; free food and giveaways; and appearances from local politicians. Over 50 community organizations will participate including Brooklyn Children's Museum, Forest Hills Community House, Global Action Project, Loisaida, New York Police Department, Planned Parenthood, Schomburg Center, Street Harassment Project, and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. more...  0 Comments

Fighting for the Right to Partybike

Wendy Scher | The "Partybike," in its third year in NYC, seems an appropriate attraction for Times Square -- gimmicky, weird, mindless fun. But the NYPD has made it a campaign to criminalize this business. But in spite of all the repression we've faced, we drivers keep showing up for work... more...  14 Comments

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