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Pet bill signed into law / Fire re-ignites legislative battle

LOHV-NYC | Council Members Alan J. Gerson (D-Manhattan), David Weprin (D-Queens) and Tony Avella (D-Queens) joined representatives from the League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC) yesterday afternoon to announce a new legislative effort to require sprinklers in pet stores. On Monday morning, a blaze at a Queens pet store killed an untold number of animals; approximately two hundred were being kept in the store. In 2004, a similar pet store fire killed over one thousand animals in Long Island. In 2002, an Upper Manhattan inferno killed over two hundred animals. more...  0 Comments

Iran:Leader of bus workers Mansoor Ossanlou released

worker Freedom | Mansoor Ossanlou, the jailed president of Tehran’s bus workers’ union (the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company), was released at 3.30 pm local time today, 9th August, after spending over seven and a half months in prison. He was warmly greeted by his family and colleagues more...  0 Comments

Lieberman’s Defeat and the State of American Politics

Barry Grey | The response of Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and the Democratic Party leadership to Lieberman’s defeat in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election says a great deal about the politics of the Democratic Party and the state of American politics as a whole.

Lieberman, a three-term senator and the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2000, lost by a 52 to 48 percent margin to Ned Lamont, an heir to the Lamont family fortune and multi-millionaire businessman, who ran as an opponent of the war in Iraq. [Also See OnNYTurf: "Lamont Wins, Lieberman Vows to Frustrate Dem Campaigns Nation Wide."] more...  7 Comments


ROBBY STAVEN | NOMOJO more...  4 Comments

Is Your U.S. Senator or U.S. House Member on this List?

reposted | by Adam Goldberg more...  0 Comments

Carl Davidson after all these years: Still right in form, still right in essence

Roy Rollin | A while back, in a similar such discussion, "the burningman" aptly described Carl Davidson's as one of "those…type(s)…who were once revolutionary and were defeated, but now spend their energy limiting the range of (what's) possible (by) permanently attaching the activist left to the Democratic Party." I couldn't have said it better myself.
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NYCLU Sues NYPD for Harassing & Detaining Photographers

NYCLU | August 7, 2006 -- The New York Civil Liberties Union today expanded a
federal lawsuit to challenge the New York City Police Department's
treatment of photographers and filmmakers. In the amended complaint
filed this morning in United States District Court in Manhattan, the
NYCLU alleged that NYPD officers are unlawfully detaining photographers
and threatening them with arrest if they will not destroy their images
or show them to police officers. more...  0 Comments

National Debt Press Conference at Federal Reserve in NYC

Liberty Dollar | The day after Ben Bernanke raises interest rates for the 18th time, Bernard von NotHaus, noted Monetary Architect, will present a $50 Gold Federal Reserve Note for redemption as specified on the Note and guaranteed by the Constitution, at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at 33 Liberty Street in lower Manhattan… more...  0 Comments

RFIDs are for dummies!

gothink3 | Citi and Chase banks are distributing “smart cards” or “blink cards” to their unknowing customers. Either way these cards contain RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and pose a threat to your privacy and bank accounts ie: digital pick-pocketing or worse a way to track humans. more...  2 Comments

Providence: Protesters chase off 21st Century Klan ride

red Bergen |
The protesters, organized by the International Socialist Organzation, the Workers International League, Working Class Emancipation, and independent activists, clearly scored a minor victory by demoralizing the racists and discouraging them from returning. But as this writer emphasized in a speech at the protest, only the massive, independent action of the working class can decisively defeat the racist vigilante groups like the Klan, the Minutemen, and the Paul Revere riders and, most importantly, overthrow the capitalist state apparatus that stimulates and defends them. more...  0 Comments

Pet Shop Fire Re-Ignites Legislative Effort for Sprinkler Requirements, Gerson to Intro Bill

LOHV-NYC | Council Member Alan J. Gerson (D-Manhattan) joined representatives from the League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC) this afternoon to announce a new legislative effort to require sprinklers in pet stores. more...  0 Comments



Toufic Haddad speaks in NYC Wednesday evening: "Why does the US support Israel's Terror?"

brooklyn socialists | **Toufic Haddad is a Palestinian-America activist and writer who edits the radical journal Between the Lines, published from Jerusalem and Ramallah. He is also a frequent contributor to Counterpunch, the International Socialist Review, and ZNet.**
more...  1 Comments

"Voto por Voto"--Mexican Civil Resistance in Five Acts

Weekly News Update on the Americas | On the first evening of the taking of Mexico City, center-left presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke to thousands crowded into the Zocalo in a driving downpour and invoked Gandhi: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they beat you, and then you win." more...  0 Comments

Diebold Touchscreen Voting Machines May Lose Federal Certification

dcl | Renton, WA
Computer scientist Professor Richard Lee, Ph.D. released a declaration Thursday (8/3/06) that could prompt a re-examination and possible revocation of federal certification for certain touchscreen voting machines. In essence, the declaration states that Diebold obtained its certification wrongfully by not declaring some of the custom components of their software as custom components. This exempted these components from oversight by independent testing authorities (ITAs) assigned to the task. more...  0 Comments

7/28-30 NGIS Conference: A Success & Milestone for the Immigrant Rights Movement!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | Yesterday We Marched
Today We Organized
Tomorrow We'll Achieve Our Dreams and Goals!

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me | August 12 National March to Stop the U.S.-Israeli War

Defend the People of Palestine and Lebanon!
From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!
Money for Jobs and Occupation, Not for War and Occupation!
Support the Palestinian People's Right to Return!
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Whether it's Israel or Iraq: The "mainstream" left's main "weakness" … towards the Democratic party

Roy Rollin | In "Israel and the future of the antiwar movement," Socialist Worker's Sharon Smith correctly points out that "the weakness of the mainstream U.S. antiwar movement toward Israeli war crimes is not a temporary aberration, but a long-standing phenomenon." She illustrates this up by connecting the UFPJ leadership's "repeat(ing) the mainstream media’s depiction" of the recent events in the Middle East to the position taken by their political predecessors (in many cases the same people with the same politics) on the eve of Israel's last invasion of Lebanon in 1982, when a massive peace rally that they organized in NYC's Central Park conveniently made no mention of Israel’s bombing of Lebanon. more...  23 Comments


Third World Solidarity Group | Support an immediate stop to the US-UK-Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Israeli troops, stop to all US-led bogus, gunboat diplomacy, adequate and fair representation of Lebanese, Palestinian and other Arab governments in the settlement of the conflict, support for the sovereignty and independence of the Palestinian and Lebanese governments!!! In the long term, end US-UK-Israeli exploitation, control and interference in the Middle East!!! more...  0 Comments

AMLO rejects tribunal decision, resistance to intensify

jen lawhorne | Sunday in Mexico City, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected a high Mexico court’s resolution for a partial recount of votes from the presidential election and announced that civil resistance will continue until demands for a full recount are met. more...  0 Comments

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