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Socialist Equality Party on the ballot in NY Senate race

SEP reporter |
The Socialist Equality Party has succeeded in placing its candidate for US Senate, Bill Van Auken, on the ballot in New York for the November 7 election, having filed petitions bearing the signatures of nearly 25,000 of the state’s voters.

The petitions, filed on August 22, were accepted by the state as valid, and the Democratic Party and its candidate, incumbent Senator Hillary Clinton, chose not to challenge the nomination, as the Democratic machine has done in other states. The official deadline for filing such a challenge expired three days after the petitions were submitted. more...  1 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: A Year After Katrina (corrected repost)

Mike Flugennock | (sorry for the repost, the server lost my images on the first one) This idea slammed head-on into my brain after reading little bits of Dubya's speech on the Katrina anniversary, after seeing the montage of drowning victims in Spike Lee's documentary, and after reading in various news reports that a year after the hurricane, corpses were still being found. more...  0 Comments



Move-On Backs Down, Sponsors Tasini vs. Clinton Poll

Tasini Up! | After months of stonewalling, is sponsoring a member poll that pits Hillary Clinton vs. anti-war insurgent Jonathan Tasini.

In the latest Indypendent, Nicholas Allanach wrote that "Sen. Hillary Clinton caught a break – if an incumbent with a war chest of tens of millions in corporate money needed one – when NY1 cancelled her debate with antiwar challenger Jonathan Tasini." || Indypendent Coverage: The Antiwar Electoral Insurgency || Alternet: Move On and Hillary Clinton || Anti-War.Com: Move-On Makes Peace with War || Tasini For New York more...  3 Comments

Bush Coming to NYC on Sept. 19th!

UFPJ | On Tuesday, Sept. 19th, President George Bush is scheduled to address the General Assembly at the United Nations -- and we will be on the streets of NYC to greet him!

United for Peace and Justice is organizing a march and rally on the morning of Sept. 19th. We want to send a strong and clear message to Bush and to the representatives of the worlds' governments: The war in Iraq must end now, all U.S troops must be brought home now! more...  4 Comments

GRANITO DE ARENA (2006) | For over 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular resistance... Granito de Arena is the story of that resistance – the story of hundreds of thousands of public schoolteachers whose grassroots, non-violent movement took Mexico by surprise, and who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year struggle for social and economic justice in Mexico's public schools.
more...  0 Comments

Armitage is the Leaker, but not the Story: Black Ops and War Lies

Dave Lindorff | The corporate media have focused on the outing of Plame but are ignoring the real story: why was the administration so focused and intent upon destroying Plame and her ambassador husband? The answer leads to a dark crime of lies and black ops aimed at promoting a pointless war in Iraq at all costs. more...  1 Comments

we need a searchable free database of Public Spending by the Federal Govt!

j. storm | a SECRET HOLD has been placed on a bill that would create a PUBLIC and SEARCHABLE database for all government contracts. who placed the SECRET HOLD? some think Ted Stevens of Alaska! more...  1 Comments

New! Vote Peace lawns signs are now available! | has added colorful lawn signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and other promotional items to it's Activist Tool Kit of downloadable petitions, handbills, web banners and other useful outreach tools. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to organizing anti-war voters into an effective political force that cannot be ignored. We provide voters with the information and tools for educating your friends and family on the occupation, writing letters to the media, or becoming active in your region's Congressional elections.

Please visit our website at and add your voice to the emerging voting block for peace, and against future wars of aggression. more...  9 Comments

Como si fueran los dueños de Cuba

Julio Cesar | Siguen lloviendo declaraciones inquietantes sobre Cuba por parte del gobierno de Estados Unidos. Estas no auguran nada bueno para el presente y el futuro de las relaciones entre ambos países.

more...  0 Comments

Another priceless moment with American President George w. Bush

Barbara | Another priceless moment with President George w. Bush more...  1 Comments

Rev. Yearwood endorses Voters Pledge For Peace

posted by David Havelka | Rev. Yearwoods' message: It is time for decent folks who care about the people of the Gulf Coast to come together and become Voters for Peace. Tell the politicans to bring the troops and resources home to the Gulf Coast where they are desperately needed. more...  0 Comments

Antiteror $ Spent Policing Critical Mass

reZz | Critical Mass in Manhattan on August 25th kicked off much like similar rides in Paris, Japan, San Francisco or Brooklyn. About 150 cyclists gathered in Union Square to the tune of marching band music, uniformed dancers and a speech marking the anniversary of hurricane Katrina. About five minutes into the ride, it seemed to be more of a memorial to the first amendment right to free assembly. The ride was quickly halved in number as phalanxes of cops rode into the group on spanking new mini scooters, grabbed people from their bikes and …. gave them traffic tickets. more...  4 Comments

Katrina, one year later

Fred Bergen | We revolutionaries insist that black liberation, including the conquest of full democratic rights for blacks in the US, can only be achieved through socialist revolution. It is hopeless and naïve to expect the US government to "rebuild for democracy". The face of US capitalist "democracy" was unmasked by Hurricane Katrina, and it's not going to get any prettier. more...  0 Comments

2007 G8 Summit set for Germany

tristan | On June 6-8, 2007, the G8 Summit will be held in northern Germany. Radical activists have been meeting to plan protests since January and have just completed a protest camp (Campinski) in the area of the summit one year early. Many other political groups are organizing as well. Come if you can, get informed or organize solidarity events-smash capitalism.
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On Katrina's Anniversary, City Belt Looks at their Schools

City Belt | Today at City Belt, we're happy to be posting our first story to the Web that will actually be in our inaugural print edition, coming out this Friday. The story we post today isn't befitting a celebration though -- it's a look at the dismantling of public education in New Orleans, post-Katrina. Author Leigh Davis was part of a trip to the Crescent City this summer, and has come back with a fantastic look into the mess that has become the Orleans Parish School District. more...  0 Comments


Stephen Lendman | WHAT FIDEL CASTRO HAS DONE FOR THE CUBAN PEOPLE more...  0 Comments

SEP Senate candidate Bill Van Auken addresses antiwar meeting in New York

SEP reporter |
The Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US Senate from New York, Bill Van Auken, spoke Sunday night to an anti-war meeting attended by several hundred people in New York City. The meeting, co-sponsored by New York Peace Action and US Tour of Duty, featured speeches by Scott Ritter, the former Marine intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector, and Ray McGovern, the former CIA intelligence officer, both outspoken critics of the war. Also speaking was Jeff Cohen, the founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), the media watchdog group. more...  2 Comments

WOID XV-33. Terr-O-Risks

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Perhaps it's time to rething the twisted logic that creates greater and greater repression, with worse and worse effects. more...  0 Comments

Critical Mass

Jen Yuson | The end of the night did not carry out the same theme, as the NYPD trapped cyclists at the start of the ride on 17th St. more...  1 Comments

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