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Council Member Avella and animal advocacy groups team up on education

LOHV-NYC | New York City Council Member Tony Avella has introduced a resolution urging the New York City Department of Education to help schools comply with New York State’s humane education law by issuing an informative memo to all public schools in the city. Enacted in 1947, New York’s humane education law requires instruction in the humane care and treatment of animals. Unfortunately, according to representatives from Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART) and the League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC), the law has not been enforced and few educators know of its existence. more...  0 Comments

No Child's Behind Left

Marion Brady (posted by Hoipolloi Cassidy) | "Picking through the present pileup as it settles into place, questions for those now in charge arise." more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Politics: The Changing Same

Kazembe Balagun | A bigger question loomed in this election: the question of political power, particularly in African and Caribbean communities. When Brooklyn Democratic head Clarence Norman, one of the most powerful men in the New York State assembly, was convicted on embezzlement charges, it represented the overall weakening of the Black political center in New York City. more...  1 Comments

El diablo en George W. Bush

por capitán Eric H. May | Un oficial de ejército anterior, con los fondos en inteligencia militar y asuntos públicos, piensa que presidente venezolano Hugo Chavez golpeó el clavo en la cabeza cuando

él llamó George W. Bush un diablo -- y da razones por las que. more...  0 Comments

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Detained by TSA at JFK

nycispes | The Venezuelan Mission to the UN is holding a press conference Sunday evening regarding the earlier detention and harassment of Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro, after accompanying President Hugo Chavez during his visit to NYC for the conference at the United Nations. more...  11 Comments

PHOTOS: SDS protestors joined large anti-Bush rally at the UN on Thursday

Jessie Carpenter | As Presdient Bush gave his speech to the UN on the morning of September 19th, 1,500 New Yorkers sang "Give Peace a Chance" at a rally outside the UN. more...  1 Comments

Chancellor Klein Vilifies NYC Teachers as 'Undesirable.'

Peter L. Waldman | NYC public schools are fast becoming revolving doors of 3-year internships for ambitious, well-meaning kids, often from elite colleges, who are on their way to bigger and better things: law school, business school, medical school (The New York Times, 10/2/05). This de-professionalization/peace-corp-ing of the teaching profession in New York City is demeaning, a threat to New York City teaching professionals, and an aggressive attempt to turn back the clock on ninety years of New York City teacher activism. more...  7 Comments

Gas Prices and Bush's Popularity

Infoshop News | Infoshop News interviewed Doug Henwood about a prediction he made last week about falling gas prices and President Bush's popularity. As USA Today reported in an article yesterday, Henwood predicted last week that the drop in gas prices would spur an increase in Bush's popularity, which has increased to 44% according to a recent polls. more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Remember Martial Law!

Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) | The political climate today is similar to 1970-72, when Marcos was preparing for martial law. Unlike Marcos, however, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) has no clear electoral mandate and she does not have firm control of the military. Unable to buy legitimacy for her illegitimate government, she is performing all sorts of legal tricks to ensure her political survival. One trick she learned from the late dictator is to monkey around with the constitution.

more...  0 Comments

Hugo Chavez: Welcome Here

Modern Pitung | I had the good fortune of being one of the folks in the audience at Cooper Union when Hugo Chavez came to speak. As the yellow corporate media here in New York City continue to lie and obfuscate about Chavez's appearances, all in the interest of fomenting yet another conflict, I felt compelled to write. more...  25 Comments

Radical Feminist Silvia Federici to teach class on women and the body in the transition to capitalism

the kids | Silvia Federici will present a class on her amazing book 'Caliban and the Witch'. more...  2 Comments

'This is Forever': From Inquiry to Refusal ~ A Discussion Series @ Bluestockings - FALL SChEDULE

the kids | This is Forever’ – this is for the future. What we will in the present cracks open the actually-existing to unleash potentials for the yet-to-come. What we affirm now will return to us, accumulating a set of powers and virtues into a body capable of refusing command and of claiming its own irreversible destiny. This is an inquiry into the current composition of political movements and struggle, which seeks to understand acts of refusal that are taking place on the terrain of everyday life and on the level of planetary antagonisms. This is the attempt to theorize from these positions toward new ways of life, and new ways of organizing society.
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STephen Lendman | HUGO CHAVEZ'S TOUR DE FORCE AT THE UN more...  4 Comments

Iraq Anti-War Rally Wall St. NYC "Columbus Day" 10/09/06 3pm

Karl Rawstron | Iraq Anti-War Rally and March to start @ South Ferry 3pm, march up Broad Street to NYSE. Call out the Corporations making war for profit and greet traders as they leave the floor of the Exchange. Speakers to include Tiokasin Ghosthorse of First Voices Indigenous Radio @ WBAI, The War Resisters League naming out "The Merchants of Death" and others. What better day to hold a war protest than "Columbus Day" the birthday of the Grandfather of Invasion, Conquest, and Empire for Profit. more...  1 Comments

Cuban VP Council of State Speaks at Church in Harlem

Ula Kuras | The Church of Intercession in Harlem, which has a history of opposition to the blockade in Cuba, drew a large crowd of ticket-holders to an evening that included key note speaker Esteban Lazo Hernandez, Vice-President of the Council of State, Head of the Department of International Relations and Member of the Delegate Committee to Cuba’s National Assembly of Popular Power.

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The Indypendent

nyc imc print | THE INDYPENDENT
Sept. 21 - October 11, 2006 more...  1 Comments

IMF out of the Philippines and South countries now, protesters demand

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) | On the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) together with the World Bank in Singapore, the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and other civil society organizations blame “the Fund” for being the single most influential factor for the worsening poverty in the Philippines and other countries in the South.

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Jurisprudence In The Philippines

Michael Carmen | Search and seizure just like a commando nature of nailing or advocating in behalf of the accused and the commanded puppet who actually serves the point blank at the desk of your attorney. A probable review of questioning legal grounds and rights of the murdered and the murderer. The Lawyer's worksheet on how to kill yourself. more...  0 Comments

Prof. Jonathan Turley: “Stop Being a Country of Chumps!”

William Hughes | A conference was held on 09/18/06 at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), in Baltimore, to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Constitution. One of the speakers was Professor Jonathan Turley of the GWU’s School of Law. He accused George W. Bush of creating an “uber presidency” and violating the “Separation of Powers” doctrine. He also blasted the two-party system as a monopoly. Prof. Turley said: “We need another political party!” more...  0 Comments

A belligerent Bush addresses the UN

By Bill Van Auken | In a speech to the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, US President George W. Bush delivered a remarkably belligerent warning to the peoples of the Middle East that Washington intends to continue and even widen its campaign of military aggression.
The dominant message in the speech was contained in the implicit threats made against Syria and Iran that they could soon face the same fate as Afghanistan and Iraq.
Such are the traditions of UN diplomacy—and the spinelessness of the world’s governments—that the body’s delegates politely applauded as Bush absurdly postured as the liberator of the Arab masses. His government’s policies of unprovoked aggression, military occupation and torture stand in direct violation of the UN charter and constitute war crimes for which he and other top US officials deserve to stand trial. more...  0 Comments

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