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Crónica de la Guerra Contra las Drogas #455

DRCNet | Crónica de la Guerra Contra las Drogas

Edición #455 – 29 de Septiembre de 2006

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White House Plaything Blogs Foley

Daithí | ...from Jeff Gannon, journalist and leading expert on Washington's sexual underground: more...  0 Comments

Labor must take the road of class struggle!

Fred Bergen | The era in which a reformist leadership could secure major gains for the workers has ended. Either the workers have to aim for it all, mobilizing the entire class to decisively and permanently defeat the forces of state repression that the monopoly capitalists array against them, or settle for nothing. more...  7 Comments

Binghamton Blogger Threatened by Cops at Breast Cancer Event

Bill Huston | America Today: We are living under a corporate occupation; government
by the rich, a fascist social order which uses propaganda to control
people minds. And when you get close
to describing the mechanisms by which the middle class and the poor are
being exploited, describing who really holds the power and how
they maintain it, the police are
called out, people are arrested, or threatened with arrest, and
are harrassed and intimidated in various other ways.

The proof is right here in Binghamton NY, folks. Wait until you hear this
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Break the Silence, End Impunity for Indonesia 1965 (Part 1)

Modern Pitung | From the end of September through October 1965, a long chain of events started in Indonesia.
In the end, millions of Indonesians were left dead or scarred for the rest of their lives by the violence that marked the beginning of the New Order regime of Suharto. Since that time, the events have gone on to be either justified or ignored in the West as a matter of "what those Third World people do." more...  0 Comments

Putting Connecticut Through Endurance Test.

Elijah Gatewood | U.S. Senator from New England refuses
take a hint that the game is over. more...  0 Comments

Rey George Bush y la verdad torturada

Capitán Eric H. May | Una inteligencia anterior del ejército y un oficial de los asuntos públicos da un análisis que disturba de apenas qué clase de plan el Neocons tiene en el almacén para los Estados Unidos con su legislación reciente para espiar y para torturar a enemigos del estado -- ¡y qué clase de hombre ella tiene en George W. Bush para llevarla hacia fuera! more...  0 Comments

King George Bush and the Tortured Truth

Captain Eric H. May | A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer gives a disturbing analysis of just what kind of plan the Neocons have in store for the United States with their recent legislation to spy and torture state enemies -- and what kind of man they have in George W. Bush to carry it out ! more...  2 Comments

GOP Paedophilia: Nothing New Under the Sun

Daithi | The repugnant behavior of Mark Foley oughtn't surprise us anymore. more...  2 Comments

PHILIPPINES: The Killings Must Stop

Movements (Europe) | This is a Statement by European Church and Civil Society Organisations regarding the recent upsurge of political killings in the Philippines.

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Time For Joe To Go.

Elijah Gatewood | Senator from Connecticut wears out his
welcome in Washington. more...  1 Comments

US Senate votes 100-0 for $70 billion more in war spending

The Editorial Board | The unanimous vote by the US Senate on Friday to approve the Bush administration’s request for an additional $70 billion to finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrates a basic truth of American politics: the Democratic Party, no less than the Republicans, is a party of imperialist militarism and war. more...  1 Comments

IRAN: the Squall and US/NATO's Bloodlust Without Borders

Foreign Press Foundation - HR | The US moves 12.000 troops to the south of Afghanistan, to the Iranian border. NATO is freeing up US forces for the war against Iran, which has a warp speed torpedo, the Squall, as a bad surprise in store. The USS Eisenhower leaves next Tuesday with a war fleet, maybe we'll see the 'Hormuz one-way Streets'? more...  0 Comments

I am outraged - my column for Bush Business

Jerry Pippin, Talk Show | My own congressman, Dan Boren, has proven to me is not a man fit for office, or any position in life. How can he vote for torture? It is beyond my understanding. From this moment on, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure the likes of Dan Boren never serve any longer... more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES: The worst regime post-Marcos

AKBAYAN | AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) commemorates Martial Law with condemnation of worst regime post-Marcos.

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Act Now: Federal Legislation Labels Activism 'Terrorism'

Animal Rights | The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is currently pending in Congress, and industry groups are doing their best to push it through quickly and with little public scrutiny, Patriot Act style, before Fall recess.
Please act now to make sure that the War on Terrorism, and the tragedy of 9/11, isn’t used to push a political agenda and silence dissent.
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Clinton and Kerry set Democrats’ pro-war agenda for 2006 election

By Bill Van Auken | In a pair of key back-to-back political interventions early this week, former Democratic President Bill Clinton and the party’s defeated 2004 presidential candidate, John Kerry, set a clear militarist agenda for the Democrats in November’s midterm election.
Clinton’s pronouncement came in the midst of a heated interview Sunday with Chris Wallace of the right-wing Fox News television channel. more...  0 Comments

Democrats defend “our president” against international criticism

Patrick Martin | The pretense that the Democratic Party represents some sort of opposition to the Bush administration was punctured again last week when leading Democrats vociferously condemned the anti-Bush speech given by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to the United Nations General Assembly. more...  1 Comments

No Child Left Behind, My Ass!

Peter L. Waldman | High-stakes tests are not valid measurements for academic achievement. Far too often, schools are scapegoated for failed or non-existent economic policy. Until the structural issues underlying poverty and institutional racism are addressed, then it’s not the achievement gap that is going to widen, but the income gap more...  0 Comments

Suicide Bomber

leef | Perhaps the two most feared words in the English language today are “suicide bomber”; the propaganda machine in the west ensures that these two words continue to strike fear and terror into the hearts of the civilian population. Circumstances occasionally present all of us with unusual opportunities. When a young man who claimed the above distinction wished to make known his story it would have been a dereliction of my profession to refuse the request. The public interest is not served unless both sides of a story are made available. more...  0 Comments

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