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Mexico: the National Democratic Convention

Martín Juarez | to say that the CND was a "great step forward", avoiding the fact that AMLO sought to contain the movement within a bourgeois program, is a flagrant error more...  0 Comments

Images: WCW March & Rally NYC

fred askew | Photographs from the World Can't Wait March and Rally NYC more...  2 Comments

Torture: An American Institution

Mickey Z. | Thanks to CIA and U.S. training, the true American torture legacy lies in the bloody fingerprints found across the globe. more...  0 Comments

Black Cross Health Collective's "What to do if exposed to tear gas/pepper spray"

reposted | author: Lupin more...  0 Comments

It's the Democrats' Fault

Daithí | No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm serious. more...  0 Comments

Polls On Lieberman Lead Means Nothing.

Elijah Gatewood | Expert on political polls sets the record straight in
Connecticut Senate race. more...  1 Comments

Walkouts and Protests Oct. 5 to "Drive Out the Bush Regime"

Jed Brandt / WCW | The World Can't Wait has called for a national day of action on October 5th against the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. In New York City, students are walking out in the morning and people are gathering across the street from the United Nations as 12 noon. By 1:30 pm, a permitted march will go down 2nd Avenue to Union Square for an rally that begins at 4:00 pm. On Your Own Terms: Open Letter to Activists Regarding World Can't Wait || New York Protest Info || Complete listings of protests around New York State and the country. more...  0 Comments

Enviro Groups Urge Candidates to Pledge a Toxic Free Future for NYS

Citizens Environmental Coalition | The Alliance for a Toxic Free Future (ATFF0 called today for candidates for state office in New York State to pledge to take action to reduce the threat to the public health and environment from exposure to unsafe chemicals. “ATFF represents New York State’s growing movement for environmental health and justice. We trust that those who claim to represent New Yorkers will gladly sign the pledge to protect our families, workers and environment. Recent developments in science and technology promise to move the chemical industry to a new green future. We need leadership from government and business to realize this promise,” said Prof. Steve Breyman, co-chair of the Board of Citizens’ Environmental Coalition.
more...  0 Comments

Protest Bush – Thusday, Oct. 5 – All day – No work, No school

Volunteer of America | No Work, No School: Everyone out to a full day of protests. Meet at 12 noon across from the United Nationas (47th Street and 2nd Avenue), march at 1:30 down 2nd Avenue to Union Square. Bring your own signs, banners, musical instruments and determination. Bush is going down. We will make it happen. more...  3 Comments

Bush Policies are "Ongoing Criminal Activity" under U.S. and International Law, Scholar Says

reposted | The House of Representatives “must impeach President Bush more...  0 Comments

Democrats Who Voted Against Habeas Corpus

reposted | by Keith, [found on the Houston IMC]

more...  2 Comments

Throw out the bureaucrats: Labor must take the road of class struggle!

Fred Bergen | Throw out the union bureaucrats, betrayers of the workers!
Labor must take the road of class struggle! more...  5 Comments

Why Hillary Clinton Voted for the Anti-Immigrant Wall

By Bill Van Auken | Last May, in the wake of mass demonstrations that brought millions of immigrants to the streets in cities throughout the United States, New York’s Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton spoke with disdain for the Republican right’s proposals mandating a crackdown on foreign-born workers.

This Republican-backed legislation, which turned undocumented workers—as well as anyone who provided them with aid—into criminal felons, was the provocation that sparked the mass protests.
“I cannot and will not support one-sided solutions that sound tough but neither deal with our porous borders nor treat with respect and dignity the millions of families who live and work in our country,” Clinton declared.

Last Friday, however, she did exactly that, joining Senate Republicans and the majority of her Democratic colleagues in voting for an ignominious piece of legislation known as the “Secure Fence Act of 2006.” more...  1 Comments

Congress Calls for Direct Action

reposted | by: anonymous [comments] more...  4 Comments

Watch ‘Em Drown, Again: Will the Democrats Blow It This Time?

Daithí | Have you ever heard the story of the drowning man who called to God to save him? more...  1 Comments

Wars and Debts and Taxes, Oh My!

populist | If my memory hasn't failed yet, it wasn't just the Republican Party that got us into this horrible mess. The Democrats voted for it as well, promoted it as a necessity, and even bombed Iraq on a regular basis throughout the 1990s; all the while aggressively supporting UN sanctions that resulted in over one million innocents dead. more...  1 Comments


Joseph Huff-Hannon | a talk with Tom Hayden on the occasion of the
publication of Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the
Chicago Eight. The book is complete with trial transcripts, original
courtroom drawings by the renowned political cartoonist Jules Feiffer,
and comparisons of the similarities of between the '60's struggles
against the Johnson administration and the war in Vietnam and Bush and
events in the Middle East. Tom Hayden, director of No More Sweatshops!,
is the author of eighteen books, including Irish on the Inside, was a
founding member of SDS and the author of one of the great works in
political theory, The Port Huron Statement. He was one of the Chicago
Eight and is still a leading civil rights as well-as anti war activist.
more...  0 Comments

Open Letter to Katherine Harris, Kenneth Blackwell and All Election Workers:

messenger | The cat is out of the bag, guys.
more...  0 Comments

World Can't Wait! Protest Oct. 5 Against Bush Regime

jeny | Be part of stopping a regime making torture legal! Come out Thursday
wherever you are.
more...  2 Comments

SEP demands right to participate in debates for US Senate candidates in New York

World Socialist Web Site | Bill Van Auken, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US Senator from the state of New York, demanded that he be included in debates scheduled this month between incumbent Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton and her Republican challenger, former Yonkers mayor John Spencer.

In October 2 letters addressed to the sponsors of the debate as well as to the Democratic and Republican candidates, Van Auken insisted: “Tens of thousands of New Yorkers signed petitions to place my party and my name on the ballot because they oppose the war in Iraq, the attacks on democratic rights and the assault on living standards that are being carried out by both major parties. They have a right to have their concerns heard in a public candidates debate.” more...  1 Comments

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