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Oaxaca at the crossroads

Martín Juárez | If these [Mexico City] agreements are imposed, it would signify the surrender of the Oaxaca commune to the state forces, in accordance with the program of the most class collaborationist sectors of the APPO leadership and of Section 22 of the Teachers Union. more...  0 Comments

Republica Dominicana: sigue la represion politico-militar

COMITÉ DE SOLIDARIDAD CON LOS PUEBLOS | El Comité de Solidaridad con los Pueblos integrado por personalidades y organizaciones de la comunidad newyorkina esta preocupado por las olas de asesinatos y atropellos que se vienen cometiendo en diferentes comunidades de la Republica Dominicana y muy especialmente en el reciente hecho que tiene consternada la población por el secuestro y asesinato del joven estudiante de termino en derecho de la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Elvin Amable Rodríguez; el pasado lunes 25 de septiembre a manos de la Policía Nacional.
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Response to US Rep Charlie Rangel's comments on President Chavez

Stephen J. | My letter to US Rep Charlie Rangel (D-NY-15) regarding his attack on President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela from a progressive citizen who lives in his district. more...  3 Comments


Time's Up! | Participants in Garden Community Day will plant flowers, build a children’s clubhouse and raise awareness of the garden’s proposed demolition. Time’s Up! teams up with gardeners, children and supporters to save the Children’s Magical Garden de Carmen Rubio, a community garden thriving on the Lower East Side for the past 20 years. S&H Equities is seeking to obtain the garden’s two City-owned lots in order to develop on one of the few remaining green spaces south of East Houston Street. more...  0 Comments

Did VA Hide Figures Showing 1 in 4 US Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Disabled From Service?

reposted | by Democracy Now more...  0 Comments

Environment Hating Senators List

reposted | This is from the League of Conservation Voters. It shows the percentage of votes "for" the environment of members of the US Senate who are morally bankrupt and do what the corporations want them to do in return for the campaign contributions they were given.

The complete list is here:
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Environment Hating Members of the House List

reposted | This is from the League of Conservation Voters. It shows the percentage of votes "for" the environment of members of the US House of Representatives that are morally bankrupt and do what the corporations want them to do in return for the campaign contributions they were given.

The complete list is here:
Click on "Look up Scores"
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Plea to the Awake, Aware and Outraged

Cathy Garger | A heartfelt plea for each and every American citizen to take action. With 2 political parties so corrupt, voting is not going to save us. So now what? Doing nothing is *not* an option.
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Stephen Lendman | BBC BLACK PROPAGANDA AGAINST HUGO CHAVEZ more...  1 Comments

U.S. Military Has Killed 127-238,000 Iraqi Civilians

Dave Lindorff | Most of the media have missed the main point about the Johns Hopkins/Lancet study of deaths caused by the U.S. invasion. Certainly it’s true that many of those deaths have been caused by Iraqi insurgents, civil war fighters and criminals, but nearly a third of them—nearly all civilians and a high proportion children--were the direct result of U.S. weapons fire.
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Aborígenes del continente llaman a pasar de la resistencia al poder

Hernán Mena Cifuentes | Desde Alaska hasta la Patagonia, se escucha el clamor de esos millones de seres humanos, exigiendo sus derechos, negadas durante siglos por la sociedad y sus gobiernos que, siguiendo leyes y costumbres impuestas por los mal llamados descubridores, siguen imponiendo el poder heredado de aquellos, despojándolos de las pocas tierras que les quedan, envenenando el hábitat, donde a duras penas sobreviven en medio del hambre, pobreza y enfermedades a los que han sido condenados.
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Rose Colored Glasses: A New & Unique Public Education & Deprogramming Video Series.

RCG Webmaster | I had two goals when making this series. To make a permanent historical record of these dark times, AND to make these videos available as cheap and easily mass-produced Super VCD's for apathetic and uninformed people to be able to watch on their Televisions. It is my hope that activists might use them as tools to educate and to inspire the populace. more...  0 Comments

Important data for anyone doing antiwar work from The Lancet

bartleby | Repsected British medical journal The Lancet has published new statistics on who is getting killed in Iraq.
It is important that you have an understanding of these numbers. Being knowledgable can go a long way toward impressing folks on the fence with the fact that you know of what you speak nd should be taken seriously. more...  0 Comments

US Denies Cuban Five Access to Books

ACN | Cuban Five more...  0 Comments

Community Groups Denounce Continued Proposed Privatization of Randall's Island

Well informed, poetic famous Writer | Community groups are outraged over a plan that would allow private schools
from the Upper East Side to dominate ball fields on Randalls Island. Under a
proposed agreement between the Parks Department and a group of Manhattan
private schools, more than 30 fields will be for their exclusive use.

"Here we go again. With the proposed destruction of park land that the
private water park would require, the Administration is scrambling for
schemes to make up for it. This is an unfortunate indication of how out of
touch they are. more...  1 Comments

The Truth About Lieberman

Elijah Gatewood | Extremist for money shows dark side of
Connecticut Senator more...  0 Comments

North Korea nuke test: A justified measure of self-defense

Working Class Emancipation | We revolutionaries are for the unconditional defense of North Korea,
because the post-World-War-II liberation of Korea destroyed capitalism
in the North, driving out the capitalists and big landlords, and created
a workers' state that was deformed from the start by a conservative
bureaucracy on the Stalinist model. more...  0 Comments

CNN: Bush denies Iraq's Death Toll Has Reached 655,000

Washington Post + CNN | "According to the survey results, Iraq's mortality rate in the year before the invasion was 5.5 deaths per 1,000 people; in the post-invasion period it was 13.3 deaths per 1,000 people per year. The difference between these rates was used to calculate "excess deaths." more...  0 Comments

The Mark Foley scandal: Where is the crime?

Fred Bergen | It is the capitalists and their parties who politicize sex. They claim
to be defending the innocent and vulnerable, but anyone who has seen the
pictures from Abu Ghraib prison knows that this government doesn't give
a damn about sexual torture and molestation. Their real intent is to
persecute anyone who strays outside the completely artificial bounds
prescribed by the patriarchal, heterosexual bourgeois family, and in the
process arrogate to themselves ever greater police powers. more...  3 Comments

A Columbia Student's Thoughts on the Minutemen Protests

Columbia Sophomore | Last week, Columbia students rushed the stage to interrupt Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist's speech. They have been roundly condemned by the campus and national media for doing so. They should be celebrated for standing firm on bedrock principles of antiracism and sending a strong message to dangerous armed right-wing extremists. || Mini-Riot at Columbia as Minutemen Forced Off Stage || Minuteman Director Calls Columbia Students "21st Century Fascists || Jim Gilchrist Wimps Out on DN! Interview || President's Letter to Columbia Protesters more...  13 Comments

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