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Chicago's Schweickart Present Socialist Theory in Venezuela

Carl Davidson | [Chicago's David Schweickart, Philopsophy, Loyola, is in Venezuela, invited to present his theory of 'Economic Democracy' as a market socialist alternative for the 21st Century that is in tune with global justice, paticipatory democracy and Karl Marx's orginal ideas as well. What follows is just the introduction to his presentation, which is much longer, and can be found at --CarlD]

. more...  0 Comments

Call for Sit-Ins at the White House, Nov. 6-9

town crier |
We need 5000 folks to SURROUND the White House. Think about it, 100 from every state. Now thats representation. Can you be there? As Cindy Sheehan a part of history. Don't forget to vote absentee before you come more...  0 Comments

Delegations to Venezuela

Edward Mercado |
The delegations seek to build a strong relationship between grassroots organizations and individuals who seek to take advantage of the example that the Bolivarian revolution is projecting to the world that “A Better World is Possible”.
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South Bronx Residents Oppose Planned Prison

David Ferris | In a town hall meeting that opened with community leaders pledging opposition to the planned construction of a new correctional facility in the South Bronx and ended with boisterous, passionate chants of “No more jails!,” local residents and activists unequivocally expressed their opposition to the planned prison to New York City Department of Correction Commissioner Martin Horn, who insisted that a new jail in the Bronx was needed to replace aging facilities on Rikers Island. The meeting, organized by Community in Unity, a coalition of fifteen Bronx community organizations, was called to demand transparency and accountability in the planning process and to offer alternatives to the proposed 2,000-bed facility, which has raised the ire of some members of the Hunts Point community, who have criticized the city for excluding them from the planning and question the value of building yet another jail. more...  0 Comments

Annual Infamous TIME'S UP! Halloween Dance Party

TIME'S UP! | FRIDAY OCTOBER 27 2006: Come dance till you drop dead to the spooky sounds of DJ Suggested D, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, video projections by the Glass Bead Collective and more entertainment to come...
Party to follow Halloween Critical Mass. Put on your scariest costumes and let's ride and party! more...  0 Comments

Computerization of voting in Brazil

David Petersen | I will present a summary of the computerization of voting in Brazil, but before that, it's necessary to explain some characteristics of the organization of the electoral power so that it can be understood, because some things happened that could lead to misunderstanding more...  0 Comments

The fake compassion of Europe's right-wing

James Cooke | It’s interesting to see what issues can infiltrate and corrupt the Left. Usually the offenses are blatant— supporting the ‘war on terror’, electing ‘progressive Democrats’, calling for military intervention into a troubled region (Yugoslavia— and now Sudan). Sometimes though, more subtle topics can confuse and disorientate the Left, the most recent example being the sudden reemergence of the WWI Armenian genocide as a hot-button issue. more...  0 Comments

Rove in Buffalo: what's that smell?

Van Helsing | But in New York State who needs the Dems to tell us how vile and evil Karl Rove is! Actually, one wonders why the citizens of Buffalo even allowed this goose-stepping neo-con within the city limits! Where were the protests?? more...  0 Comments

League of Women Voters Protest Hawkins Exclusion from US Senate Debates

Howie Hawkins | The League of Women Voters has withdrawn its sponsorship from a planned US Senate debate on October 22nd because Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins is not being allowed to participate. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Republican John Spencer are the only candidates invited by WABC. The League said that Hawkins, who has pulled surprisingly well in recent polls as an anti-war candidate, met their definition of a legitimate candidate who should be included. Hawkins and his supporters have led protests outside of the two recent debates. more...  2 Comments

Art of War : Die Bold!

Larmee | Die Bold more...  0 Comments

Immigration March

Steven Wishnia | Several hundred people rallied in Union Square Oct. 21 to demand
legalization of illegal immigrants. The crowd, composed mainly of
immigrants-from Mexico, Guatemala, China, the Dominican Republic,
South Asia, and more-union members, and leftist sects, then marched
up Sixth Avenue to Times Square. Speakers included relatives of
deported immigrants and City Councilmembers Charles Barron and John
Liu. more...  4 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Resist Arroyo’s “mad dog” campaign to cripple the political opposition!

Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) | The Department of Interior and Local Government’s “preventive suspension” of Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and his entire city council based on flimsy administrative charges marks the height of the Arroyo government’s “mad dog” campaign to cripple the political opposition by all means.

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Celebrities and politicians gather for animals

LOHV-NYC | Peter Max, Nellie McKay, Grant Aleksander, State Senator Frank Padavan and others gather to celebrate LOHV-NYC's 5th anniversary! more...  0 Comments

Former Watergate Era Congresswoman Advocates Impeachment of Bush for Violations of U.S. Constitution

Between the Lines' Scott Harris | Former Watergate Era Congresswoman Advocates Impeachment of Bush for Violations of U.S. Constitution~Interview with Elizabeth Holtzman, former congresswoman, conducted by Scott Harris more...  0 Comments

Blair joins the attack on Britain’s Muslims

Chris Marsden | Prime Minister Tony Blair has placed himself at the head of an ongoing and sinister campaign against Britain’s Muslim minority.
This week he used his monthly press conference to solidarise himself with former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s attack on the veil or niqab, telling reporters that it was “a mark of separation and that is why it makes other people from outside of the community feel uncomfortable.”
He also backed the decision by Kirklees council to suspend the young teaching assistant Aishah Azmi for refusing to remove her veil in front of male staff. more...  1 Comments

WOID XV-49. Dead unions walking

"Quill" Mike | Today's poster boy for union corruption is Brian McLaughlin, the very ex president of the New York City Central Labor Council, who was indicted last week on so many charges you had to check his perp shot just to make sure he didn't look like Edward G. Robinson.
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TOMMORROW: Book Launch/Discussion of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Biography

Indiana University Press | Ruairi O'Bradaigh The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary

Listen - Ask - Learn.


US Book Launch of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Biography

Date: Saturday, 21 October 2006
Venue: O'Lunney's Times Square Pub
145 W 45th St (Between 6th & Broadway)
New York, NY 10036

5 - 7 PM ---- BOOK LAUNCHING ---- Indiana University Press Sponsor an
evening with author Robert White. He will be reading from / discussing
his book: Ruairi O'Bradaigh The Life and Politics of an Irish

(Everyone Welcome!)

Related Link: more...  1 Comments

November Election Determines Connecticut Senate Race.

Elijah Gatewood | Wishful thinkers that supported invasion
of Iraq, continue reliance on data on
Lieberman lead in poll. more...  0 Comments

Turkey and the Armenian Genocide: Lecture/Discussion

Taner Akcam | October 2, Monday, 6:30-8:00pm,
Elebash Recital Hall,
CUNY Graduate Center,
365 5th Avenue, Manhattan more...  0 Comments

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