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The Battle in Seattle (Looking Back Seven Years)

Mickey Z. | "The goal is to globalize equity not poverty, solidarity not anti-sociality, diversity not conformity, democracy not subordination, and ecological balance not suicidal rapaciousness." more...  1 Comments

Global Warming: Hawkins Says Clinton Puts Fundraising Efficiency Before Fuel Efficiency

Howie Hawkins | Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate, said today that Hillary Clinton’s massive corporate fundraising explains her failure to support a rapid transition to renewable energy and energy conservation to stop global warming. Hawkins called for Congress to pass legislation to reduce carbon emissions by 70% in ten years. He said this goal, which is what leading climate scientists say is necessary to stabilize the global climate, should take priority over the special interests of the auto, oil, nuclear, and suburban developer industries. more...  1 Comments

Lieberman’s Electoral Fate Tests Power of Wirepullers

William Hughes | Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the ultra Iraqi War Hawk, is up for reelection in Connecticut on Nov. 7th. He lost the Democratic primary, but has re-created himself as an Independent. Ned Lamont is his opponent. If Lieberman can be defeated, it will be a blow to the Wirepullers and also an opportunity for antiwar forces to reshape the new Congress, which may lead to impeachment proceedings, in 2007, against both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. more...  0 Comments

PFP Occupation of Oaxaca Reveals Growing Polarization Within the Populace

James Daria Narco News | The city of Oaxaca is no longer filled with the smoke of burning buses and tear gas, but instead is burning from the inside as further polarization of the community has increased tensions amid a “peace” brought about by the forces of law and order. The city, paralyzed for the last two days, tried to return to normalcy as many business reopened. Overshadowing the this normalcy was the threat of more violence among the people due to a march convened in support of the Oaxacan state governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz more...  4 Comments

Halloween Street Protest Targets Pataki

Housing Works |

Tuesday, October 31, 2006- Penned in by police barricades across from the Governor George Pataki's office on 41st Street, poor people living with AIDS and advocates crowded this morning around a large bobbing and flapping Vampire-Pataki puppet, with small, paper Pataki-faced bats fluttering in their hands.

"Shame! Shame! Shame on Pataki," they chanted, demanding the New York Governor step in to reverse a state-mandated rent hike for PLWA living in supportive AIDS housing. [Read More at Housing Works]

more...  0 Comments

Protest Bush regime meddling in Nicaraguan elections

sandino | It is important that each time Trivelli interferes in Nicaragua's democratic process that solidarity activists complain to the State Department (202-647- 3559 for the Nicaragua desk or 202-647-6575 to leave a recorded comment) and to your elected representatives (Capitol Switchboard 202-224- 3121.) You should demand that Trivelli be removed as Ambassador to Nicaragua more...  0 Comments

Election campaign reveals Democrats’ lurch to the right

By Bill Van Auken | With the US midterm elections just a week away, Democratic Party leaders and candidates are waging the most right-wing campaign in the party’s history. The essential content of this campaign is a pledge to continue the Bush administration’s policies of militarism abroad and social reaction at home. more...  0 Comments

American Soldiers: Chief Victims of Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, Snow, Rumsfeld, Hume

Sathya Spreads | American Soldiers: Victims of War Profiteers Keep them safe.. Bring Them Home Today!!!!!!land mines, depleted uranium, humvee's over land mines, sniping, food poisoning .. toxic vaccines.. some of the hazards of being a victim of the war profiteer network more...  2 Comments

OAXACA NEWSFLASH: Three thousand teachers from Michoacán state will go to Oaxaca to support the APPO

Fred Bergen | ***
REMINDER: Providence, RI
Demonstration today, 4 PM
Kennedy Plaza federal building

US, Mexico: Hands Off Oaxaca!
Troops and police out of Oaxaca!
For a government of the APPO and the workers'
For a general strike in defense of the people of

*** more...  0 Comments

Holland: All elections manipulated - except one

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent | Midterm elections in the US? In Holland people can 'vote' in the 22 November election. Or now play chess with the 1187 hacked and easily manipulated electronic voting computers. It's scary to see what the creatures in power do to screw the people. Taking away everybody's vote and voice too. more...  0 Comments

DC IWW Sez "Oaxaca Libre!" at Mexican Embassy

Mike Flugennock | It was a healthy, energetic crowd -- for a change -- that turned out for the emergency protest against the murder of protesters and journalists by Mexican paramilitaries in Oaxaca. RealVideo stream, 04:52. more...  0 Comments

Rebel Spirit: Mexico Rises Up Against a Corrupt System (Sept. 21, 2006 Indypendent)

Newshound | PDF for Sept. 21, 2006 Indypendent || Oaxaca on the Brink: Popular Rebellion Spreads in Southern Mexico || Mexican Leftist to Lead "Government in Resistance" || Zapatismo in El Barrio more...  0 Comments


The Indypendent, | These posters are for sale individually, or in bulk. Buy a bunch and resell them to benefit your anti-war or counter-recruitment organization. email or call 212-221-0521 for cheap bulk prices. more...  0 Comments

The APPO vows to take back Oaxaca

LeftyHenry | Although federal forces have retaken the town center through sheer force, the revolt is not over. more...  5 Comments

Mexico's Lower House of Congress Calls on Oaxaca State's Embattled Governor to Resign

Reuters | MEXICO CITY, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Mexico's lower house of Congress called on Oaxaca state's embattled governor to resign on Monday to end months of violent protests that led riot police to seize control of the state capital over the weekend. more...  0 Comments

Images: Protest at Mexican Consulate

Mike Topper | Images from action at mexican consulate more...  0 Comments

Images: Protest at Mexican Consulate

Mike Topper | more...  0 Comments

Images: Mexican Consulate

fred askew | Activists demand justice at the Mexican Consulate more...  4 Comments

RSF Identifies Killers of Brad Will in Oaxaca

Nessuno | They are municipal policeman Juan Carlos Soriano (on the left in the photo, in a red T-shirt and holding an automatic firearm), municipal personnel chief Manuel Aguilar (centre) and public security director Abel Santiago Zárate, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which controls the state government. more...  5 Comments

Major Protest at Mexican Consulate in NYC; Multiple Arrests

from the street | Several hundred people at consulate. Many people are wearing white shirts with red dots.

The action began with a banner drop.

Three people locked themselves to the consulate door, breaking it, and had to be sawed off, leading to multiple arrests

IMC videographer Brandon Jourdan lay down in the street in front of the consulate and blocked traffic. Was arrested; took six cops to get him up.

IMC photographer Erin Siegal possibly arrested for taking photos.

The NYPD is now setting up pens everywhere.

Tons of chanting, banners, and tons of media. more...  0 Comments

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