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An open letter to Christians who vote

A Christian | Millions of American Christians have had enough of watching our faith being hijacked and warped for partisan political gain, and watching as "Christian" leaders annihilate Christ's message of love, compassion and peacemaking to replace it with a message of fear, arrogance, greed and warmongering. On November 7th, we'll reject the tactics of fear, hatred and deceit, and we'll vote Christ's values: love, compassion, gentleness, caring (including caring for gays and for women's medical privacy!), humility and peacemaking.
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Fear of the Working Class At Home And Internationally Stirs Some Debate Among the Bankers

Richard Mellor | There is growing concern among sections of the capitalist class that the rising opposition to their global offensive and the market will get out of control. more...  0 Comments


d.o. | If the long awaited October Surprise is rather the November Surprise of saddam's verdict, who is going to be surprised? more...  0 Comments

11/03: Short Minute to Minute from Oaxaca

Barucha Calamity Peller | Radio Universidad in Oaxaca shot at with AK'47s. more...  0 Comments

Carta de la señora Maigret a Pepe Montilla

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate | Animada por las nuevas participaciones en sus listas de debate en las que pretende denunciar la conspiración de los medios de comunicación para descconstruir el concepto de Estado Nación en las audiencias, el día siguiente a las elecciones autonómicas que se celebraron en Catalunya el pasado 1 de noviembre, la señora Maigret trata de explicar al candidato del PSC, Pepe Montilla, que pese a la exclusión con la que éste estigmatiza el método y la persona de la emisora de la carta, estos podrían ayudar al receptor para liberarse del recurso al eterno retorno de los conflicto del caso catalán, porque obligarían al mismo a plantearse alternativas a aquél.

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Lieberman's Republican Traits.

Elijah Gatewood | Why Connecticut Senator's switch to being
Independent still makes him GOP. more...  1 Comments

The Indypendent

nyc imc print | November 1 - 30, 2006
Death of a Journalist: Remembering Brad Will more...  4 Comments

John Kerry’s Reality Attack

peptide | In that strange inverted land called America politicians who tell the truth risk ridicule and reprimand; John Kerry has been attacked by the opposition and members of his own party for stating the truth regarding the intellectual capability of some military personnel in Iraq. 'And they all screamed foul' – only in America! more...  1 Comments

Lawrence Kansas Solidarity Action

Jordan F. | On Nov 1st, in Lawrence Kansas between 15 and 20 people from the local community used a nearly 40 foot long banner reading “Justice for the People of Oaxaca; Governor Ruiz and Troops Out” to blockade the road across the street from the local corporate news source the Lawrence Journal World's offices. more...  2 Comments

City Council Hearing on Randall's Island, Nov 3rd 10 Am City Hall

Member | Join East Harlem Preservation, Friends of Brook Park, Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito, Chair Helen Foster and more
at the City Council Parks & Recreation
Committee Hearing on the Proposed Randalls Island Waterpark Ball Fields Franchise
Details: Oversight - The Proposed Agreement Between the Parks Department and
Private Schools for the Destroyed shorelines by the Giulianin era water theme park and the proposed Exclusive Use of the Fields on Randall's Island.
It is reported that the Parks Department, mayor's office and public private Randall's Is;land Sports Foundation are too scared to attend. Be there!!! more...  1 Comments

Mexican PFP Assaulting University of Oaxaca, Radio APPO, Right Now: Minute By Minute Update

Barucha Calamity Peller and Guerrero in Oaxaca | The APPO Repels the PFP from The Benito Juarez University in Oaxaca

Additional comprehensive updates at La Luchita more...  2 Comments

Killed for the Truth, Paid for the Lies, and Impunity for the Murderers

Joshua Breitbart |

Here are two small but important details about Brad’s death:

He was wearing an Indymedia t-shirt when he was shot. One bullet must have gone right through the (((i)). Maybe that shouldn’t matter to me but it does. I have that t-shirt, as do many people I love.

Second, Brad lived for nearly an hour after he was shot. The initial photos made it seem like he died on the spot. Other reports suggest he died minutes later on the way to a hospital. In fact, protesters carried his body for a long distance, drove a car until it ran out of gas, unsuccessfully tried to wave down a couple of trucks – it started to rain – and then, about five blocks from the Red Cross station, he died. I don’t know if this should matter either, but it does.

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Police enter University in Oaxaca

dfense | The Federal Police have entered the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, firing tear gas and arresting students and staff of Radio Universidad. more...  0 Comments

PFP Draws Increasingly Intimidating Intimidating Posture, University City, Oaxaca

CML / Indybay | 00:20 PFP roams University City, location of Radio University. Apparently it is an intimidatory act. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity in Flames (aka, "Where's AMLO??)

La Journada, Trans. Narco News | The entire structure of political organizations and institutionalized labor unions are, in spite of their differences, leaving Oaxaca in solitude during these crucial moments. No great social mobilizations have sprung up, like the ones that were started to stop the war against zapatismo in 1994, not like the mobilizations that arose against the Acteal massacre. The electoral routine, that is, the logic of the existing institutions, has taken over every social mobilization. There are a few declarations and a few protests, but no great mobilization of forces like the one organized in the electoral dispute. more...  0 Comments

Hacking Democracy

Brian | This documentary will air Nov 2 in US.

Electronic voting machines count about 87% of the votes cast in America today. But are they reliable? Are they safe from tampering? .... The timely, cautionary documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY exposes gaping holes in the security of America's electronic voting system.

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Camera his weapon vs. injustice, Daily News Column

by Juan Gonzalez | Camera his weapon vs. injustice

When the bullets started to fly, New York photojournalist Bradley Will was clutching a camera, doing what he loved most - filming a group of downtrodden people fighting for respect in some forgotten corner of our world.
This was last Friday, on a narrow street on the outskirts of Oaxaca, Mexico, where Will, 36, a longtime member of New York's radical IndyMedia Center, had gone in early October to document an amazing story.

It is one our own national media somehow managed to ignore for five long months.

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Bush and the Elements

Anonymous | A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. more...  0 Comments

UN expert concerned over rights violations in Mexico violence

Jurist | A UN human rights expert expressed concern Tuesday about human rights violations allegedly committed by a Mexican paramilitary group in the Mexican province of Oaxaca during clashes between protesters and the police. more...  0 Comments

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