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One Emergency Away

Cascade Dem | The Bushies are using Katrina to extend their reach and eliminate local control more...  1 Comments

Washington Prepares for New Hurricane


Photos from Now NYC Demonstration against Roberts as Chief Justice

Stanley W. Rogouski | Tom Duane, Elizabeth Holtzman and a number of musicians showed up. more...  5 Comments

Killing Americans By Health Care Policy

populist | Lack of health insurance kills Americans. more...  0 Comments

MTA Board Approves Atlantic Yards Sale to Ratner.

No Land Grab |

vanderbiltyards.jpgHere are snippets of today's coverage of the MTA Board decision and what comes next:

Asbury Park Press, Ratner clears one hurdle in moving Nets to Brooklyn [Read More]

Much more coverage at No Land Grab more...  2 Comments

Katrina body counting duties given to firm tied to Bush family

Pam | "Kenyon is a subsidiary of Service Corporation International (SCI), a scandal-ridden Texas-based company operated by a friend of the Bush family. Recently, SCI subsidiaries have been implicated in illegally discarding and desecrating corpses. " more...  1 Comments

small WORLD: Dr. Ben Marble, "Go fu** yourself, Mr. Cheney!"

small WORLD Podcast | We discuss the events of September 8th that led to him telling Cheney off. more...  0 Comments

Block Roberts nomination

Final Hour | NOW: Rally Union Sq. TODAY 5:30 (Sept. 15)

NOW (National Organization of Women) has organized a rally to block Roberts' nomination to the Supreme court. His possible confirmation would mean a loss of liberty and rights not just for women however. Join this last hour rally to make your voice HEARD! more...  1 Comments

RCP: Three Fundamental Lessons of Katrina

RosaRL | Three fundamental things to be learned from what has been happening, including the role of the government, in relation to hurricane Katrina more...  1 Comments

Why isn't UN / Bush Visit on the index??

CSD | The most hated president (sic) in American history is in the city that hates him the most and where is indy media??? No articles, no schedule or info. No news. more...  5 Comments

Le Figaro: US May Be Headed Towards a Collapse

Le Figaro | Emmanuel Todd, the French historian/demographer who correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, tells conservative Paris daily Le Figaro that the US's time may be up even sooner than he originally predicted in his book After the Empire. more...  4 Comments

9/15 Rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne Stewart, Assata Shakur

Partisan Defense Committee | The Partisan Defense Committee is urging you to join us for a rally to fight government repression and the "war on terror," which targets blacks, immigrants, labor and leftists. We call on you to come out in defense of Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Assata Shakur. Their fight is a fight for us all. more...  0 Comments

'Homeland Security' Chief delayed federal Katrina response, memo shows

by Jonathan S. Landay, Alison Young | Your criminal government at work. more...  2 Comments

Indypendent Special Edition: Hurricane Katrina (PDF)

The Indypendent | Story budget to come, but in the meantime -- download the entire issue. more...  2 Comments

Well We Didn't Win, But We Had a Good Ride.

BikeBlog | Yes, Betsy Gotbaum won the democratic primary as NYC public advocate by 48 percent of the vote. I think this just goes to show you that most New Yorkers haven't got a clue what this position even is let alone how local city government operates. Not to mention that there was low voter turnout, which goes to show, people don't really give a shit. [Read More]

more...  1 Comments

Bush in NYC WED. (U.N. & Waldorf Astoria)

CSD | It looks like he addresses the United Nations WED. more...  6 Comments

2005 World Summit: Global Declaration of Common Security

Joan Russow | For over 60 years states through the UN system have incurred obligations through treaties, conventions and covenants, made commitments through UN Conference Action plans, and created expectation through UNGA declarations and resolutions related to furthering international law and common security. It is time for compliance. more...  0 Comments

Dog Bites Man! Roberts Vows "Open Mind"!

Dave Lindorff | The media have treated Judge Roberts’ Senate hearing platitudes about restraint and having an open mind as if they were divine wisdom—as if, indeed, they meant something. more...  0 Comments

Mass Bike Ride in support of Norman Siegel

Greenbiker | This is your last chance to support Norman Siegel who has been supporting
you for over 35 years. more...  2 Comments

Interview with Bill Siegel, co-director of The Weather Underground documentary

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Bill Siegel, co-director and co-producer of The Weather Underground, the Oscar-nominated 2002 feature-length documentary that explores the rise and fall of this radical movement as former members speak candidly about the idealistic passion that drove them to "bring the war home" and the trajectory that placed them on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list. more...  0 Comments

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