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George French | In a poor terror tag team propaganda attack, Eliza Manningham-Buller and Prime Minister Blair show they are totally inept at interdicting terror plots even with their new found powers and are using psychological warfare techniques on an unsuspecting public to further usurp the freedoms of the citizens of western nations. more...  0 Comments

Mayors Say Global Warming Is Serious Problem

reposted | From the Salt Lake Trubune
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URGENT: Immediate Action Needed to Protect Free Speech

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Grand Theft Pentagon

A.K. Gupta | With a Democratic majority set to take over Congress in January, the White House has put forth a brazen request that amounts to a heist of the federal treasury. This past February, it requested an additional $72.4 billion for its wars. About $70 billion was approved by Congress with $60 billion of that for the Iraq War alone. Now, the White House is having the Pentagon ask for a staggering $160 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for 2007.
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Philippines: Statement on the charge of rebellion

Francisco Nemenzo | It is our patriotic duty to defend the area of freedom that people’s power had carved out in the struggle against the Marcos dictatorship. The best way to defend freedom is to exercise it. Responsible citizens cannot watch in silence as the minions of Mrs. Arroyo make a mockery of our democratic rights.
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Oaxaca Solidarity Action on the 16th in D.C.

OAXACA SOLIDARITY ACTION | Please if you can send this out to everyone you know and hopefully come down!

Oaxaca Solidarity Action is a loose collective of folks that got together after the last protest at the Mexican Embassy, that was called for by the DC IWW (who also had one a few weeks before!) We must stand up for Brad Will but also majorly for the people of Oaxaca who have been struggling for a long time. more...  0 Comments

Help bring pressure to Portland's killer cops and raise National awareness for Police Accountability.

Who's Next? | James P. Chasse Jr. was a quiet peaceful and lawful schizophrenic living a quiet life in Portland Oregon reading comic books and listening to music until September 17, 2006 when he was brutally beaten to death by the Portland Police a few blocks from his home. Your help is requested to raise national awareness of this senseless homicide and national concern for police accountability. more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Call Echoes Near Independence Hall

William Hughes | In 1974, Elizabeth Holtzman, then a Congresswoman from New York City, served on the House’s Judiciary Committee, which drafted Impeachment charges against then-President, Richard M. Nixon. On Nov. 11, 2006, she appeared on a panel, in Philadelphia, PA. Holtzman believes George W. Bush has “subverted the Constitution” and that “the people are ahead of the politicians” and will bring Bush and Dick Cheney “to impeachment.” more...  0 Comments

U.N.-Liberating Haiti

Kevin Pina | Since the deposition of Haiti's elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February 2004 the global media, 'civil society' and murderous UN 'peacekeepers' have been working hard to ignore popular demands for his reinstatement, reports Kevin Pina For most, Haiti's second name is 'the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere', a well-worn rhetorical device that brings us no closer to understanding the socio-political landscape than reminding ourselves that the United States is the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. more...  0 Comments

Conservative Churches Scrutinized for Illegal Political Activity

Between the Lines' Scott Harris | Conservative Churches Scrutinized for Illegal Political Activity

Interview with Tim Mooney, senior counsel, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, conducted by Scott Harris

The role of religion in American politics has been on the rise as the Republican party has become increasingly identified with, and beholden to, Christian fundamentalist groups. The political agenda of conservative religious organizations that oppose abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research has been fully adopted by the GOP. In turn, religious activists have been extremely successful at turning out their conservative base at election time to back Republican candidates. Almost a quarter of U.S. voters who cast ballots in the 2004 Presidential election identified themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians - with a vast majority of them supporting President Bush.

During the 2004 campaign documents surfaced, which indicated that the Bush-Cheney re-election operation had urged Christian supporters to turn over church directories, seeking to identify friendly congregations. This activity fueled accusations that the Bush campaign supported churches that violated laws barring tax exempt charities from engaging in any type of partisan political campaigning.

In the midst of the hotly contested 2006 Congressional campaign, the nonpartisan group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint asking the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the role that two churches may have played in the re-election campaign of the Kansas' attorney general, a Republican. Other allegations of IRS rules violations have been leveled at religious groups in California, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio. Spokespersons for CREW have asked why the IRS has confined their investigations to liberal organizations such as the NAACP and a liberal church in California. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Tim Mooney, senior counsel for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. He discusses his group's concern that the IRS is unfairly targeting progressive groups while ignoring politically conservative church violators.

Contact Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, CREW by calling (202) 408-5565 or visit their website at

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Senate is 50/50? BULLSHIT!!!!!

reposted | Here are six Democratic Senators who
vote less than 50% of the time with the
Democrats on environmental issues. Over
half of their votes are with the Repukes.
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Tony Blair: “Poisonous Propaganda”

peptide | Tony (45 mins) Blair, member of the coalition of willing criminals and terrified of the prospect of facing a war crimes tribunal, has today labelled the dissenting voice of opposition (justice) as “poisonous propaganda”. The world received this ridiculous statement with ample incredulity. We are all familiar with the politics of inversion and pathologically lying Prime Ministers (Blair and Howard) but this latest desperate statement from Blair even elicited a bray from the Whitehouse donkey, who is far too busy with his own problems to offer any assistance to his partner in crime. The three most notorious murderers of the 21st century, Bush, Blair and Howard are facing an extremely hazardous future! more...  0 Comments

BTL:Electronic Voting Fatally Flawed

Melinda Tuhus | Electronic Voting Fatally Flawed~Interview with Pokey Anderson, independent journalist, conducted by Melinda Tuhus more...  0 Comments

A song for Daniel McGowan

NOT BORED! | this song celebrates the actions of the French anarchist Emily Henry. We dedicate this translation to you, Daniel. You are in our thoughts. more...  0 Comments

Resist the Apartheid Walls from Palestine to Mexico

Ad Hoc Coalition 4 Justice in the Middle East | Please join us for a slideshow and report-back by
members of DRUM who will share their first-hand
accounts of the walls in Palestine and Arizona from
recent visits. Learn how the fight against racist
travel bans, for dignity, and against militarized
borders link the struggle for immigrant rights in the
U.S. to the struggle for freedom in Palestine!
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NYS Green/Minor Party Results

xavier | Totals from New York State Elections for Green and Minor Parties. more...  5 Comments

Daniel mcgowan and codefendants agree to plea bargain, but don't snitch.

Jon Wilkes Booth | Daniel McGowan today entered pleas of guilty in connection with two arsons in 2001 - one at Superior Lumber in Glendale and one at Jefferson Poplar in Clatskanie. more...  0 Comments


Pace SDS | NEW YORK, NY - Early this morning, Pace University, a school notorious
attacks on free expression and privacy, detained several members of
University Students for a Democratic Society, a student-led political
organization, for posting unapproved flyers. more...  6 Comments

Oaxaca special bulletin from Working Class Emancipation

Working Class Emancipation | Now available from Working Class Emancipation:

Special bulletin on Oaxaca November, 2006
Union printed, $1

With our ideas about how the Oaxaca Commune can succeed and the tasks of
the solidarity movement in the US. more...  0 Comments

Little Learned at the Mid-term

Jenna Ennis | Have the past years of a republican led government left you with a bitter taste in your mouth? Does your solution lie within the democrats? Perhaps you should look more deeply into your thoughts.... more...  0 Comments

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