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Powder keg: rallying for a cause

NAYABA ARINDE | Police claim that officers fired in self-defense as the car was driven towards them. It is disputed whether or not they identified themselves. Sources close to the family say that the young men feared for their lives and did not know that the five plain-clothed and undercover, white, Black and Latino shooters were cops.
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Sean Bell: Killed in a hail of NYPD bullets

Jared Rodriguez | The NYPD has a long and bloody record of innocent victims--like Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant who died in a hail of 41 police bullets
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Secret US database on international travelers exposed

Joe Kay | Details have emerged of a US government program that collects information and creates a “risk profile” of all people entering and leaving the United States. The program, secretly in place since 2002, is part of much broader system of government spying and attacks on privacy rights.

According to an Associated Press (AP) article from November 30, international travelers are given a score “after computers assess their travel records, including where they are from, how they paid for tickets, their motor vehicle records, past one-way travel, seating preference and what kind of meal they ordered.” The program also accesses other federal and commercial databases. The assessment is stored for 40 years.
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Congressman Commits to Work With Activists to Repeal AETA

jen | On November 29th protesters rallied outside of Representative James McGovern’s in protest of The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), which was signed into law on November 27th. Under the new law, animal rights activists face massive fines and jail time for being involved in nonviolent civil disobedience. In light of increased marginalization and repression of eco-activists by federal officials, all individuals concerned with loss of our civil liberties to need to ban together in protest of the AETA and act in solidarity with victims of the Greenscare. more...  1 Comments

PANEL: Bloomberg calls it "excessive", we call it MURDER! Stop NYPD Racist Terror

Pooh Johnson | On November 25th, five undercover NYPD officers, while not identifying themselves, surrounded the car of Sean Bell, Joseph Guzman, and Trent Benefield. They then proceeded to unload 50 bullets into the car, killing Sean Bell, and critically injuring his friends Joseph and Trent. The three were unarmed. Sean was going to be married the next day. This was not an accident, it was an execution. Instead of apologies, the NYPD has responded with a racist withchunt for a mythical "4th man". WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!

But we won't get it by letting mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have their way. The officers involved should go to jail. Ray Kelly should be fired. But even more, we need to rebuild a movement against racism, police brutality, and the criminal INjustice system.

Come to this meeting to voice your outrage, share your own stories and ideas, and discuss what it will take to fight back and win. more...  1 Comments

Jane Harman, the Manchurian Candidate

David Roknich | Nancy Pelosi was much more diplomatic than I will be in opposition to Jane Harman's bid for the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Here's a picture of Ms. Harman without the redeye of a cheap flashbulb photog: a professional shot that reveals her as a deer in the headlights of the Neocons, as she sings the praises of what a "great job our intelligence people are doing in spite of great obstacles". Obstacles like Stud Terkel's lawsuit against AT&T, for instance, for helping the NSA spy on you and your neighbors.
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Protest WEDNESDAY: Justice for Sean Bell! 4:30 @ 1 Police Plaza

Modern Pitung | A call to action has been issued for a citywide demonstration in protest of the NYPD murder of Sean Bell and continued police harassment and brutality in the communities of color in New York. Text of call follows.
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Islamic Community Net | Islamic Community Net has identified many errors and omissions in the new "Homeland Security" US naturalization citizenship exam which is to be inflicted next year on those unfortunate foreigners who take the exam. more...  0 Comments

Ward Churchill to Speak in NYC | Indiginist Scholar, Activist and Professor Ward Churchill will be making a historic and rare appearance at the New School in lower Manhattan on Monday December 11th. Mr. Churchill will address the ongoing attempts to erase indigenous history in a talk titled "Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of 'InnocentAmericans'". Do not miss this historic and groundbreaking evening! more...  8 Comments

"The Empire in Africa" Documentary Screens This Week at Cinema Village Sets Record Straight on Blood Diamonds

Cinema Libre Studios | Hollywood loves a good action film. “Blood Diamond,” set in Sierra Leone during the civil war in the 1990s, is already generating Oscar buzz. But the film, like most of the international media, fails to reveal the true reasons behind the decade long civil war. “The Empire In Africa,” hopes to set the record straight when it opens in theatres on December 8 in New York, Los Angeles and Madison, WI. more...  0 Comments

U.S., European, Canadian, and Australian Corporations benefitting from repression - Oaxaca

Citizen zero | Biotech, Plan Puebla Panama, major energy sector - who's who of fuck heads w/some details.

(reformattd to get rid of kerning distortion)
Reposted again here to let folks send it out to (other) indymedia sites in europe, australia, canada and throughout the u.s. as they see fit. List can be improved (re. contact info and details of operations and mex. govt. contacts for corps listed at the bottom).

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The Spirit of Resistance in Mexico City

Stephen Lendman | Opposition in Mexico City streets against electoral fraud and decades of abuse and injustice more...  0 Comments

Republica Dominicana:Cancelan 9 obreros intentaron formar un sindicato

TEUDDY A. SANCHEZ | Nueve obreros que intentaron formar un sindicato en la empresa The Wil-Bes Dominicana de la zona franca de esta ciudad, fueron cancelados por disposición de los ejecutivos de esa compañía.

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NEW RADIO INTERVIEW: Is Honoring Mumia a Crime?

Hans Bennett | Telephone interview with Peter J. Wirs (Chairman of Philadelphia's 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee) about the new criminal charges filed against two French cities supporting journalist and death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. more...  0 Comments

Multiple choice (the brazilian way)...

Joãozinho Trinta | He revoked, in practical, the law of usury, from years 30, by “forgetting” in a drawer, the papers that characterized as unconstitutional the provisional decree, that in the year 2000, authorizeed interests on interests on consumers financings.

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(2) Boycott Bulgarian Officials Making Worse Animal Protection Legislation

Emil Kuzmanov | Few weeks before Bulgarian accession to EU we are still witness to worsening legislation taken by the Government in the animal protection field (e.g. like trying to adapt a whole new Act neglecting the European Council's Convention and European Commission's Regulation №998/2003). more...  0 Comments

Boykott Bulgarian Officials Supporting Systematic Abuse of Cats and Dogs

Emil Kuzmanov | The missing legal pet control is replaced by criminal collection and abuse of the great number of healthy animals. That leads to the real reduction of both increasing populations. The Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance stay tolerant to the illegal traffic and money laundering. Bulgarian institutions are colluding with black-marketers in their revolting industry.
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Breaking Oz with News

brumble B | Fiji prepares for Oz invasion by leaving blackhawk helicopters on its beaches. A kava intoxicated Commodore Frank Bullawayo has once again forgotten his coup deadline and Australia's Minister of Defence, Dr Brendan (studs) Nelson, faces hostile relatives over the latest cover-ups and military fiascos! Well done, ‘studs’, the record of Robert (suck harder) Hill will soon be under threat. more...  0 Comments

American's Right's And Freedom!

thechicagokid | According to the Bill Of Right's,and The United States Constitution,we all have unalienable rights!But!The way that our government is run at this time!We are not really allowed those rights!While George Bush is claiming our soldiers are fighting in another country for Iraqi Freedom!,I personally have been stripped of all my rights as an American!And it was all done illegally! more...  0 Comments

JOHN BROWN CAUCUS of SDS/MDS on the NYPD Murder and Shooting

DM | We urge all SDS/MDS activists to call actions on their campuses and in
their communities to protest not only police violence against people of
color but the internal colonization of people of color that facilitates
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