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Nine arrested at sit-in targeting Sen. Schumer

Laurie Wen & Katie Robbins | On Monday Senator Schumer (NY) announced his support for an expansion of Medicare to those 55 years old and older. Activists say this is not enough. The Mobilization for Healthcare Now launched another wave of protests in its campaign demanding a national single-payer system in the US. On Thursday December 10th, demonstrations occurred at the office buildings housing Senators offices in 16 states. Not including today 35 sit-ins have been organized in a two month period. Video is available at more...  6 Comments

Activists Denounce Wellpoint Influence on Healthcare Reform, Nine Arrested

Mobilization for Healthcare for All | Today nine people were arrested outside of the corporate headquarters of Wellpoint, the largest provider of private health insurance to individuals in the country to protest their inordinate influence on the healthcare reform process. This is a part of a third wave of civil disobedience actions demanding Single-Payer Healthcare.Todays action was one of eleven taking place today. Eight more actions are expected to take place this week. more...  1 Comments

14 Arrested at New York Sit-In Demanding “Medicare for All”

Mobilization for Healthcare for All | New York, NY – On Thursday October 15th, advocates for “Medicare for All” in New York engaged in civil disobedience at UnitedHealth Group, resulting in 14 arrests. Nationally more than 100 risked arrest to disrupt business as usual at the nation’s largest health insurance companies, including UnitedHealth Group, WellPoint, Humana, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, and UnitedHealthcare. At least fifty-four protestors have been arrested, with Phoenix not yet reporting. Another wave of protests are planned for October 28th. more...  3 Comments

At a Brooklyn Town Hall Powerpoint Trumps Democracy

Kristin Schall | The limiting of the conversation, even in the name of civility, is certainly counter to the concept of town hall meetings. What are these politicians afraid of? Conservative disrupters? Not too many of those in the crowd on this night. More likely. they fear that the will of their constituents will force them to fight for a single-payer system, despite the wishes of corporate lobbyists and campaign contributers. more...  0 Comments

Bronx Healthcare 'Town Hall' Meeting a Charade of Democracy

Billy Wharton | The were two big winners at the recent “town hall” healthcare meeting held in the North Bronx New York City neighborhood of Parkchester on August 17 – the lunatic right wing and the private health insurance industry. more...  4 Comments

Save Bed-Stuy Farm!

forwarded by Skinny John | [For those who don't know, healthy food is a human necessity & therefore a human right, a right that must not be denied to anyone because of a lack of money or lack of availability of healthy food in low-income communities. Urban farms like the Bed-Stuy Farm help ameliorate this problem by making healthy food locally available right in low-income communities and by making healthy food affordable to people who have little or no money. The possible destruction of this farm threatens to deny the local community of their human right to have adequate access to healthy food.] more...  13 Comments

Getting Dirty: Community gardens introduce solidarity

Freedom Walker Birch | The Black community is plagued with disunity. The plethora of approaches to solve this dilemma has failed to transform relations amongst people of color. But the recent influx of community gardens has introduced a simple, effective solution to building solidarity. more...  0 Comments

Rock Dove Collective Offers Alternative Means of Paying for Healthcare

Jacquie Simone | lThe Rock Dove Collective, an alternative community health exchange in New York City, is encouraging patients and healthcare providers to exchange services instead of money in return for treatment. Rock Dove offers a network of healthcare providers who accept mutual aid, meaning that they allow patients to provide services instead of paying for healthcare. more...  19 Comments

Panel Promotes Universal Health Care for All Americans

Aron Guy | U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke was one of three guests explaining the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system Sunday in a program called “Yes We Can: Universal Health Care for all Americans.” more...  1 Comments

A Taste for Change: Brooklyn Food Conference Organizers Step up to the Plate

Aron Guy | In many areas of Brooklyn, you can get a cheeseburger at 2 a.m. but you have to get on a bus to buy a head of lettuce. For Park Slope resident Nancy Romer, this is not acceptable. more...  1 Comments

4th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk

NYC Street Memorial Project | 10:45 am: Bronx
12 pm: Astoria, Queens
12:45 pm: Sunset Park, Brooklyn
2:30 pm: Chinatown
4 pm: Delancey and Allen, Manhattan
5 pm: St. Mark's Church, E 10th St and 2nd Ave more...  1 Comments

Make Obama enact Single-Payer health care!

forwarded by Skinny John | The Obama "Transition" Team has announced a project for people across the country to host and attend "health care discussion meetings" to gather ideas and input from the grassroots about healthcare reform. more...  1 Comments

Dry Cleaner Attempts to Bribe Activists

Bates Troy Noisy Neighbor | Bates Troy Healthcare Linens has been quarreling with local residents for months over noise pollution complaints but now they are trying a different tactic: bribery. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Bates Troy offered the lead organizers in the community several thousand dollars if they'd move out and end the campaign for quiet. The bribery attempt was conducted by Director of Sales and Marketing, Randy Widrick, with the knowledge of Bates Troy's management, and has been caught on tape.
more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | The nature of the capitalist profit motive is what drives food contamination, and not just in China. more...  0 Comments

972 Baloch have been arrested in Balochistan, Iran only in November 08

Reza Hossein Borr | The Tortured body of Mohammad Brahouee was delivered to his family after being kidnapped on the first of December 08 by Iranian security forces, according to Balochistan Human Rights Watch. Mohammad was seriously beaten up in his own home, in front of his four children and wife and some neighbors. When he became unconscious, the security forces kidnapped him and informed his family after four days that he was dead. more...  0 Comments

UTNE Names Robina Suwol One Of “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World"

California Safe Schools | California Safe Schools Founder & Executive Director Recognized for Decade of Green School Efforts more...  1 Comments

Hold Obama Accountable, Part 2

forwarded by Skinny John | Is this the first chance for the new president and his party to make good on their promises to protect US jobs, to deliver health care and be the "change" tens of millions voted for? Will they take it? Can we make them? more...  1 Comments

Tree of Life - Coconut Oil

Karen Smith | Coconut Oil SLAMMED – Soybean Growers make a KILLING
more...  2 Comments

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