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Human Rights

Billioniares Rush to the Aid of StarBucks

Diva Denz, reporting | Manhattan Billionaires could not sip their lattes idly while StarBucks Corporation faced attacks by pro-union protesters on Saturday, August 6. Instead, a bevy of Billionaires recognized our #1 specialty coffee retailer for its outstanding performance in union-busting and its continuing commitment to pay its baristas unlivable wages. more...  40 Comments

When It Comes to White Racism the NYPD Shoots Blanks

Counterhegemony | The vicious beating of 29 year old Alex Moore is only the most recent example of the upturn in racial violence in NYC. However, when it comes to dealing with white racism the NYPD suddenly becomes the keystone cops. Taken together, 2005 will be a summer of racial violence not soon forgotted by NYC's communities of color. more...  3 Comments

The CAFTA 15--Meeks Staffer Wigs Out

anonymous | Well, if you wondered whether the CAFTA 15 are testy about their
vote and maybe a tad worried that it's going to come back to bite them,
check out this barrage which was sent by Mike McKay, senior policy
advisor to Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY, District 06), one of the CAFTA 15. He
sent it as an e-mail to an individual involved in the anti-CAFTA work and
it was sent on to me. more...  0 Comments

Cuban 5 to get new trial

@solidarity with Cuban people not castro | A federal appeals court threw out the convictions and life sentences of five accused Cuban spies Tuesday, ruling that they did not receive a fair trial because of community prejudice and extensive publicity. more...  0 Comments Up and Running! Come here for housing, rides, events calenda

septemberACTION Collective | Come to for the most updated information and resources for the September 23-26 anti-war, global justice, anti-torture people-powered driven mobilization. Here you can find ride boards, housing boards, resource boards, events calendars, articles, links to legal and medical information, and more! more...  1 Comments

Zapatistas quit the jungle for soapbox

madhatter | Zapatistas quit the jungle for soapbox
more...  1 Comments

E Timorese Explain Wish for International Tribunal for Indonesian & Other Crimes

East Timor National Alliance for Internationa | Perhaps no issue seperates the East Timorese people from their government leaders than the question of justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during Indonesia's occupation. While the East Timorese government pursues a "truth and friendship" commission with no power to recommend prosecutions, East Timor's church, civil society and victims groups are demanding that the UN set up an international tribunal. This is the latest of a series of recent statements from East Timor on the issue. more...  0 Comments

Aug 8: Anniversary of Philly Police Attack on MOVE

Hans Bennett | On Sunday, Aug. 7 Supporters of the MOVE 9 political prisoners gathered in downtown Philadelphia outside of the Constitution Center and the Liberty Bell national monument for the 27th anniversary of the Aug. 8, 1978 police assault on the MOVE organization’s West Philadelphia headquarters. more...  4 Comments

Two NYC officials endorse racial profiling

Scott Adams | Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Staten Island Councilman James Otto want racial profiling of Middle Easterners.
Hikind: "They all look a certain way...It's all very nice to be politically correct here, but we're talking about terrorism."
Otto: "Plain and simply, young Arab fundamentalists are the individuals undertaking these acts of terror...A particular group of people who are engaging in these terrorist activities. And they're not skinny, balding Italian-Americans from Staten Island." more...  5 Comments

Indypendent: Live 8’s Empty Lyrics

Christina Zawerucha | Perhaps some awareness was generated through the feel-good Live 8 concerts – but viable, effective solutions were not. more...  0 Comments

Free Download, Canadian Anarchist Folk Music

joeyonly |
I am anarchist folk singer Joey Only here in Vancouver British Columbia. I'm inviting you to my website to download my music for free. Mostly these are political stories about events here in Canada.
more...  0 Comments

surveillance cameras: the backlash againstthem begins

Surveillance Camera Players | surveillance cameras in public places once again fail to deter or prevent a crime more...  0 Comments

Putting the Occupation on Trial

Amy Wolf | The World Tribunal on Iraq has posted the majority of transcripts and testimonies from this seminal event on its Web site, In addition, Deep Dish TV recorded the testimonies and panel discussions, and will provide those to the public soon. more...  0 Comments

Life Under the Empire

Trish Schuh | The U.S. is trying to win the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people, and failing. more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: Coaltown Crusade

Antrim Caskey | For more, see and more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: Why Has the FBI Placed A Million-Dollar Bounty On Assata Shakur?

By Kathleen Cleaver | Kathleen Cleaver is a law professor and former communications secretary for the Black Panther Party. For more information about Assata Shakur, please visit, or call the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement at (718) 254-8800. more...  0 Comments

Surviving the Bomb

John Tarleton | This week marks the 60th anniversary of the U.S. atom bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Vigils and Anti-Nuke protests are planned for NYC and around the country this Saturday. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Protest Pataki's Veto of Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act

Christina Zawerucha | What began as a rally to encourage George Pataki to sign the Unintended Pregnancy Act (A-0016, S-03661) turned into a protest of the governor’s swift and stunning veto of a bill that would permit women to access the so-called ‘morning after pill’ without a doctor’s prescription. Stunned but not broken by the disheartening news, hundreds of men and women gathered outside of George Pataki’s Manhattan office in a rally for women’s rights. more...  0 Comments

Pataki Vetoes Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act

Christina Zawerucha | Protesters will rally again at 5pm on August 4th to demand that the governor sign the Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act. more...  1 Comments

Great Lawn Code PINK-nic to support access to public spaces

CodePinkNYC | Join Code Pink New York on July 19th in Central Park at the Philharmonic concert to support New Yorkers’ rights to assemble. When: Tuesday July 19, 7 PM Where: Central Park, Great Lawn (look for the pink helium balloons on the west side of the lawn) more...  0 Comments

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