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Human Rights

Ford Motor Co. Dumps on the Garden State

The Record | For 25 years, the Ford Motor Co.'s factory in Mahwah churned out the latest in Detroit horsepower -- 6 million vehicles in all. But before closing in 1980, it also generated an ocean of hazardous waste. Much of that remains where it was dumped -- in watersheds and other environmentally sensitive places, including a 900-acre tract in Ringwood that's home to people who say the pollution has made them sick.
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The Original Emancipation Proclamation In President Lincoln's Own Hand

Tabia | In connection with their Unprecedented, Multi-Media Exhibition of Slavery's Central Role in the History of New York, the New York Historical will for ten days hold viewings of the original Emancipation Proclamation in President Lincoln's own hand - From October 7th - October 16th
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Indignation for Slain Filipino Union Leader Sparks Local Boycott of Nestle Products

NY CHRP | Filipino human rights advocates in NY and NJ are urging consumers to boycott Nestle products in response to the brutal killing of Nestle Union President Diosdado Fortuna on September 22, 2005, one day after the 33rd anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines. Fortuna had been leading an over 3 year strike in front of the Nestle Plant in Cabuyao, Laguna, south of Manila.
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October 1st - Neo-Nazi March in Leipzig, Germany Stopped!

english translation by Angelus Novus | The Hamburg-based Neo-Nazi leader Christian Worch registered a demonstration for the 1st of October in the city of Leipzig, Germany. His troop of 150 supporters barely managed to make it to the starting point of their demonstration. Due to a successful blockade of the starting intersection by 800-1,000 Antifas (anti-fascists), the police sent the Nazis packing after four hours of waiting in the rain. more...  0 Comments

English police threaten London Critical Mass.

Doug. | London Critical Mass has been operating successfully for 11 years with very few problems and now suddenly the police want to contain it. more...  1 Comments

Why New York City teachers are angry

G. Dunkel | One UFT member pointed out the flaws to Workers World. “Zero percent for the first year, 2 percent for the second. This means that for the two-and-a half years we worked without a contract, we’ll get about a thousand dollars. Not much for New York City.” more...  1 Comments

Bushes declare Open Season! (New Florida Gun Law)

C.Arnage | Bushes declare Open Season! more...  0 Comments

Don't Poison Kids-- Who Couldn't Sign-On to California Bill Against Pesticides in Schools


Books Through Bars Beer and Movie Night!

btb | Books Through Bars Beer and Movie Night! more...  0 Comments

Saturday Oct. 1 Home Rule Rally at Bloomberg's house

Met Council on Housing | Home Rule Protest Rally

at Mayor Bloomberg's Town House

17 East 79th Street (between Fifth & Madison Avenues)

This Saturday, October 1

12 Noon to 1:30 pm

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Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine: Ayed Morrar and Jonathan Pollak Speak in NYC Oct. 14-16 | Ayed Morrar and Jonathan Pollak are friends and among the major figures in the Palestinian led, Israeli-supported nonviolent struggle against Israel’s military occupation. From October 14 - 16 they will speak three times in Manhattan, once in Brooklyn and once in White Plains. more...  0 Comments

Kurt Vonnegut, Art Buchwald and company in NYC

indy6853 | Wise and incendiary political satire at its best hosted by Seven
Stories Press. more...  0 Comments

Cops attack anti-recruitment demonstrators at Holyoke Community College

wmass imc | The police arrived and started knocking people to the ground and macing
them. The College Republicans are there and are encouraging the police to
attack the protesters more...  1 Comments

VOICES FROM DEATH ROW, a national speaking tour in NYC 10/6/05

Campaign to End the Death Penalty | Hear the stories of men and women who have survived the horrors of death row. Former death row prisoners, family members and activists reveal the truth about the death penalty and the injustices of our criminal justice system. Their stories give voice to the voiceless and put a human face on the death penalty. more...  0 Comments

Real Reports of Katrina Relief: Sept. 29th Rita Edition

Naomi Archer | Yesterday I drove to the Algiers Red Cross distribution point which is located in the southern section of the Algiers neighborhood near the middle-class white section of town. As soon as I walked in, I noticed a
frowning young man in a khaki shirt and black hat with a sidearm and corporate logo prominently displayed. more...  0 Comments

Arroyo Rebuilding Martial Law Piece By Piece; But the Blocks Will Come Crumbling Down, Say NY Filipinos

NY CHRP | Filipino migrants in New York and New Jersey are in uproar over return of Martial Law in Philippines made possible by US puppet Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. more...  0 Comments

Ojeda Rios, Hampton, Shakur: Related Histories, Common Freedoms

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The repression against these three leaders result from a common historical dynamic: slavery, both individual and collective. For Puerto Rico, collective slavery in the form of colonialism is the key dynamic which shapes events like the FBI killing of Machetero leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios. The murder has shaken Puerto Ricans of all political lines, and hopefully, will spur movement towards decolonization. more...  0 Comments


Nina Simone 1963 | MISSISSIPI GODDAM! more...  0 Comments

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos assassinated by FBI

Tom Soto | On Sept. 23, as hundreds of workers and their families were participating in the annual pro-independence commemoration known as "El Grito de Lares," agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations descended on the town of Hormigueros in western Puerto Rico and fired the shots that killed Puerto Rican liberation hero Filiberto Ojeda Ríos. more...  0 Comments

Prisoner Support Groups Info Night--October 19, 2005 [save the date]

Prison Destroyer | 2 million people in america locked in prisons and jails... prisoners lacking access to educational or rehabilitative programs... families disrupted... people with felony convictions unable to access assisted...housing or get job licenses...political prisoners in the united states... more...  0 Comments

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