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Human Rights

The Cuban Five and US Terrorism...

sended by F Espinoza | Now is the time to demand the release of the Cuban Five. They were sentenced 5 years ago this month and have been imprisoned unjustly in the U.S. for 8 years for the crime of trying to defend their homeland against terrorist attacks... more...  0 Comments

Irish Republican Video Discussion with John Horan of Cabhair

Brian Wardlow | Video discussion with John Horan of Cabhair in Ireland. Discussion covers history of Cabhair and their longtime support of the dependents of Irish Republican political prisoners who strive for a just and lasting peace in Ireland. more...  0 Comments

Petition in support of Assata Skakur

Student Activist | Sign the petition and forward widely! more...  1 Comments

EMERGENCY MEETING re Racist attack on the naming of a student center at City College

City College Student and Activist | Please Forward Widely! more...  0 Comments

Media release: David Hicks torture details

Australians for David Hicks to come Home | Media release: David Hicks torture details more...  0 Comments


Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation | The Black Panther Party was a progressive political organization that stood in the vanguard of the most powerful movement for social change in America since the Revolution of 1776 and the Civil War: that dynamic episode generally referred to as The Sixties. more...  0 Comments

CCNY Names Whole Building After Wanted Terrorist

Department of Perspective | City College of New York takes $10 million to establish a think-tank and building to honor murderous militarist Colin Powell. Powell is notorious for covering up the My Lai massacre, lying before the world at the United Nations in order to kill Vietnamese, Iraqi people. more...  2 Comments


PDC | The Holiday Appeal benefit raises money for the PDC program of sending monthly stipends to 16 class-war prisoners, people who have been imprisoned for fighting on behalf of labor and the oppressed. This year's benefit occurs at a critical juncture in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.The benefit will be Sunday, December 17th at 5pm at Southpaw – 125 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. For info call the PDC at 212-406-4252 or visit Free Mumia Now. more...  0 Comments

La muerte de Pinochet. Carta anónima a la señora Maigret.

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate | Un anónimo que se presenta como víctima de Pinochet explica a la señora Maigret que los efectos corrosivos de la conspiración mediática en los conceptos de Estado Nación, de ciudadano y de organismo multilateral es muy explícita en la mediatización aplicada a la muerte del dictador. Los rasgos de esta manipulación pueden resultar muy útiles, según el remitente, para avanzar en las recomendaciones realizadas por los autores de las últimas cartas dirigidas a la destinataria de la actual carta. more...  0 Comments

March for Justice Against Police Brutality

1199seiu | March for Justice Against Police Brutality

Event Date: December 16, 2006
Event Time: 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Location: 59th & 5th Ave., New York, NY more...  3 Comments

An Open Letter to Henry Kissinger from One of Pinochet's Political Prisoners

FERNANDO A. TORRES | All of the original members of the military junta that overthrew Allende and his government with the knowledge and the direct support of the US government, are now gone.
Nixon is gone and Kissinger is left alone on this earth.
more...  0 Comments

Eye Witnesses To Sean Bell Shooting Speak Out, Confirm No Fourth Man

NY1 | Contrary to media speculation on the murder of Sean Bell, " There's no fourth man". more...  0 Comments

Assata Speaks!

Assata Shakur | "My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave" more...  0 Comments

UFPJ - March Against Police Brutality - Sat. Dec. 16th

tom in manhattan | Saturday, December 16th
Assemble at 11:30 am at 59th Street and 5th Ave.
March down 5th Avenue more...  2 Comments

Cory Aquino to join Dec. 17 Anti Charter Change rally at Luneta , Philippines

AJLPP-USA | After the series oftropical storms, a new political storm is brewing in the Philippines.

The Icon Of Filipino People Power whose constiution of 1987 is named after ( The Cory Constitution of 1987) --the target of the US-Arroyo regime charter change yesterday said she would take part in the Church-led prayer rally on Dec. 17 to protest the Palace-backed move by administration congressmen, since withdrawn, to amend the 1987 Charter through a constituent assembly (Con-ass). In a brief statement, former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino also called on the people to join the rally at the Rizal Park . She said in a statement: “I will join the prayer rally on Sunday at the Luneta to express my moral outrage at the attempt of administration congressmen to foist their processed idea of Charter change upon the nation by turning Congress into a constituent assembly,”
more...  0 Comments

Sergey Kadinsky is one of the most racist people at City College

CCNY student | Why is he attacking the community center at City? This is obviously an attempt by the administration to silence dissent . This right wing wacko is also trying to create a distraction as the public wants answers with regards to the brutal murder of an unarmed man at his wedding. more...  2 Comments

Your Day Shall Come, Indeed (Response to the PBA Lynch Mob against CCNY)

Modern Pitung | In a transparent attempt to distract from the lethal actions of NYPD pigs, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (along with fellow pigs from other regions) are now raising a stink over the Student Liberation Action Movement's Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur center at City College of New York. more...  2 Comments

Day of Outrage - Shut Down Wall St! Thurdsay 12/21


“Black Thursday,” December 21, 2006 at 12:00PM
Chase Bldg, Liberty & Nassau St, Downtown NYC
more...  18 Comments

Assata/Morales Center at CCNY under attack from Daily News and CUNY Trustees

the burningman | Article in the NY Daily News, long-time enemies of CUNY, long-time opponents of Black Liberation:

This student center has been spied on and caught red-handed. It has served as a nerve center for many activities at the University of Harlem and it must be defended! more...  26 Comments

Pinochet, chief of the mass murderers, dies

Clase contra Clase | His death does not mark the end of Pinochetism. People are declaring themselves admirers of his work. Some more shamefully than others, they declare themselves his admirers, his followers, his heirs. They must pay for his entire legacy. The indictment for the crimes of Pinochet's dictatorship, which the human rights organizations have upheld valiantly and tirelessly for years, against his civilian and military collaborators, does not expire with the death of their leader. more...  0 Comments

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